Hand of Fate

Doctor Fate and his heroic supporters continue their battle against the evil sorcerer Felix Faust and his villainous cohorts even as the world reels from Brainiac’s invasion.

Hand of Fate is an Episode that costs $ 4.99. Players can access this and all DCUO Content with Legendary Membership for only $ 14.99/month

waywardsoul Wayward Souls – T4 ALERT (Heroes) | CR 70 – CR 90
Doctor Fate has discovered that the sorcerer, Felix Faust, is attempting to trade a large number of souls to a dangerous demon. Help him uncover Faust’s repulsive scheme, and put a stop to it!
soulalchemy Soul Alchemy – T4 ALERT (Villains) | CR 70 – CR 90
Felix Faust needs help collecting three exceptional souls to meet the terms of a bargain with a demon. Assist him in his clever scheme to acquire arcane knowledge and pwer..
withavengeance With a Vengeance – T4 RAID (Heroes) | CR 70 – CR 90
During a routine attempt to commune with a normally docile spirit, Doctor Fate has been attacked by wrathful entities! Help him complete the ritual and investigate the source of the corruption
ablackdawn A Black Dawn – T4 RAID (Heroes) | CR 70 – CR 90
Doctor Fate’s scrying has revealed that the sorceress, Tala is attempting to create an apocalytic army from the tortured and deranged. You must stop her rising army before it’s too late!.
unpaid Unpaid Dues – T4 RAID (Villains) | CR 70 – CR 90
Felix Faust’s continual use of the Lazarus Waters has enraged a shadowy group. Help Faust eliminate them so that he can use the waters without interference!.
Seeds of Rot – T4 RAID (Villains) | CR 70 – CR 90
If nurtured properly, seeds from the Tree of Rot can provide immeasurable powers of decay. Felix Faust has discovered one of these rotten seeds and intends to cultivate it into a sapling before the protectors of the Green discover his plans
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4 thoughts on “Hand of Fate

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      All legends are great when you get to master them. However, i prefer joker as a legend character 😉

  1. Unknown

    Excuse me but i bought the DLC/Episode for this and i can’t wear the utility belt
    What is the problem?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Unknown, there have been some changes with last Game Updates. Hand of Fate cost is now $ 5.00 so Utility Belt is not in there. If you want to have Utility Belt, Shield Access and Lair system, you can buy

      You can read more about these changes here http://dcuobloguide.com/guides/marketplace-and-dlc-pack-reorganization/ We will update our DLC Packs section as soon as we can. You will see in the link that there are a lot of changes and we will update this section to show players: Packs cost, where to buy them, and what they include

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