Marketplace and DLC Pack Reorganization!
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We are excited to announce new options will soon be available when purchasing content (DLC Packs) in the DCUO Marketplace. We are taking this opportunity to make changes so that all players, and especially new players, can make purchases that are more relevant to them.

What will be different? Essentially we will split our existing DLC Packs into their individual parts, and offer those separately in the in-game Marketplace for Station Cash, Marketplace Cash, or real world currency, as well as in larger bundles. The DLC Packs available now will be retired and removed from the Marketplace and from the PSN Store.

These changes will not impact past purchases. If you have already purchased or purchase DLC Packs before these changes occur, you will keep everything currently included.

As you know, DLC Packs in the past have come with a wide variety of features, including playable content, powers, weapons, Legends characters, and upgrades. Previously, the only option available if you wanted to purchase one of those things was to also purchase some other content, or Legends, or powers that maybe didn’t appeal to you. Going forward, with each item sold individually, you will have more freedom to purchase just specifically what interests you.

Please note, Membership is unchanged and continues to include access to all DLC items, as noted below.


The playable content from our DLC Packs will be available in Episodes. These Episodes include what were previously DLC-specific missions, open-world zones, and solo, duo, alert, and raid content from the On Duty menu. Members automatically have access to all Episodes

fight_for_the_light lighning_strikes battleforearth thelastlaugh
 Fight for the Light
 Lightning Strikes
 The Battle for Earth
 The Last Laugh
handoffate hometurf1 origincrisis sonsoftrigon
 Hand of Fate
Home Turf
Origin Crisis
Sons of Trigon
warofthelight1 amazonfury_part1 hallsofpower warofthelightpart2
 War of the Light: Part I
 Amazon Fury: Part I
 Halls of Power: Part I
War of the Light: Part II
 Amazon Fury: Part II


The six DLC Powers will be available individually, without any content attached. Members automatically have access to all Powers

light electricity earth
Light – 600 SC / MC  Electricity – 600 SC / MC Earth – 600 SC / MC
quantum celestial rage
Quantum – 600 SC / MC Celestial – 600 SC / MC Rage – 600 SC / MC


Several DLC Packs included upgrades to your characters, and these are now also available individually. Members automatically have access to all Upgrades.

shield handoffate_utilitiybelt hometurf
Shield Access – 500 SC/M Utility Belt Access – 500 SC/MC Lair System – 500 SC/MC

Note: Lair System includes the ability to upgrade your base Hideout into a Lair, use the Mainframe and Generator, and all the features within

Legends Characters

Legends characters included in previous DLC Packs will now be offered on the Marketplace. As with other existing Legends characters, Legends characters purchased on the Marketplace will be redeemable on all characters on your account.

Current Member benefits for Legends characters will continue (in that Legends characters can be unlocked by Members using Marks of Legend).

  • Amon Sur 500 SC/MC
  • Kilowog 500 SC/MC
  • Powergirl 500 SC/MC
  • Ursa 500 SC/MC
  • John Stewart 500 SC/MC
  • Arkillo 500 SC/MC
  • Bizarro 500 SC/MC
  • Doctor Fate 500 SC/MC
  • Felix Faust 500 SC/MC
  • Cheetah 500 SC/MC
  • Donna Troy 500 SC/MC
  • Atrocitus 500 SC/MC
  • Saint Walker 500 SC/MC


While we are looking forward to being able to offer more choice in the Marketplace with the above options, we also realize there are players out there who prefer to buy in bulk, and save while doing so. With that in mind, we will feature a new selection of bundles as well.

  • Power Bundle – $29.99
    • First six DLC Powers – Light, Electricity, Earth, Quantum, Celestial, Rage
  • Episode Pack I – 14.99
    • Episodes 1-5
  • Episode Pack II – $14.99
    • Episodes 6-9
  • NEW Ultimate Edition – $64.99
    • Episodes 1-9
    • First six DLC Powers – Light, Electricity, Earth, Quantum, Celestial, Rage
    • Access to Shield, Utility Belts, and the Lair System
  • Power of Light Bundle – 3500 SC/MC
    • Light and Rage Powers
    • Green, Red, and Gold Auras
    • Hal Jordan and Sinestro Legends characters
  • Gear Up Bundle – 1000 SC/MC
    • Access to Shield, Utility Belts, and the Lair System
  • Ultimate Base Bundle – 6500 SC/MC
    • Access to the Lair System
    • 4 Armories
    • 2 Deeds
    • Penthouse and Eastern Lair Themes
    • Day Trader, War Room, and Industrious Amenity Packs

Our aim with these Marketplace changes is to provide you with better options when purchasing content. No matter how you choose to support DCUO, know that we appreciate it! Look for these changes to occur at the end of this month.

12 comments on “Marketplace and DLC Pack Reorganization!
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  1. So everytime that you guys change the DLC we have to pay more? For example the guy that bought War of the Light part 1, After you made the changes he can use the Rage power but now He have to pay extra to use it, It’s that how it works? Because I was thinking about buying Episode pack 1 and Episode pack 2 but if you guy deside to separate them in the future and put them a little bit expensive, that means I can’t play them anymore. I mean at least that’s what I understand with all of this.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Diego, episodes and powers are not longer together. If you want to have powers you should buy them separately. There are several packs that improves your game experience but being premium is a bit more hard for new players than veteran players because there is a lot of content for DCUO now than buying all of it is more expensive in short term than playing legendary.

      Personally, i am a veteran premium player so buying new episodes and powers is the best choice for me

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