Metropolis Acrobatic Race Locations

After completing all Races Feats you will grant 280 feat points. Bellow is the map with all Acrobatic Race Locations to achieve those races feats

Little Bohemia Skilled Acrobat 1
Tomorrow District Skilled Acrobat 2
Midtown Adept Acrobat 3
Little Bohemia Adept Acrobat 4
Suicide Slums Master Acrobat 5
China Town Expert Acrobat 6
Suicide Slums Expert Acrobat 7
Little Bohemia Expert Acrobat 8
Downtown Glen Morgan Master Acrobat 9
Downtown LexCorp Master Acrobat 10
Old STAR Labs Adept Acrobat (Pro Athlete | 01:23:00) 11
STAR Labs Expert Acrobat 12

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