Home Turf

Defend your Home Turf! Customize your own Lair, employ powerful new combat tactics and guard your turf in new Lair PvP Battles!

Home Turf is an Episode that costs $ 4.99. Players can access this and all DCUO Content with Legendary Membership for only $ 14.99/month

Available Missions!

Ace Chemicals Clean Up Effort – DAILY Divide and Conquer – DAILY CR 70 – CR 86
Infiltrating Ace – SPECIAL Make Them Mad – SPECIAL CR 70 – CR 86
WANTED: Second-Generation Morrowbot – DAILY GROUP BOUNTY: Ace Chemicals Experiment – DAILY GROUP CR 70 – CR 86
Secure Stryker’s Island – DAILY Stealing from Steel – DAILY CR 70 – CR 86
Solitary Riot – SPECIAL Breaking Steel – SPECIAL CR 70 – CR 86
WANTED: Oolong Siege Robot – DAILY GROUP BOUNTY: Stryker’s Critical Defender – DAILY GROUP CR 70 – CR 86

2 thoughts on “Home Turf

  1. GinBarton

    Hello. I would like to ask you something. I tried to look on the internet to look for an answer, but the pages where I watched all kept saying that to make the serves dlc Home Turf, though I can not make them.

    I bought from the market psn the containing the dlc numbers 6-7-8-9. Now, the dlc 6 (Home Turf) should unblock the possibility of doing the fighting in the hideout from what I read around, but this does not happen. Every time I go in the menu and I select the instances that require a den, tells me that neither are in possession, although I have the basic dive for all my characters.
    How is it then?

    Also looking on this blog, I think I understand that the dlc and should give me the ability to unlock with the brands Legend 2 characters each, but as for the battles in the hideout what It did not happen


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