The Will of Darkseid & Brainiac’s Bottle Ship
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The Kryptonian storyline continues from Episode 22 with “Brainiac’s Bottle Ship” (8-Player Operation). Superman and Lex Luthor are sending teams to get General Zod out of the Science Spire and back under control. It’s up to you and Supergirl to stop him! Then head over to New Genesis in “The Will of Darkseid” (2-Player Duo) where the forces of Darkseid are gathering for an invasion. Parademons are lining up in ranks to invade, leading up to an epic battle with Darkseid

The Will of Darkseid & Brainiac’s Bottle Ship is an Episode that costs $ 4.00. Players can access this and all DCUO Content with Legendary Membership for only $ 14.99/month

Available Content!

thewillofdarkside The Will of Darkseid – T7 DUO | CR 150 – CR 183
The war between the New Gods is heating up on New Genesis. Report  to the battle  site and help defend the area from Darkseid’s invasion force
brainiacbottleship_ Brainiac’s Bottle Ship – T7 RAID | CR 150 – CR 183
General Zod is holded up in the top room of Lex Luthor’s Science Spire and is threatening to use its laser to attack the city of Metropolis unless the coordinates of Brainiac’s Bottle Ship are handed over. Meet with Supergirl and remedy the situation

Available PVE Tier Vendors

PVE Tier 7C: Vendor CR 142 – CR 175

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