Collections are DCUO collectibles similar to Investigations and Briefings. Collections' tokens are marked with a yellow question mark (?). When players complete a Collection, they receive a unique style token.

DCUO Bloguide currently has 110 Collections, which are listed below:

Collections # Location
Accoutrements of Evil 12/12 Gotham Wastelands Zone
Accoutrements of Good 12/12 Gotham Wastelands Zone
Ace Chemicals Employee Training FAQ 10/10 Gotham | Around Ace Chemicals
Ace Chemicals Safety Inspection Infractions 10/10 Gotham | Around Ace Chemicals
Aftermath of Rage 6/6 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Alien Technology 8/8 Metropolis | Tomorrow District
All The News 4/4 Other Collections
Alma Alumni 2/2 Other Collections
Amethyst Affections 9/9 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Ancient Kahndaqian Relics 6/6 Raids | Kahndaq
Arkham’s Personal Collection 10/10 Gotham | Arkham Island
Asylum Contraband 10/10 Gotham | Arkham Island
Atlantean Artifacts 5/5 On Tides of War event.
Bibbo’s Burgers Signature Plates 6/6 Metropolis | Suicide Slums
Big Belly BurgerTime 5/5 Gotham | Otisburg
Blinded with Science 6/6 Other Collections
Blue Lantern Corps Inscriptions 8/8 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Brainiac War 10/10 Metropolis | Chinatown
Broken Amazon Weapons 9/9 Gotham Under Siege
Centennial 7/7 Metropolis | Midtown
Central City Attractions 4/4 Central City Zone
Chemo Compounds 10/10 Gotham | Around Ace Chemicals
Chemo’s Legacy 6/6 Alerts | Bludhaven
Classic Wedding Vow 4/4 On Valentine's Day Event
Court Orders 9/9 Gotham | Chinatown
Gotham | Old Gotham
Daily Planet Guides 4/4 Metropolis | Tomorrow District
Day in the Park 3/3 Other Collections
Depths of Arkham 5/5 Gotham | Arkham Asylum
Emotional Wedding Vow 4/4 On Valentine's Day Event
Fanning the Flames 2/2 Other Collections
Flatfoot Files 2/2 Other Collections
Four-Leaf Clover 4/4 On St. Patrick's Day Event.
Genetically Modified Maize 5/5 Alerts | Smallville
Gold Quality Boostercomms 5/5 Metropolis | Midtown
Gotham Central 9/9 Gotham | East End
Gotham | Burnley
Gotham Fans 8/8 Gotham
Gotham Gazette Guides 4/4 Gotham
Gotham Meetups 8/8 Gotham
Gotham Street Signs 8/8 Gotham | East End
Gotham University 4/4 Gotham | Burnley
Gotham’s Underbelly 3/3 Other Collections
Granny’s Report Cards 5/5 Halls of Power: Part II
Holiday Naughty List 6/6 On Winter Holidays event
Holiday Nice List 6/6 On Winter Holidays event
If Only… 7/7 Gotham Wastelands Zone
Intergalactic Technology 8/8 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Kryptonite Isotopes 8/8 Metropolis | Historic District
LexCorp Rapid Assault Gear 7/7 Metropolis | Downtown
Lois Lane Bylines 5/5 Metropolis | Midtown
Lunar Soil Compounds 6/6 Alerts | Hive Moon Base
Mana-Twisted Plants 5/5 Metropolis
Marine Life Fossils 7/7 On Tides of War event.
Me Versus You 7/7 Gotham Wastelands Zone
Medical Records 10/10 Metropolis | Around Stryker’s Island
Metahumanity’s Vanguard 7/7 Metropolis | Little Bohemia
Metropolis Battlezone Scraps 6/6 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Metropolis Fans 6/6 Metropolis
Metropolis Matchups 8/8 Metropolis
Metropolis Street Signs 6/6 Metropolis
Metropolis University 4/4 Metropolis | Little Bohemia
Mist Connection 10/10 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
MPD Science Cops 6/6 Metropolis
Multi-Dimensional Luthor Technology 5/5 Return to the Nexus - Villains
Multi-Dimensional Weapons of the Bat 5/5 Return to the Nexus - Heroes
New Gods Items of Power 5/5 Halls of Power: Part II
News From Around the Planet 10/10 Metropolis | Downtown
No Man’s Land 8/8 Gotham | East End
Orion’s Gear 8/8 Halls of Power: Part II
Penguin Umbrellas 8/8 Gotham | East End
Gotham | Burnley
Phobias 10/10 Gotham | Arkham Island
Prison Library 10/10 Metropolis | Around Stryker's Island.
Rarest of Materials 8/8 Alerts | Oolong island
Remnants of Rage 8/8 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Renewal Wedding Vow 4/4 On Valentine's Day Event
Robinson Remembrance 5/5 Gotham | Robinson Park
Science Squad Experiments 6/6 Alerts | Oolong Island
Secrets of the Labyrinth 6/6 Amazon Fury: Part 2 Raids
Secrets of the Underworld 8/8 Amazon Fury: Part 2 Raids
Seeds of Spring 6/6 On Springtime event
Shivs and Shanks 10/10 Metropolis | Around Stryker's Island.
Signs of the Great Ten 10/10 Metropolis | Chinatown
Social Engineering 5/5 Other Collections
Sorcerous Vanguard 7/7 Metropolis | Chinatown
South Gotham Scraps 9/9 Gotham | Chinatown
Gotham | Old Gotham
Spiritual Wedding Vow 4/4 On Valentine's Day Event
Stagg Stop Maps 9/9 Gotham |Burnley
Gotham |Otisburg
STAR Prototype Gear 7/7 Metropolis | Tomorrow District
Steelworks Research Data 10/10 Metropolis | Around Steelworks
Steelworks Scraps 6/6 Metropolis | Suicide Slums
Steelworks Tour Guide 10/10 Metropolis | Around Steelworks
Street Savvy 2/2 Other Collections
Technology is the Future 6/6 Other Collections
Technology’s Vanguard 7/7 Gotham | East End
The Flow of Commerce 4/4 Other Collections
The Hall of Doom 8/8 Hall of Doom
The Joker’s Trick Cards 5/5 Gotham | East End
The Watchtower 8/8 Watchtower
Themysciran Artifacts 5/5 Gotham Under Siege
Themysciran Awards of Valor 10/10 Gotham Under Siege
Treasured Artifacts 3/3 Other Collections
Treasures of the Vanguard 3/3 Other Collections
Untold Stories of New Genesis 6/6 Halls of Power: Part II
Vicki Bale Bylines 6/6 Gotham | Otisburg
Volcanic Upheaval 6/6 Alerts | Gorilla Island
WayneTech Watches 5/5 Gotham | East End
Wedding Vows 4/4 Other Collections
Welcome to Groom Lake 5/5 Alerts | Area 51
What’s Lust Got to Do With It 7/7 Gotham Wastelands Zone
What’s Yours is Mine 8/8 On Winter Holidays Event
You Are Wrong! Fan Service 4/4 Metropolis
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