Metropolis Flying Race Locations
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After completing all Races Feats you will grant 280 feat points. Bellow is the map with all Flying Race Locations to achieve those races feats.

Little Bohemia Skilled Flight 1
Tomorrow District Skilled Flight 2
Midtown Adept Flight 3
Little Bohemia Adept Flight (Pro Athlete | 02:13:00) 4
Suicide Slums Docks Master Flight 5
China Town Expert Flight (Natural Talent | 02:22:00) 6
Suicide Slums Expert Flight 7
Little Bohemia Expert Flight 8
Suicide Slums Steelworks Master Flight 9
Downtown Master Flight 10
Downtown Adept Flight 11
Midtown Expert Flight 12

8 comments on “Metropolis Flying Race Locations
  1. DCUO Villian Guy

    I did both the little bohemia adept flight and china town expert flight but they not giving me the feats.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Villian guy, remember that you must have no skill points in Movement tree for Pro Athlete and Natural Talent feats

  2. Hey there!

    Just wanted to thank you for this list and the recommendations regarding the “don’t spend a skill point” feats. Took me 4 or 4 tries on each to get them.

    So guys, don’t get discouraged it’s doable!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      You are welcome Dee, we are glad our guides help you

  3. Gamer9544

    Thank you, since I cannot get the Little Bohemia one, I will try to get the other ones and see if I can achieve the feat.

  4. Gamer9544

    I have been trying to do the Little Bohemia Adept Flight for the past two hours, but cannot seem to get the Pro Athlete feat. I also have no skill points in my movement skills area. Are there any other place you can recommend me to try and the Pro Athlete feat?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hell Gameer, for completing Pro Athlete Feat you need to win a Platinum Medal on any adept level race without purchasing movement mode trait. You can choose Midtown Adept Flight or Downtown Adept Flight but the recommended race is Little Bohemia Adept Flight because its area and difficulty. Just remember you need to with Platinum Medal with the race to get the feat

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