New at level 30

Congratulation for reaching level 30, now probably you are asking What Now?. At DCUO, reaching the level cap is like finishing your character tutorial and now you are ready to start playing the game.

At level 30, you only purpose is becoming stronger at PVP (Player Vs Player) and PVE (Player VS Environment). To acomplish that, every player should focus on:

  • Raising their Combat Rating (known as CR)
  • Gaining PVP and PVE marks
  • Buying PVP and PVE Sets
  • Getting more Skill Points and Feats

Raising Combat Rating


Combat rating measures your combat effectiveness based upon the best equipment in your possession. Combat rating is based on Item Levels you have in your inventory, equipped and bank.

Therefore, if you have 3 weapons: item level 50 equipped, item level 70 in your inventory, and item level 30 in your bank; combat rating will focus on your weapon item level 70 in your inventory. Once you reach certain Combat Rating, it won’t go down no matter if you sell or destroy your items.

In game, you will see Equipped Combat Rating and Combat Rating. Combat Rating statistic will show you the highest CR you have reached while Equipped Combat Rating displays the average of your equipped item levels. It is important to know that having equipped the highest CR items will improve your damage against PVE enemies

Combat rating is calculated by averaging the item levels of all players’ items in their possession. We have develop a Combat Rating Calculator for you to know what equipment is needed to reach your desire CR.

Gaining PVP and PVE marks


But how can players get powerful items to raise your Combat Rating? Well, they need to start doing PVP and PVE from their On Duty tab. This tab will give players shortcuts to their PVE Missions or PVP Fights where they can queue and join others with the same accessible content.

PVE Missions are: Challenge (1 Player), Duos (2 Players), Alerts (4 Players), Raids (8 Players). On the other hand, PVP Fights are: Arenas and Legends, both of them can be 1vs1, 2vs2, 4vs4, 5vs5 or 8vs8.

Each PVE Mission has its own requirements: Size (how many players), Required Combat Rating (needed to be queued), and Rewards (what mark you’ll obtain after completing the mission).


At PVE missions, Bosses will drop equipment with certain item level; also, finishing PVE mission will earn you Marks of Victory depending on what you queued for and your Combat Rating Relevancy. These marks are the currency to Tiers Set; however, you can mix your items (dropped from missions) and your Tiers Item (bought with Marks) to raise your Combat Rating.

At PVP Fights, players will earn Marks of Valor (currency for PVP Sets and PVP Style Tokens) or Marks of Legend (currency for Legends Characters ).

NOTE: Some content will be unlocked by buying some DLC Packs.

Buying PVP and PVE Sets


To summarize, you need Marks of Victory to buy PVE Sets and depending combat rating you will need to have access to some Episodes

Tier 1 – CR 46 Level 30 Free
Tier 2 – CR 56 Combat Rating 43 Free
Tier 3A – CR 62 Combat Rating 53 Lightning Strikes
Tier 3 – CR 70 Combat Rating 53 Free
Tier 4 – CR 78 Combat Rating 70 Free
Tier 5 – CR 85 Combat Rating 84 Origin Crisis
Tier 5A – CR 86 Combat Rating 84 Sons of Trigon
Tier 5B – CR 90 Combat Rating 85 War of the Light: Part 1
Tier 6 – CR 92 Combat Rating 100 Amazon Fury: Part 1
Tier 6A – CR 94 Combat Rating 102 Halls of Power: Part 1
Tier 6B – CR 97 Combat Rating 106 War of the Light: Part 2
Tier 6C – CR 99 Combat Rating 106 Amazon Fury: Part 2
Tier 7 – CR 108 Combat Rating 111 Halls of Power: Part 2
Tier 7A – CR 117 – CR 121 Combat Rating 113 Episode 15Episode 16

For PVP, players must obtained Marks of Valor from Legends or Arenas. They also must complete full set before the next Tier appear in vendor’s list. You must get: head, shoulders, chest, legs, back, hands, waist, feet, weapon, face, neck, both rings, and trinket (or Utility Belt). Once they have full set its combat rating will be increased to the next level and let PVP vendors to show next Tier

PVP TIERS SET Style Location
PVP Set CR 96 Aeronaut Headquarters Wings
PVP Set CR 97 Logistics Officer Headquarters Wings
PVP Set CR 98 Vengeance / Punchline Halls of Heroes / Meta Wing
PVP Set CR 99 Elemental Android / Adaptive Android Halls of Heroes / Meta Wing
PVP Set CR 100 Gotham Knight / Vengeful Surgeon Halls of Heroes / Meta Wing

Getting more Skill Points and Feats


Feats are challenges that award feat points upon completion. For every 100 points achieved the player will receive an additional skill point for their character. Each feat has a star rating, which reflects the difficulty of accomplishing that feat:

Star Rating Difficulty Points Awarded
1 Star Easy 10 Points
2 Stars Medium 25 Points
3 Stars Hard 50 Points

A player must have at least 90 skill points for their characters role to work to its full potential. DCUO Bloguide has a compilation of some feats players might be interested so check it out here.

Guide Tips

  • Queue on Challenge, Duos to earn Marks of Victory for buying PVE Sets
  • Alerts and Raids will be harder to do with queue, so you might need to join a helpful League or make your own group to queue together.
  • At PVP, we suggest players start doing Legends instead of Arenas to get used to fight against other players and learning PVP basics (blocking, interrupting, and attacking with weapon or superpowers)
  • At PVP Arenas, all statistics will be balanced so no matter what tier you have equipped yours and your enemies statistics will be the same. However, having tons of skill points will improve a little your stats.
  • Reaching the maximun PVP Combat rating will let you buy the best Prefab MODS which are helpful to also improve your PVP statistics or to improve your PVE Equipment stats.
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29 thoughts on “New at level 30

  1. Daniyal Mansur

    I have reached lvl 30 but my hardlight hero does not glow!!! Im dissatisfied even after reaching this lvl Plz help!!!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Daniyal, thanks for your question. Light powers only has its ring glow but there are many AURAS in game that makes your character glows in different colors or animations 🙂

      You can get these auras from Broke, Promethium Lockboxes, or Marketplace

  2. Bruce Wayne

    Thank you for this information, DC Universe Online. Though to be honest, I really do miss doing the missions in Gotham and Metropolis. Even though some were slightly frustrating, I really do like what the developers did with it. Hopefully there will be more in-town missions to be one day.

  3. Hank

    Huge thanks and a deep bow to the creators of these VERY helpful pages. I’m a noob and got answered so many questions. Simply awful.

  4. Curt

    I have reached level thirty and even after reading this guide I am still lost as to what I should do next. I currently have a character that can fly, fire, martial arts, batman as mentor. There are some things I collect that say I can use them to form powerful weapons what is that about? Also how can I find the correct weapons for my player and when will I be able to purchase them because some are highlighted red and won’t allow me to purchase them? I am fairly new to this type of gaming platform and I can’t just get by like I used to on the previous levels.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Curt, thanks for your question.

      In game, you will find collectibles which are divided in Investigations, Briefings, and Collections. Investigations and Briefings guides are available in our page they have an exact spawn location so they are easy to complete. Collections doesnt have the same spawn location so i recommend you to dont focus to much on getting this. However, some collectibles give you items by most of them give you Styles to your character.

      The only way to get powerful items is by buying them with Marks of Victory or looting them by defeating bosses in PVE Content. Once you are level 30, you need to raise your combat rating depending your CR you will be able to buy from Tier vendors (read this guide for more about raising combat rating

      If you have any more questions we will be happy to help you 🙂

  5. KaptnKreative

    What about pvp combat rating? That would be SOOOOOOOOO helpful please show us a link that guides us as of to how we can raise our pvp cr.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      It is a great idea KaptmKreative, we will update this guide and update our PVP Explained guide as soon as we can 🙂

  6. Atsuto

    Great guide! However, I think it needs to be updated a little as what I see in the game now is Marks of Victory. I’m not sure what the difference is as I am a returning member(away for 3 years playing another mmo). Can someone clarify this for me?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Atsuto for your comment. We will update this guide soon. Marks of Victory is the new universal currency for PVE. So according to your Combat rating, content will be relevant or irrelevant. You can check your CR Content relevancy in our CR Calculator

      Once your cr is higher than Content Relevancy, low instances wont give you any marks of victory but it will give you other items such as exobits.

  7. jhpace1

    I just learned tonight that the max Power Points you get as a character is 15. This is shared between your Damage and (Control) powers (may be different for different players) and Iconic Powers.

    However, you also get skill points. Generally hundreds of skill points (to match your CR, however high that goes). Filling a weapon tree of skill points took 64 skill points in my case. What do you do after you’ve filled the tree? There is Mastery. One skill point button near the top can be activated to “open up” other weapon trees for you. In my Light Hand Blaster case it is Brawling and Bow. I know a lot of Hard Light Controllers swear by the Bow for ranged attacks. I’m not saying either way. But this 2nd skill point tree includes more slots to buff your character (+1 Vit points, +1% healing chance, etc) just like your original skill point tree. So here is where you put 64 to 113+ skill points from doing feats. You’ll have a really buffed character with more than one weapon afterwards.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jhpace1, skill points improve your character stats according to your role. It is highly recommended that you focus only in one of your roles DPS or Controller. If you want to be both roles there is something called armories which let you imprint your build and powerset, read more about armories here

      You dont have to spend all your skill points to unlock all available weapon tree points, you just need to focus on your main weapon mastery, cross weapon masteries, and then only recommended stats for your role.

      In our weapon section, we have guides for all weapon mastery guides where you can find a subsection called “Unlocking Weapon points for Roles”

      Hope this answer your questions if you have any others just write us 🙂

    2. NerdGeist

      Just to complement what the DCUObloguide gurus said; you’re ok with around 27 (or a little more) on a weapon tree:
      20 to unlock Weapon Mastery
      1 for the Weapon Mastery itself
      4 on the cross-weapon masteries (this will require you to unlock the other 2 weapon masteries related to your main weapon, check the amazing Weapon Mastery guide they have here)
      3 on the mastery Skill of your role (75 might & precision for DpS; 90 restoration for healler; 150 health for tanker; vitalization for controller)
      Some powers work well with a mix of 2 or more of these; like Fire Tankers can use might & prec as well as resto, due to the recovery granted by some of it’s power mechanics.

      As a small example, myself have on 1 of my characters:
      Around 31 points on One Handed, wich is my main weapon.
      7 points on Acrobatics, for Breakout Mastery.
      Around 27 points on Dual Wield (cross-weapon 1)
      Around 27 points on Handblaster (cross-weapon 2)

      And now I’m working on Staff, as an ‘optional weapon”. Since “One-Handed” is one of the cross-weapons for that, once I’m done I’ll start developing Rifle to have both cross-weapon masteries for that one as well. I could sacrifice 9 points I’ve spent for Restoration in the first 3 weapon trees I have “completed”, but these 270 Restoration points are helping me a lot with my loadout (Mental, dps with Resonance), so I’d rather work for the feats and gather all those SP instead of hasting the process.

      Hope that helps. And hpe ya not on the Hero side, or I’ll have to slice’n’dice you up. `;,,;´

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks NerdGeist for your great comment. We are glad you explained this in a better way 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bleepingpc, we will work on this guides these weekend. Thanks for your request and others, we are always trying to provide the best info 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dinok, here is the list of the armour style:
      Head: Sector Agent (require Fight for the Light DLC)
      Chest: Sector Incendiary (require Fight for the Light DLC)
      Legs: Rapture
      Back: Hawk Wings
      Shoulders – Hands – Waist – Feets: Hera’s Strenght (T2 Hero set)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you Tiger for letting us know, we are currently update multiple guides 🙂

    2. NerdGeist

      You sure? I recall having my new alt walk-in to HoD Armory somewhat around 2 months ago (when I got Legendary and re-rolled my alts from other accounts into my main account). Granted, my alt was already lv 30, but for sure wasn’t the recquired Cr for that, as we walked in as soon I hit 30. Didn’t even had that set wich costs 1 mark a piece.

  8. Edgar Lopez

    Excellent guide! 😀 Keep up the good job,

    I have only one question is it worth to start using the exobits on the armor of Tier 1 for example even tho you will end up buying a new Tier ?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Edgar there is no need to use exobits at all while you are raising your combat rating. PVP vendors sell synthetic mods which help you to increase your CR as they were Exobytes MOD.

      I have raised my combat rating with no more than TIER, loot, and Synthetic MOD

    2. NerdGeist

      If you have the marks to spend on synthetic mods, go for it. Way faster than gathering exobytes for that, and you can then trade those exos for stuff like auras, or just sell.
      It is so easy and fast to go from T1 to T3 that IO don’t reccomend synthetic mods: make Beta mods with exobytes, any that recquires just 1 exobyte of a certain color, just to increase a bit your CR. When you get a new better piece of armor, remove the mod with a recovery Alpha. This way you won’t waste a single exobyte ever.
      From T3 onward, tho, use betetr mods.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks WingedWaty for your comment 🙂 We try to provide the best information to our community

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