The Batcave I: The Outer Caverns

Fight through security to the Batcave’s door!

Batcave I: Batman 1
Batcave I: Batman 2
Batcave I: Batman 3
Batcave I: Robin 4
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4 thoughts on “The Batcave I: The Outer Caverns

  1. B5Freak

    Me, I’d like to see something that tells you how to get into the instance on all these type of pages. Such as, can it be walked in on from Gotham or Metropolis? If so, a pic of it’s location would be nice. Do you gain entry from a challenge, duo or other On-Duty tab instances? That sort of thing.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks B5Freak for letting us know your idea. We are currently updating our DCUO Apps, once we are done we may create more guides about walkin instances location

  2. Raurus

    Nice work there guys. I’d just LOVE you to also post a pic of the style every brefing gives as reward, that’s the first thing I look at before anything, since it depends on the reward wether I invest my time completing the briefing. Thnx

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Raurus for your words. We are glad that you appreciate our guides 🙂 This is why keep us working everyday 🙂

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