Sons of Trigon
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Trigon battles to free himself from the magical shackles that have kept him trapped for so long. He has called upon his sons to compete to free him and thereby become his herald when he enters the realm of Earth.

Sons of Trigon is an Episode that costs $ 4.99. Players can access this and all DCUO Content with Legendary Membership for only $ 14.99/month

Available Content!

A miniature City Zone where players can find CR 86 and 85 Tier. Also there are Raven Bounty missions and 3 daily quests.
Players need to have CR84 or more to entering Gotham Wastelands
tunneloflost Tunnel of Lust– T5 DUO | CR 84- CR 104
Take the side entrance to the Tunnel of Lust and stop Jacob, Trigon’s son, from completing a ritual that will make him the favored son
knightdomearena Knightsdome Arena – T5 DUO | CR 84- CR 104
Enter the Knightsdome arena to stop Jesse, Trigon’s son, from completing an envy ritual that could gain enough sinful energy to wake Trigon the Terrible from his slumber
ruinedcathedral Ruined Cathedral – T5 DUO | CR 84- CR 104
Enter the Ruined Cathedral to stop Jared, Trigon’s son, from completing a ritual that could wake Trigon the Terrible from his slumber
trigonprison Trigon’s Prison – T5 ALERT | CR 84- CR 104
Enter the nightmarish Mausoleum and face the Terror of Trigon!!

Available Missions!

Virtues over Vices – DAILY CR 84 – CR 104
Wrought With Wrath – DAILY CR 84 – CR 104
Retribution at the Cathedral – SPECIAL CR 84 – CR 104
Lust At First Sight – DAILY CR 84 – CR 104
Carnival at the Amusement – SPECIAL CR 84 – CR 104
Enough Envy – DAILY CR 84 – CR 104
Nightmare at the Knightdome – SPECIAL CR 84 – CR 104
Take Pride – WEEKLY GROUP CR 84 – CR 104

Available PVE Tier Vendors

PVE Tier 5A: Vendor CR 84 – CR 99

Available Collectibles!

Name Location Items
The Path to Perdition Gotham Wastelands
Knightsdome Arena
Tunnel Of Lust
Ruined Cathedral
Trigon’s Prison
Family Matters Gotham Wastelands 9/9
Name Location Items
Gotham Gone to Hell Gotham Wastelands 6/6
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  1. Where are the feats for this

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