Sins of the Father: Episode 3
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Trigon and the Titans go toe-to-toe in Midtown Metropolis!

Sins III: Lois Lane 1
Sins III: Jack Ryder 2
Sins III: Vicki Vale 3
Sins III: Booster Gold 4
Sins III: Circe 5
Sins III: Wonder Woman 6

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  • b_sins3_6
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  • AvatarofSin_Head_Big
4 comments on “Sins of the Father: Episode 3
  1. What do you get for the other sins of the father briefings?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Connor for this Briefing you will get the waist style displayed in the images. After completing all sins of the father episodes you will get the Horns 🙂

  2. yeah this needs an update badly….you get Tech sniper belt.. not the horns..

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