PVE Tiers – Villain
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Player Versus Environment (PVE) Tiers are full Armour Style available to purchase with Marks of Triumph or Marks of Reality. These battle suits are the strongest armour sets available for players.

PVE Tiers will raise players Combat Rating and unlock new in-game content. With this guide, we want players to know where to get these suits, how much do they cost (marks), and what requirements do they have.

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Style: Aegis of Azarath
Vendor: Brother Blood
Style: Metalo’s Maw
Vendor: Metallo
Style: Frozen Fury
Vendor: Mister Freeze
Requires: Level 30 – Item Level: 46
t2_2 t2_3 t2_1
Style: Vengeance of Hecate
Vendor: Cheeta
Style: LexCorp Salvation
Vendor: Bizarro
Style: Joker’s Punchline
Vendor: Harley Quinn
Requires: Combat Rating 43 – Item Level: 56
t2.5 Style: Reverse
Vendor: Crate
Requires: Combat Rating 53
Item Level: 62
DLC Pack: Lightning Strikes
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Style: Sunstone’s Edge
Vendor: Console
Role: DPS
Style: Kryptonian Medico
Vendor: Console
Role: Healer
Style: Sunstone Bulwark
Vendor: Console
Role: Tank
Style: Kryptonian Commander
Vendor: Console
Role: Controller
Requires: Combat Rating 53 – Item Level: 70
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Style: The Last Aurochs
Vendor: Console
Style: Spirit of the Stag
Vendor: Console
Style: Heart of the Lion
Vendor: Console
Style: Strenght of the Ram
Vendor: Console
Requires: Combat Rating 70 – Item Level: 78


Style: Manta
Vendor: Console
Requires: Combat Rating 84
Item Level: 85
DLC PackOrigin Crisis
Style: Blood-Cursed
Vendor: Blood Cultist Warren
Requires: Combat Rating 84
Item Level: 86
DLC PackSons of Trigon
Style: Disciple of Parallax
Vendor: Sinestro Corps Logistics Officer
Requires: Combat Rating 84
Item Level: 90
DLC PackWar of the Light: Part 1
tier6_hero PVE TIER 6
Style: Amazon Strategos
Vendor: Vending Unit 10
Requires: Combat Rating 100
Item Level: 92
DLC Pack: Amazon Fury: Part 1
tier6a_villain PVE TIER 6A
Style: Parademon Sentry
Vendor: Parademon Quantermaster
Requires: Combat Rating 102
Item Level: 94
DLC Pack: Halls of Power: Part 1
tier6b_villain PVE TIER 6B
Style: Avatar of Ophidian
Vendor: Sinestro Corps Logistics Officer
Requires: Combat Rating 106
Item Level: 97
DLC PackWar of the Light: Part 2
tier6c_villain PVE TIER 6C
Style: Bewitching Battlesuit
Vendor: Eriobea
Requires: Combat Rating 106
Item Level: 99
DLC Pack: Amazon Fury: Part 2
tier7_villain PVE TIER 7
Style: Progeny of Darkseid
Vendor: Parademon Quatermaster
Requires: Combat Rating 111
Item Level: 108
DLC Pack: Halls of Power: Part 2
tier7a_hero PVE TIER 7A
Style: Vesture of Proselyte
Vendor: Equipment Supplier 151617
Requires: Combat Rating 113
Item Level: 118 – 121 – 124
DLC Pack: Bombshells Paradox & Corrupted Zamaron
DLC Pack: Desecrated Cathedral & Oa Under Siege
DLC Pack: Unholy Matrimony & Flash Museum Burglary
tier7b_hero PVE TIER 7B
Style: Shock Jock
Vendor: Equipment Supplier 181920
Requires: Combat Rating 131
Item Level: 128 – 131 – 134
DLC Pack: The Demon’s Pit & Blackest Day
DLC Pack: The Demon’s Plan & Deep Desires
DLC Pack: Blackest Night & Wastelands Wonderland
tier7c_hero PVE TIER 7C
Style: Electrostatic
Vendor: Equipment Supplier 212223
Requires: Combat Rating 142
Item Level: 138 – 141 – 144
DLC Pack: Prison Break & The First Piece
DLC Pack: Science Spire & The Phantom Zone
DLC Pack: The Will of Darkseid & Brainiac’s Bottle Ship

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6 comments on “PVE Tiers – Villain
  1. Hello does it matter what mentor I chose for me to be able to buy the Disciple of Parallax set?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello HD, thanks for your question. It doesnt matter what mentor you choose but you will only be able to have disciple of parallax if you are villain. This is the only requirement

  2. Thank you very much for your answer 🙂 Always the best!

  3. Hi, i saw many people with these villain iconic styles, but on hero’s side.
    How can they get them ?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello DMM, the only way to get villain iconic styles being hero is that you get them from vault 🙁

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