Combat Rating: Level 30 to CR 43
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Combat Rating, known as CR, is a statistic possessed by player characters representing the overall item level of equipment.

Raising Combat Rating will unlock in-game content and provide better gear, weapons, and R&D Plans. This guide will tell you what relevant content players should run to reach T2 Content

Get Started with ‘On Duty’ Tab!

The On Duty Menu, accessible by hitting the Y key by default, allows players to queue for various instances. When players reach level 30, they can access to T1 Content where equipment and Marks of Triumph can be obtained.

Available ‘On Duty’ Relevant Content!

Here is the list of all available content for players that recently reached Level 30 and needs to raise their Combat Rating:

8th Precinct Level 30 – CR 53
Meta Research Wing Level 30 – CR 53
The Joker’s Funhouse Level 30 – CR 53
Mannheim’s Chinese Theater Gotham Warehouse Level 30 – CR 53
Lair of the Spectre Sentinels of Magic Citadel Level 30 – CR 53
Gotham University Level 30 – CR 53
HIVE Base Level 30 – CR 53
Metropolis City Hall Level 30 – CR 53
OMAC Base Level 30 – CR 53
Gorilla Grodd’s Lab Gotham Mercy Hospital Level 30 – CR 53
Area 51 Level 30 – CR 53
Ace Chemicals Level 30 – CR 53
Watchtower Containment Facility Hall of Doom Armory Level 30 – CR 53
Smallville CR 34 – CR 53

Available Relevant Missions!

Here is the list of all available missions for players that recently reached Level 30 and needs to raise their Combat Rating:

Toyland – Daily Level 30 – CR 64
Fun for Girls and Boys – Daily Level 30 – CR 64
Once More With Rockets! – Daily Level 30 – CR 64
Uncivil Engineering – Daily Level 30 – CR 64 | The Battle for Earth
Blasts from the Past – Daily Level 30 – CR 64 | The Battle for Earth
Construction Delays – Daily Level 30 – CR 64 | The Battle for Earth
Deconstruction – Daily GROUP Level 30 – CR 64 | The Battle for Earth

Available PVE Tier Vendors

Content Loot complemented with some T1 Equipment will let players to reach CR 43. Here is the list of all available vendors for players that recently reached Level 30 and need to raise their Combat Rating:

PVE Tier 1: Vendor Level 30 – CR 42

Guide Tips

  • Queue on Challenge and Duos to start earning Marks of Victory and getting some equipment with Item Level 30+
  • Alerts could be harder to do with queue, so you might need to join a helpful League or make your own group to queue together
  • Remember doing the marked Alerts and Duos in the day, it will grant you the Daily Bonus Marks of Triumphs
  • When you have the enough amount of Marks, start buying the highest statistic weight equipment (check statistics weight in CR Calculator)
  • If you get some cool items by doing Challenge, Duos, and Alerts (like equipment CR 34 or 40), make some projections by putting your actual equipment and the equipment you want to spend marks on in the Combat Rating Calculator.
  • Once you get the desire 43 Combat Rating, check our Combat Rating: CR 43 to CR 53 guide

4 comments on “Combat Rating: Level 30 to CR 43
  1. Ok how do you fee l on me creating a electric character with two handed going DPS… Is ita good choice or could I use it, I always wanted to try two handed.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Taylor, refering to Two Handed’s weapon mastery combos, they are very slow but powerful attacks. However, for DPS role is better to be fast because you must inflict high damage in the less time possible.

      Choosing a weapon is mostly a big choice for the player, with experience you can be great at DPS with your weapon (no matter what weapon you choose :))

  2. john billstrom

    Read all the guides on raise cr, some info like artifcial mods applys even back here. But if you have a base then you should add generator pool mods and upgrade modern trlnkets.Toyman missons can be done when waiting in queue or exobit gathering. I think its great you list the marks pay for away missons for some reason the game does not. keep up the good work,

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks John for your comment, you have gave us great ideas and we will make a research and try to add that information in the guides 🙂

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