Increasing Combat Rating
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DCUO CR Combat Rating is a statistic possessed by player characters representing the overall item level of equipment. which will unlock in-game content like Zones, Challenges, Duos, Alerts, Raids and Operations, missions, and more.

This guide provides a complete vision of the activities that players must do to make your character more powerful and unlock new in-game content. Next, we will list the steps to reach the highest combat rating and their requirements:

Combat Rating: Level 30 to CR 43 – T1 Guide

  • Total Free Access
  • Access to T1 Vendor with:
    • CR 46 EquipmentCR 42 WeaponsGenerator MODS 3.2

Combat Rating: CR 43 to CR 53 – T2 Guide

Combat Rating: CR 53 to CR 70 – T3 Guide

Combat Rating: CR 70 to CR 84 – T4 Guide

  • It is hardly achievable with Free Access
  • The Battle for Earth required to access 2 Raids
  • Hand of Fate required to access 1 Alert and 2 Raids
  • Home Turf required daily missions
  • Origin Crisis required for Challenges
  • Access to T4 Vendor with:
    • CR 78 EquipmentCR 70 WeaponsSynthetic MODS IVGenerator MODS 4.2

Combat Rating: CR 84 to CR 100 – T5 Guide

Combat Rating: CR 100 to CR 111 – T6 Guide

Combat Rating: CR 111 to CR 154 – T7 Guide

Combat Rating: CR 154 to CR 190 – T8 Guide

28 comments on “Increasing Combat Rating
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  1. NerdGeist

    I’m currently a Premium with no Episodes (had Legendary for just a month and will occasionally get another month again). On my higher CR character I managed to buy 2 pieces from the vendor in Ranx before ending my Legendary status, wich are CR 90 stuff, and all else I have is around 83-85. My current CR is 89, and I’m trying to improve with mods (I have 2 or 3 Expert V, all else is just temporary crap).

    So, wich are the highest pieces available for me now? Or am I stuck untill I get Legendary again? I’ll get some station cash, just enough for Lair System and Utility Belt System; AND one episode. Yep, for the moment, just one. So, wich Episode you reccomend for me now, with such CR?

    As always, thanks in advance. 😉

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello NerdGeist, if your CR is 89 you still need to get it up to 100 to access T6 Content (AF1, HOP1, WOTL2, AF2) so the highest Equipment will be the one sold at Ranx Vendor and the equipment dropped at WOTL1. You have 2 options: buy WOTL1 only to reach CR 100 and thats your limite or be legendary and play that way until you reach the highest CR in game.

      I personally started playing DCUO since it begins so i am premium and have all DLC Packs. With recent changes and for new players, being premium can be more hard and expensive than it was when i started playing DCUO, and the only viable way for enjoying all game content is being Legendary 🙁

  2. Bradley Paterson

    Would love to know when you Tier 6 guide will be released, I know we are no where near Tier 7 yet, however I have recently become Legendary with DCUO’s Legend 3-month deal and I’m currently clueless with T6 tasks.

    Emerald Lad (EUPS)

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bradley, we are currently working on “Combat Rating: CR 100 to CR 108” guide, we will try to post it as soon as we can 🙂

  3. Nathaniel Washington

    When you say impossible with free access do you mean just free without dlc or non sub because of caps and limitations?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nathaniel, impossible with free access means that you cant access this content without DLC and caps and limitations. Some of the Tier cost more than 1500 cash which is the limit for free access player and even the TIER 5 needs you to have Origin Crisis DLC pack to access it

  4. I would like to challenge the assertion that CR 84 to CR 100 is impossible to achieve with Free Access…I’ve had a CR 87 Fire Tank (image on my Twitter) until I bought my first DLC last night (Hand of Fate, no less). The Arcane battlesuits in the Magic Wing of the Watchtower have a base item level of 78 – add the also available Synthetic IV mods (I even had a couple of Vs from the Atlantean vendor in the Meta Wing) before you’re asked to fight Lecherous Cultists and only DLCs short of T5 content. 😀

    I must ask why Battle for Earth was included in the list at the bottom though…I got Hand of Fate for the Utility Belts and War of the Light is a bridge to T6 but the instances challenge lower tiers. If it ups the rate of Marks of Triumph collecting then that makes sense. 🙂

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Midnight for your comment, we want to congratulate you, you have achived a difficult task 🙂
      We try to define Combat Rating Phases needed to access a new Tier Content.

  5. Im im gonna replace the second one with renewal and also which is better in pvp and pve. watcher or Soul well?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      For PVP i will go to Watcher because it is always good to have Watcher watching your back (remember to power it up) anyplace you are than depending on Soul Well that will only heal you if you are over it.

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