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Armories are visual Base items that allow players to imprint their role, equipment, styles, colors, power points, skill points, and loadouts. Armories can be helpful when players want to save and activate their build whenever they need it, by just pressing one button, even in combat.

Players need to complete a mission to receive their first Armory free. If additional Armories are needed, they can be bought individually or in bundles in the Marketplace. Every character can have up to 4 Armories per Base, for up to 16 Armories total, but up to 4 active in the field at any given time.

Imprint Requirements
armories1 armories2
Players can imprint their character’s build and let 3 power points and/or 10 skill points to spend later.
In other words, if players have 15 power points and 45 skill points, they require 12 power points and 35 skills points spent to imprint their build.
Armory Style
armories4 armories3
Lair Theme: Gothic Lair Theme: Deco
Armories’ style will depend on players’ Base Theme. Each base has his own theme so players have different ways to show their armories.
If players have a Hideout instead of a Lair, their  armories will get Deco Theme
Armory Builds
armories5 armories6
Generator is available to configure Armory Builds. Players can have up to 16 Armories total. However, they need to configure up to 4 armories to use them at any given time.
* In PC, Armory Builds can be swapped using the number keys on the Num Pad.
* In PS3 and PS4, players need to Hold down both R2 and L2. This will bring up a UI that will show the D-Pad directions and the associated Armory Builds.
Armory Cooldown
While out of combat, players can change Armories Builds every ten seconds. (yellow cooldown)
While in combat, players can change Armories Build every ten minutes. (red cooldown)
Players cannot change Armory Builds while in PvP combat.
Armory Tips
  • 1 armory is helpful to save character’s build
  • Players can swap between roles if they have 2 or more armories.
  • Imprint your power role (tank/healer/controller) build and DPS build in different armories, so you can be both roles at the same time.

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58 comments on “Armories
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  1. Devin Seymour

    I just recently returned to DCUO and was unable to use armorys. I believe I made a mistake using old marketplace cash to purchase lair system so I could swap between builds like I used to but am still unable to do so the game says missing *dlc_pack*. from what I’m reading online you just need to have the armory purchased which I definetly have. playing on ps4. please help I’m not sure what I’m missing and it’s quite a hinderance being only able to play a dps role.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Devin, thanks for your question. First time i heard a problem like yours. Please try relocating your base, relocating armories, erasing saved builds, and try to save your actual builds. If that doesnt work try creating a base from the start by picking up all base items

      Hope this helps you, let us know how it goes

  2. I seen on YouTube a player on PS4 had two separate powers and movement types when he toggled between builds?..

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Will, maybe it got bugged or edit the video because it is impossible to have armories with different powers and movements. As soon as you change to another power, armories with your original power will become invalid

  3. complex9

    you woudnt happen to know there is an error with the armories builds saying not enough skill points to activate gear?Im getting the same strang error on all my charaters

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Complex, Players can imprint their character’s build and let 3 power points and/or 10 skill points to spend later. If you have more than 10 skill pints without using these may bugged your armories.

      If that is not your case try reloging and check if that works. If not make a ticket for DCUO Devs so they can help you 🙂

  4. Do you know when the water power update is coming out if so what role it will be?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Brett, there isn’t a release date yet. However, im sure water power will be launched this year 🙂

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