News From Around the Planet
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The Daily Planet staff is notorious for getting the scoop on politicians, corporations and even super groups. Anything that gives insight into their investigations would be worth looking into

Perry White’s EIC Pass 1
Steve Lombard’s Metrodome Pass 2
Ron Troupe’s City Hall Pass 3
Cat Grant’s Club L’Excellence Pass 4
Lana Lang’s University Pass 5
Jimmy Olsen’s Photolab Pass 6
Lois Lane’s LexCorp Pass 7
Lois Lane’s White House Pass 8
Clark Kent’s Metropolis City Hall Pass 9
Clark Kent’s STAR Labs Pass 10

2 comments on “News From Around the Planet
  1. First I do love your site and I do like the ads here, many I clicked on BUT for the collections it would be really nice to know the general area to find them. Metro China town, the historic zone… Thanks again, that is a GREAT site.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Wayne, thanks for your comment and your support. We are glad that our guides have helped you ingame. We will be very pleased to make your idea come true. However, we have checked the web and there is no viable information about where to find collectibles and their general areas 🙁 Trust me if there were anyway to make collectibles more easy to get we will make a guide for it

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