Gotham Flying Race Locations

After completing all Races Feats you will grant 280 feat points. Bellow is the map with all Flying Race Locations to achieve those races feats.

Otisburg Skilled Flight 1
East End Adept Flight 2
Burnley Docks Adept Flight 3
Robison Park Master Flight 4
Burnley Docks Master Flight 5
Otisburg Expert Flight 6
Gotham University Expert Flight 7
Robinson Park Spires Master Flight 8
Otisburg Adept Flight 9

12 thoughts on “Gotham Flying Race Locations

  1. Jblakely10

    Having the same issue as others. Can’t find Robinson Park Spires Master Flight. Relogging did nothing.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jblakely, we just went to the location displayed and the race icon is at the top of the building. Here is a picture to find it.

      If it still is not showing up maybe it got bugged real bad for your character. So you should need to contact DCUO Devs for them to help you 🙁

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Shorizo, it maybe got bugged, try reloging or changing phase. Sometimes this fixed the problem

  2. Sydney

    Hello guys I was just wondering if the races that say no feat points on races do u have to respect ur skills and leave out super speed to complete them

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Sydney, you have to respect your skills and do those races without spending skill points on Movement tree. Once you have it, then you unlock those movement points 🙂

  3. Firstname Lastname

    I just can’t Do flight races. I lack the skills, hand eye co-ordination or whatever it takes to them. Running them makes me wan’t quit playing the game. And now I find out my characters will be limited in total available feat points because of this, so I’ll probably end up quiting at t3 rather than Suscribing.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello firstname, you domt need to win the platinum medal in all races for doing feats. You just need to complete it

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