Nexus Protocols

The Nexus of Reality was constructed a the center of the Earth by Brainiac. He intended to use it to transform the Multiverse into a singular, unified reality…before he was interrupted.

nexus of reality
Nexus Admin Log: Construction Begins 1
Omega 2 2
Unauthorized Entry 3
Fatal Shutdown 4
New System Administrator 5

Primal Defender: Hands

Post Gallery
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  • b_nexusprotocol_5
  • primedefender_1

2 thoughts on “Nexus Protocols

  1. superbeing x

    thank you I will try this. however wht cr do I need to have in order to go in to Nexus Protocols. BTW iv just got to lvl 30

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Superbeing, thanks for your question. You will need CR 84 to enter Nexus or Reality raid

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