Account Access Gameplan
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DC Universe Online allows players to enjoy its exciting world with Free to Play access. However, there are other Access Level which will let them improve their game experience.

This guide shows players the difference between each Access Level for them choose the best access level for their gameplay

Here is a comparison table where detailed information about Access Levels is shown.

Free Premium Legendary
Money Cost Play for Free Spend $5 or more $14.99 Monthly Game Pass
Content Access the game for free! Access the game and earn bonus features Access the game, plus DLC Expansion Packs.
Maximum game features unlocked
Game Updates Free Free Free
DLC Expansion Packs Purchase Optional Purchase Optional Free access
Character Slots 2
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Inventory Slots 28
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Auction Slots 0
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Bank Slots 12
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Trading None Items only Items and cash
In-game Currency 1500 Max 2000 Max Unlimited
Chat 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds Proximity (voice) chat, 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds Unlimited
Send Mail Text only Text and items Text, items and cash
Vault Tickets One free ticket per week One free ticket every 3 days One free ticket per day
Players Leagues Can join Can join Can form or join

Account Access Explained

Free Gameplay Access

  • Every account starts with Free Gameplay Access and let players enjoy the full leveling (1 to 30 Level) without any content restriction. However, reaching level 30 is just finishing the tutorial of How to manage your character. Check for more information about what to do at level 30.
  • After Level 30, raising their combat rating and obtaining skill points is the real essence of playing DCUO. They can hardly reach Combat Rating 84 which will let them access to free Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 content. Check for more information about Increasing Combat Rating.
  • Players can also access to most of the PVP content which includes Legends and Arenas instance. Some PVP instances require The Last Laugh and Home Turf DLC Packs
  • Free Access has some limitation in game currency, sending emails, chatting, and more. However, for a new DCUO member this is enough for them to know the basics about the game and they can become Premium or Legendary anytime they think are ready

Premium Gameplay Access

  • Best of all, Premium Access does not expire.
  • To have Premium Access, players should only spend $5.00 or more. This means that if a player buy a DLC Pack (which cost $10.00) or pay for the Legendary Gameplay Access ($15.00 per month), they will automatically become premium players.
  • If the player bought the Legendary Gameplay Access, when it finishs they will have Premium Gameplay Access and all the bonus features this level access has.
  • If a player buy all the DLC Packs they can also access to all in-game content withouth becoming Legendary. However, premiums still have some limitation in game currency, sending emails, and chatting but these limitations are not that severe as Free Access restrictions.
  • Some players prefer to buy all DLC packs before becoming Legendary because it is cheaper and let them play the game without heavy limitations and can access their bought content anytime they want without time expiration

Legendary Gameplay Access

  • The Legendary Level is the “I want it all” way to play.
  • To access this Gameplay Access, players should pay $ 15.00 per month
  • Legendary Access includes 16 character slots, a greatly expanded inventory, and bonus features:
    • Access to all DLC Packs
    • 150 Free Replay Badges Monthly
    • Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox Unlocks
    • Unlimited in-game currency
    • Free daily Vault Access
    • Form a League
    • Trade items and cash
    • 10% OFF unlimited marketplace purchases
  • Check for more information about plans and discounts for Legendary Membership
  • Once Legendary Membership expires, players will go back to Premium Access and only bought content and free content will be available to play.

28 comments on “Account Access Gameplan
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  1. Zeca Amaral

    I think this game is really expansive, I’ve played World of Warcraft for $15,00 and all DLCs and expansion FREE, but surely DCUO it’s good waste of time and a good game

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂 I have played WOW too but i consider DCUO is a great game especially if you want to play with DC Comics characters and create your own hero or villain

  2. Pedro Barrera

    Good morning, I have a very inportant question regarding this subject because I know by now that Playstation’s “tradition not-so-rules” do not seem to apply here.

    See, I play DCUO in PS4. I am considering in upgrading to premium but I need to explain my case to check if my total investment will be 5$ or 15$. In PS4 you need to be a PS+ member to play online, which I am. You only need one of your accounts to be PS+ (so if you have many, or if a family plays on the same console and has many accounts, everyone enjoys online without paying individually for it). All you need is one of them to be + and all of the accounts wishing to benefit from that bonus to be affiliated with your PS4 console and mark it as a “main console”. Similarly, DLCs you buy from one account can be enjoyed in all accounts because of this, because all accouts have the same PS4 as “main PS4”.

    I own 3 PSN accounts, but I’ve seen DCUO works very differently than other games. There is a PS+ free DLC for DCUO that includes light powers and some other items. By logic, I should be able to play with light on all my accounts, but I can not. I can only play with light on my PS+ account, which nulls that the benefit could be enjoyable in my other accounts. I researched why this was so and found out that PS3, PS4 and PC servers are all the same. Now it makes sense. You do not need PS+ to play obline on PS3 so having PS+ was much more uncommon back then. If the DLC has been available for 2 years or more it makes sense for them to balance PS3 with PS4 by making that DLC only playable on your + account. That raises an inquire.

    If I want to go premium, do I have to play 5$ on each account? Because it was evident that the PS+ starting pack wasnnot shared between accounts, so I imagine that premium membership does not share between accounts too? Does this also mean that if I buy electricity in account A, accounts B and C will not be able to enjoy them unless I buy electricity 3 times? If I want to go legendary do I have to pay 3 subscriptions if I want all my accounts to have the benefits, or will one legendary membership share between accounts?

    • Pedro Barrera

      I also need to know if purchases made with MarketPlace Cash share between accounts. So if I buy 1000 MC in account A, and purchase Atomic with those MC, will Atomic only be available in that account?

      My main inquire remains in knowing wether or not premium membership and DLCs are shared between accounts however. This is just a special case of “what if I buy in-game currency instead of the DLC? Will it not share, or work different?”

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      It is probably that the same principle to be applied. Marketplace Cash will be bound to the account and cant be share between all your accounts.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Pedro thanks for your question. We dont have much experience with PS because PC is our only access to the game. However, im almost fully sure that premium account, powers, and DLC wont be shared between accounts so you may need to spend $ 5 on each account. In PC, you can have multiple accounts. However, what you buy with each one of the accounts i only apply to that account.

      DCUO accounts are meant to be personal that is why each account have to buy its own content to enjoy the game. However, you can have 6 character slots once you become Premium so if you want others to share your content they can create a character in your account but only 1 person can be using that account at the time.

      I personally play DCUO since 3 DLC Pack so i have never need to buy Legendary because i just bought the latest DLC which came out every 3 month and it was fine because at the moment i have all content and. With Monthly content, it is harder to be premium because you will need to buy new content every month plus the oldest content to keep raising your Characters Combat Rating.

      If you asked me at the moment it is more recommended to buy legendary and raise your CR to the maximum and get as much skill points as you can from recents Episodes, so once there, you don’t need to enter old content and you can only focus on spending 4 dollars every month to continue being TOP Combat rating

  3. Freddy Raborokgwe

    I’ve been playing DCUO for a while now, used to be free to play then decided to buy some DLCs i.e quantum powers, munition, an episode and some legends characters and realised i’ve spent a lot of money on so little XD when instead I could’ve bought legendary for less and gotten those and still had some cash left over. My cr on my Quantum toon whom is my best is 73 and realised I need DLCs to get even more marks and heard Atomic is coming soon which I want, so lets say I get legendary and create an Atomic toon and about 9 more toons for fun and my membership ends, would I have to pick which 6 toons I want to keep and would my Atomic toon be unavailable? Also Would I keep any gear I collect on my Quantum toon or would those be locked? Basically I would like to know exactly what do I lose when the subscription ends?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Yes Freddy, you will be able to pick which toons you want to use. All gear collected will still be available. Losing subscription will only unlocked content you dont have. However, characters created (including powers and movement) will still be available but for example if you use shield with your character and doesnt have the proficiency you wont be able to use it.

      Hope this answer your question 🙂

    • Freddy Raborokgwe

      Yes it does, thanks ☺ one last thing, i have 100 market cash and I heard members get 500 station cash each month, sp I’d like to know would my 100MC be converted after the month if I become a member?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      For what i know you will get Legendary Market Cash bonus after the subscription is over. You wont lose any Market Cash when legendary is over unless you spend it in some items hehe

  4. Sebastian Salvatore

    Is there a maximum number of bag slots and bank slots one can purchase from the in-game store?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Sebastian, im not sure if there is a maximum number of bag. However, i believe the limit of slots is the one you are willing to pay off

  5. vSuperman DC

    I was looking at your league list and no one had for EX “xThe Justice League” is it an option or you cant use it.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I think that if you dont see it in the list you can create one with that particular name 🙂

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