Equipment Mods

Equipment Mods are items that modify your character stats by placing them into your equipment sockets. These MODS are classified in 6 different colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple), item sockets are classified in 3 different colors (red, yellow, blue).

Item Socket Compatibility
Socket_Red Compatible with red, purple and orange equipment mods
Socket_Blue Compatible with blue, purple and green equipment mods
Socket_Yellow Compatible with yellow, orange and green equipment mods
prismatic Compatible with any equipment mods color

Equipment MODS Types

There are 3 Equipment MODS types in DCUO allowing players to get Equipment MODS in the best way they see fit.

  • R&D Equipment MODS
    • Created by crafting them in the Research & Development Console
  • Synthetic Equipment MODS
    • Sold by PVE Vendors spending Marks of Victory
  • Prefab Equipment MODS
    • Sold by PVP Vendors spending Marks of Valor

What are R&D Equipment mods


R&D Equipment MODS require players to get the Research Plan and then collect all required material for crafting an equipment MOD. These is the step by step tutorial for making an R&D Equipment MOD:

  • Having the research plan
  • Buying the necessary Equipment Interface (sold by nearby Vendors)
  • Creating the necesary color exobytes
  • Salvaging items to obtained Simple Materials and Complex Materials
  • Getting the Focusing Element from bosses
  • Going to the Research and development table
  • Combining all needed items
  • Done!


Most equipment can be socketed except for trinkets, rings, weapons, neck or face items. Equipment Mods can be overrided by adding another one on it.

Farming Exobits to create Exobytes is very difficult task. Therefore, the main advantage of R&D Equipment MOD is that players can recover some of their Exobytes by using Recovery Kits. There are 3 most used Recovery Kits in-game:

  • Recovery Kit Alpha (Exobyte Yields: 1)
    • This item can be bought from R&D vendors.
  • Exceptional Recovery Kit (Exobyte Yield: 66-100%)
    • This item can be obtained from PVP Rewards and Tier 5, Tier 6, and Tier 7 Bosses drop
  • Total Recovery Kit  (Exobyte Yield: 100%)
    • This item can be obtained from Marketplace only


What are Synthetic Equipment MODS?


Synthetic Mods are Equipment Mods that can be bought with Marks of Victory, instead of being crafted with exobytes through research and development. Here is the list of PVE Tier Vendors that sells Synthetic MODS according to your Combat Rating.

PVE VENDOR Synthetic MODS CR Requirement
PVE Tier 3 Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS III Combat Rating 53
PVE Tier 3A Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS III Combat Rating 53
PVE Tier 4 Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS IV Combat Rating 70
PVE Tier 5 Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS V Combat Rating 84
PVE Tier 5A Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS V Combat Rating 84
PVE Tier 6 Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS V Expert Combat Rating 100
PVE Tier 6A Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS V Expert Combat Rating 102
PVE Tier 6B Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS VI Combat Rating 106
PVE Tier 6C Vendor Synthetic Equipment MODS VI Combat Rating 106

What are Prefab MODS?


Prefab MODs are Equipment Mods that can be bought with Marks of Valor, instead of being crafted with exobytes through research and development. For now, at PVP CR 100, vendors are selling Prefab MODs VI Expert.

Every PVP Tier Vendor sell Prefab MODs VI once players reach at least 96 PVP Combat Rating. According to Player’s PVP Combat Rating, Prefab MODs will be unlocked while PVP CR raises.

Read more about unlocking Prefab MODS in our guide PVP Explained

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34 thoughts on “Equipment Mods

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Vincent, simple material and complex materials are obtained by salvaging items from R&D Console

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello James TKirk, maybe in the future DCUO will make Total Recovery to recover full Exobytes from VII Mods

  1. Dylan Farrow

    Just to clarify again, if i make a mod such as precision and might VI expert, and put it on my PVE gear, it will not increase combat rating?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      No Dylan, it wont increase your combat rating at all. These was change a few previous Game Updates for the new CR Relevancy system

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello FoxZiinn, keep raising your combat rating. you should take care about mods once you reach the highest CR possible

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Angel, thanks for your comment. It will be probable more MODS in vendors. However, MODS 8 will only be able by R&D at least for now.

  2. James T Kirk

    Hi does it affect my damage if i put an all might red mod in what’s supose to be a blue coloured mod spot?
    It says weapon critical attack chance for bonus for correct coloured mod but since I’m an all might dps I figured it would suit if i jus put the red might there.
    Will this affect my attack damage in anyway?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello James, thanks for your question. You are right if you can use different color mods in different color mod spots with no problem. However, you wont be getting the bonus mod statistics. Your idea is used for most players in order to increase their primary stats and it is a great way to go.

      It will only affect your weapon critical attack change because you wont be having that stats but due to your DPS is based on Might, it wont affect your Advanced mechanic rotation at all

  3. Vladimir

    Hello! I have question about mods for pvp. I see ppl using on pvp gear Precision VII mods witch gives them 123 precision instead of 110 with precision VI expert. Soo i want to ask you should i put that mods on pvp gear and where to find that mods?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Vladimir, thanks for your question. It is recommended that you mod your pvp gear once you reach PVP CR 100. In fact, once you reach maximum PVP CR you will be able to buy Prefab VII Mods from PVP Vendors which are really useful for PVP and PVE Gear

    2. Vladimir

      I didn’t know that there are Prefab mods VII, i’m 99 pvp cr so i will check that when i reach 100 cr, but my friend told me that there are only prefab mods VI

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Vladimir, i was wrong there are not Prefab MODS VII yet. The only way to get MODS VII is by getting MODS Plans for latest T7 Content. Anyway, it is only recommended to MOD your PVP gear once you reach PVP CR 100 and using Prefab MODS is the best way to go if you dont have MOD VII Plans

  4. Hank

    Hi there, its 2016 now and every time i ask ingame, if mods increase cr, many people say, that they DON’T do anymore. But many people say otherwise. =) What is correct?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Hank, thanks for your question. MODS doesnt increase CR anymore. However, it increases your statistics drastically so getting them is still important for your role

  5. Valor Lad

    I think I understand mods in PVE. Synth mods give stats but can’t be mixed like Exo mods and pre-fabs give stats but little CR. My question is about PVP. Are all the mods the same? I believe I have noticed my PVP stats do not seem to increase as they should with synth and exo mods. I have not tried the pre-fabs yet.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Valon Lad, Prefabs MODS from PVP vendors only affect your statistics but they dont increase your combat rating as Synthetics or Normal MODS do. It is recommended that when you have the highest equipment in game you equipped them with Normal VI Expert Mods. Otherwise, use Synthetics on your equipments until you get the highest equipment ingame

    2. Valor Lad

      So just to make sure I am understanding correctly, I should put Synthetic VI mods in the prismatic slots of my 99 CR PVP armor and as I replace that with 100 CR PVP armor I should put Regular VI Expert mods in the slots and there is no difference between Synthetic VI and Pre-Fab VI mods in prismatic slots, it is just which marks I want to use for the mods.
      P.S. Thanks for the response!

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Prefab MODS are recommended for PVP armor because no matter what MODS you add to PVP pieces, you will need to complete all PVP set to access the next PVP Tier. Synthetic MODS and Normal MODS are recommended for PVE Equipment because it will help you increase your combat rating.

      In case you want to add regular MODS to your PVP Tier, it will only add you some statistics but you need to know that in PVP the server increase or decrease your stats according to your opponent.

      Dont use Prefab on PVE set because it wont raise your combat rating and it is a waste of marks

  6. DCUO Newbie

    I noticed that some equipment mods are dropped from instances, can you please tell me which tier of challenges/duos/alerts/raids drop equipment mod I and which tier drops equipment mod II… etc?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello DCUO Newbie, we dont have a drop list for items. But in our experience, Equipment MODS Plans drop according to the instance TIER category. In “On Duty” tab you will see a list of different instances which are categorized by 1 Player, 2 Player, 4 Player, 8 Players. Inside them you will see TIER categories. While your CR is raising you will be unlocking more instances where bosses or adds will drop equipment and MODS plan

  7. Jason

    I’m premium so I’m limited to only use Equipment Mods I, can you please tell me where do they drop? As premium, I cannot buy them at vendors.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jason, you can find equipment plans from challenge, duos, alerts, and raids bosses drop. Then you need to create exobytes according to the plan you want to make. However, at low cr is no need that you equip mods on your gear

  8. cesar

    A question, ¿Whats stronger a sinthetic or a crafted mod? (considering same level ones level V or VI, expert, etc.) is any better to raise cr or power?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Cesar, Synthetic and Crafter MODS gives you the exact same amount of item level bonus. However, for now only SYNTETHIC MODS 6 can be bought with Marks of Fury while MODS 6 Expert can only be obtained by crafting. The best way to raise CR is to equip SYNTETHIC mods on your equipment and once you get the higher TIER for the moment then equip the CRAFETD MOD 6 EXPERT

  9. Avatar of Khonshu

    Question to the Bloguide author(s): Is the exceptional recovery kit exclusive to Legendary members? Because I’ve only ever noticed the standard Recovery Kit Alpha sold by vendors. Am I missing something?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Avatar, some recovery kits are available only for Legendary but Exceptional Recovery Kits are looted from PVP arenas, PVP leyends, or PVE T6 Alerts or Raids

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