Accoutrements of Evil

Incantations and rituals require many objects, sometimes, rife with evil. Be careful to not store all of these items in one place.

Broken Unholy Symbol 1
Chunk of Brimstone 2
Consumed Portal Scroll 3
Cracked Demon Horn 4
Cultist’s Book of Blood 5
Ectoplasm 6
Melted Ritual Candle 7
Pinch of Sulfur 8
Ripped Prayer Parchment 9
Smashed Torture Device 10
Tip of a Demon’s Tail 11
Torn Cult of Blood Book 12

2 thoughts on “Accoutrements of Evil

  1. Reaperface12

    Uhm, so I completed the collection, but I have not yet gotten the reward, (Helm of Wrath), I didn’t even get the mail, soo?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Reaperface12, it seems that your reward got bugged and didnt get sent to your mail. Unfortunatelly we are not related to DCUO, we just provide guides for our community, so we cant do anything about your case 🙁

      I suggest you try posting a thread in DCUO Forums so DCUO Devs can see your problem

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