Origin Crisis
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Lex Luthor from the Future is attempting to use Brainiac’s Nexus of Reality to erase the existence of important Heroes. Meanwhile, a dangerous creature is channeling Paradox energy into a massive Paradox Wave.

Origin Crisis is an Episode that costs $ 4.99. Players can access this and all DCUO Content with Legendary Membership for only $ 14.99/month

thehunt The Hunt: Challenge – T5 CHALLENGE | CR 80 – CR 104
Assist in researching a critical moment in the Huntress’ history.
testsubject Test Subject #1 – T5 CHALLENGE | CR 80 – CR 104
Assist in Researching Bizarro’s origin in a simulated version of LexCorp’s Clonning Lab.
familyreunion Family Reunion – T5 ALERT | CR 84 – CR 104
Paradox activity is on the rise in Central City, indicating that a temporal event has occured in the timeline. Report to Doctor Sarah Charles and investigate the occurrence
brotherinarms Brothers in Arms – T5 ALERT | CR 84 – CR 104
Paradox activity is increasing in Central City, manifesting as aggresive creatures. Assist Veronica Cale in discovering the Paradox Event that has caused this eruption in activity!.
nexusofreality Nexus of Reality – T5 RAID | CR 84 – CR 104
Brainiac has descended into Tartarus and stolen the Flame of Change. His forces have emerged and only the comined might of your team with the aid of Circe’s Bestiamorphs and Wonder Woman’s Amazons can stop them.
paradoxwave Paradox Wave – T5 RAID | CR 84 – CR 104
A dangerous creature is channeling Paradox energy into a massive Paradox Wave. This wave is capable of destroying entire timelines, and must be stopped

Available PVE Tier Vendors

PVE Tier 5: Vendor CR 84 – CR 99

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  1. potatoman

    ok i will buy this i am socery and staff my loadout is trasmutation circle of destiny Ritualistic Word 4th i switch out Soul Well/Offering sometimes .Grand Summoning and fury is this goood and how can this be optimised i prefer to have aoe stuns healing and summoning powers is this a smart move?

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