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The greatest heroes and sacrifices are memorialized throughout the city. Learning more about these monuments and the incidents they immortalize could help in understanding the community of Metropolis.

Superman Statue Plaque Rubbing 1
Booster Gold Memorial Plaque Rubbing 2
Superboy Statue Plaque Rubbing 3
Battle of Metropolis Plaque Rubbing 4
The Vanishing Plaque Rubbing 5
Rain of the Supermen Plaque Rubbing 6
Martian Invasion Memorial Plaque Rubbing 7

3 comments on “Centennial
  1. Why isn’t there any information on where these are or how to complete them?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello VinceB, thanks for your question. Collectibles doesnt have exact spawn locations so we are unable to create guides of where to find each one of this items 🙁

    • Tahsin Ahmed

      Just buy them on broker

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