Steelworks Tour Guide
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Steelworks is one of the most advanced industrial facilities in Metropolis. These pages describe some of its locations and would be useful to the right person

Steelworks: Helicopter Pad 1
Steelworks: Assembly Plant 2
Steelworks: Testing Range 3
Steelworks: Main Gate 4
Steelworks: STAR Labs Research Station 5
Steelworks: Safety Control Unit 6
Steelworks: Quality Control 7
Steelworks: Production Plant 8
Steelworks: Plasma Reactor 9
Steelworks: Smoke Stacks 10

2 comments on “Steelworks Tour Guide
  1. ….no map?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Trey Collections dont have fixed locations to spawn so we cant do maps for them. We make this section for you to know the name of missing collections and to be bought in the broker

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