Explore the Otisburg District
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Explore the Otisburg District in Gotham
This feat will grant you 10 Feat Points.

Stagg Enterprises Gotham HQ 1
GCPD 12th Precinct 2
Monarch Playing Card Company 3
15 Kane Street (Abandoned) 4
Gotham Light and Power 5
Knightsdome Sporting Complex 6
Millicent Mayne Plaza 7
Ace Chemicals 8
Amusement Mile 9

5 comments on “Explore the Otisburg District
  1. frozenprankster
    | Reply

    Number 7 is actually 2 blocks down from where you have it on the map.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Frozonprankster, thanks for your comment. Some exploration spots have large range and it is nice to know its range 🙂

    • Lerch2000

      2 and 7 are both off, 7 is 2 down 1 left of mark on map, 2 is 1 down 1 left… thinking the joker numbered these… but all in all havn’t had any other issues so 2 so far isn’t bad

  2. Tristan
    | Reply

    i go to the millicent mayne plaza at number 7 but i dont get the feat

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tristan, try to pass on the place until you see the name of the location you are looking for in the screen 🙂

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