Account Access Gameplan
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DC Universe Online allows players to enjoy its exciting world with Free to Play access. However, there are other Access Level which will let them improve their game experience.

This guide shows players the difference between each Access Level for them choose the best access level for their gameplay

Here is a comparison table where detailed information about Access Levels is shown.

Free Premium Legendary
Money Cost Play for Free Spend $5 or more $14.99 Monthly Game Pass
Content Access the game for free! Access the game and earn bonus features Access the game, plus DLC Expansion Packs.
Maximum game features unlocked
Game Updates Free Free Free
DLC Expansion Packs Purchase Optional Purchase Optional Free access
Character Slots 2
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Inventory Slots 28
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Auction Slots 0
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Bank Slots 12
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
(can purchase more)
Trading None Items only Items and cash
In-game Currency 1500 Max 2000 Max Unlimited
Chat 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds Proximity (voice) chat, 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds Unlimited
Send Mail Text only Text and items Text, items and cash
Vault Tickets One free ticket per week One free ticket every 3 days One free ticket per day
Players Leagues Can join Can join Can form or join

Account Access Explained

Free Gameplay Access

  • Every account starts with Free Gameplay Access and let players enjoy the full leveling (1 to 30 Level) without any content restriction. However, reaching level 30 is just finishing the tutorial of How to manage your character. Check for more information about what to do at level 30.
  • After Level 30, raising their combat rating and obtaining skill points is the real essence of playing DCUO. They can hardly reach Combat Rating 84 which will let them access to free Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 content. Check for more information about Increasing Combat Rating.
  • Players can also access to most of the PVP content which includes Legends and Arenas instance. Some PVP instances require The Last Laugh and Home Turf DLC Packs
  • Free Access has some limitation in game currency, sending emails, chatting, and more. However, for a new DCUO member this is enough for them to know the basics about the game and they can become Premium or Legendary anytime they think are ready

Premium Gameplay Access

  • Best of all, Premium Access does not expire.
  • To have Premium Access, players should only spend $5.00 or more. This means that if a player buy a DLC Pack (which cost $10.00) or pay for the Legendary Gameplay Access ($15.00 per month), they will automatically become premium players.
  • If the player bought the Legendary Gameplay Access, when it finishs they will have Premium Gameplay Access and all the bonus features this level access has.
  • If a player buy all the DLC Packs they can also access to all in-game content withouth becoming Legendary. However, premiums still have some limitation in game currency, sending emails, and chatting but these limitations are not that severe as Free Access restrictions.
  • Some players prefer to buy all DLC packs before becoming Legendary because it is cheaper and let them play the game without heavy limitations and can access their bought content anytime they want without time expiration

Legendary Gameplay Access

  • The Legendary Level is the “I want it all” way to play.
  • To access this Gameplay Access, players should pay $ 15.00 per month
  • Legendary Access includes 16 character slots, a greatly expanded inventory, and bonus features:
    • Access to all DLC Packs
    • 150 Free Replay Badges Monthly
    • Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox Unlocks
    • Unlimited in-game currency
    • Free daily Vault Access
    • Form a League
    • Trade items and cash
    • 10% OFF unlimited marketplace purchases
  • Check for more information about plans and discounts for Legendary Membership
  • Once Legendary Membership expires, players will go back to Premium Access and only bought content and free content will be available to play.

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  1. Robert Osz

    Are these memberships up-to-date? Is premium membership still available, because I see nothing about it on the official web site, on the site I see only Daybreak All Access. Thanks in advance for the answer!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Robert, i personally uses a premium membership to play DCUO and i have the exact granted perks listed in the Premium Column.

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