Signs of the Great Ten
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The Great Ten is a team of “super-functionaries” that operate under the People’s Republic of China. These quasi-mystical tablets record their adventures, and their appearance in Metropolis is most intriguing

Tablet of the Accomplished Perfect Physician 1
Tablet of the August General in Iron 2
Tablet of the Celestial Archer 3
Tablet of the Ghost Fox Killer 4
Tablet of the Immortal Man-In-Darkness 5
Tablet of the Mother of Champions 6
Tablet of the Seven Deadly Brothers 7
Tablet of the Shaolin Robot 8
Tablet of the Socialist Red Guardsman 9
Tablet of the Thundermind 10

2 comments on “Signs of the Great Ten
  1. fuzznut15
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    Are the collections cheap in the broker? Sorry im unfortuanatly unable to get on atm.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Fuzznut, you have to keep checking broker so you can get collection items. It is hard to complete them but if you are lucky enough you will be able to get most of these collections. It would help if you ask a legendary player in your league to buy missing collectibles items

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