Master Detective

Complete all Investigations in the classic game.

This feat will grant you 50 Feat Points

The Files of T.O. Morrow Ace Chemicals – Alert
Dr. Arkham’s Observation Journal Arkham Asylum – Alert
Behind the Wall Stryker’s Island – Alert
World War III Remnants Kahndaq – Raid
The Voice of Doom Smallville – Alert
Concentrated Chemical Samples Bludhaven – Alert
The Island of Dr. Morrow Oolong Island – Alert
Cadmus Research Findings Area 51 – Alert
Lunar Exobyte Clusters HIVE Moon Base – Alert
Simalien Technology Gorilla Island – Alert
Falcone’s Finest Gotham – Burnley
Pernicious Pictures Gotham – Otisburg
The Joker’s Funhouse
Ritual Canopic Jars Gotham – Burnley
University Warehouse
Gotham University
Ghost in the Machine Gotham – Otisburg
Omac Base
Rose By Any Other Name Gotham – East End
Gotham – Burnley
Enigmatic Puzzles Gotham – Otisburg
Frozen Heart Gotham – Burnley
Viva la Lucha Libre Gotham – East End
Distribution Center
Cape Carmine Lighthouse
Twisting the Titans Gotham – Robinson Park
The Precipice of Fear Gotham – East End
Against the HIVE Metropolis – Little Bohemia
Trigon Tainted Artifacts Metropolis – Tomorrow District
8th Precinct
Azarathian Sin Gems Metropolis – Midtown
Lunar Silver Metropolis – Midtown
No Man Escapes Metropolis – Historic District
Metropolis City Hall
Confiscated Arcanum Metropolis – Chinatown
Oaths of Light Metropolis – Downtown
The Atlantis Chronicles Metropolis – Suicide Slums
Amulets of Memory Metropolis – Downtown
Gorillatech Schematics Metropolis – Downtown
The Doctor is in Metropolis – Little Bohemia
Meta Research Wing
Signs of the Beast Metropolis – Tomorrow District
Metro Station Building
Crystalline Soul Fragments Metropolis – Chinatown
LexCorp Genome Database Metropolis – Little Bohemia
Gorilla Bomb Components Metropolis – Little Bohemia

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