Fight for the Light – Feats
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Completing all Fight for the Light Feats will grant you 245 Feat Points.

Feat points
Fight for the Light
Complete Ferris Aircraft DUO, STAR Labs Alert, Coast City Alert, and Oan Sciencells Alert
Willpower Outage
Defeat the Scion of Will before the Sliceclaws power it up
Speed of Light
Complete the STAR Labs Alert in less than 30 minutes
Parole Denied
Defeat Red Lantern Vice, Yellow Lantern Lyssa Drak, and Evil Star in the Oan Sciencells
Faster Than Light Waves
Complete Oan Sciencells in 20 minutes or less
Complete Oan Sciencells without being knocked out
Temper Tantrums
Confiscate 6 Red Power Rings from Civilians at Ferris Aircraft in Coast City
Low Battery
Beat the Final Confrontation as a hero without using any Logic Batteries within the Hangar at Ferris Aircraft in Coast City
Intensive Group Therapy
Defeat the Coast City Alert in less than 30 minutes
Not that Repulsive
Defeat Vice in the Coast City Duo without restarting the repulsor
Twice the Speed of Light
Finish the Coast City Duo in 7 minutes or less

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