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Player versus Player content allows players to compete with other players by using their super-powers, weapon attacks, and battle skills. DCUO provides two PVP gameplay to compete which are Arenas and Legends. Both gameplays let players queue in 1vs1, 2vs2, 4vs4, 5vs5, and 8vs8 PVP instances,

By doing PVP instance, players grant Marks of Valor which can be spent in PVP sets, PVP styles, or Prefab MODS. Furthermore, there are tons of PVP feats which will give multiple skill points to empower characters.

Participating in Legend or Arena instances will grant players:

  • 200 Marks of Valor and 2 Marks of Legend (winning)
  • 100 Marks of Valor and 1 Mark of Legend (losing)

Only in Lair Battles , players will obtain 70 Marks of Valor and 2 Marks of Legend for winning and 35 Marks of Valor and 1 Marks of Legend for losing.

In both PVP Gameplays, using their weapon attacks, learning when to block and interrupt, and clipping superpowers will let you be a master in PVP.

Legends PVP


This PVP gameplay allows players to fight with the appearance and superpowers of Iconic Heroes and Villains regardless of whether they are Heroes or Villains. Legend iconics can be purchase with Marks of Legend or Station Cash in the Marketplace.

In Legends, your characters’ level, stats and/or combat rating do not have an effect on Legends. All Legends characters in the game are balanced against each other and have similar stats and abilities. So for new and under-geared players, Legends are the best option to start getting Marks of Valor and Mark of Legends

Legendary Members have access to all Legend Characters and the best part is that these members can buy Marketplace Legend Characters with Marks of Legends also

Arenas PVP


This PVP gameplay allows players to fight with the player’s own character. Arena instances require more knowledge about battling with other players and sometimes changing the loadout will be required in battle.

At PVP Arenas, all statistics will be balanced so no matter what Tier you have equipped, yours and your enemies statistics will be the same. However, having tons of skill points will improve your statistics a little bit.

PVP Tiers and Legend Vendors


T1 PVP Vendors

Each Headquarter has the same number of PVP Tiers and Legends Vendors. For heroes, Robin, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl are the T1 Vendors, while Two Face, Ursa, and Felix Faust are T1 Vendors for Villains. Robots near T1 Vendors sell T1 weapons.

T1 Vendors sell equipment CR 96 and CR 97. Players can directly buy Tier CR 97, once they buy all CR 97 set, CR 98 set will be displayed in the T2 Vendor.




Headquarters Wings


Logistics Officer


Headquarters Wings

T2, T3, T4 PVP Vendors

To access T2, T3, T4 sets, players must buy all previous PVP Cr equipment. For example, for CR 98 be displayed, player must be PVP CR 97 and so on. These vendors, which are just robots, sell equipment PVP CR 98 to PVP CR 100.

Near these vendors are also T2. T3. T4 PVP Weapon vendors and PVP Style Vendors.

Below is a table with the estimated cost of PVP Tiers Set. For players with Free Access will be imposible for them to buy these sets because of their cash limitation.




Halls of Heroes




Meta Wing
(Hall of Doom)


Elemental Android


Halls of Heroes


Adaptive Android


Meta Wing
(Hall of Doom)


Gotham Knight


Halls of Heroes


Vengeful Surgeon


Meta Wing
(Hall of Doom)


Expert Marksman

Heroes & Villains

Hall of Heroes (Watchtower)
Meta Wing (Hall of Doom)

PVP Tier Pieces Cost

PVP CR 96, 97, 98, 99 Cost
Chest $2000 – 2000 Marks of Valor Legs $2000 – 2000 Marks of Valor
Head $2000 – 1500 Marks of Valor Shoulders $2000 – 1500 Marks of Valor
Hand $2000 – 1000 Marks of Valor Waist $1972 – 1000 Marks of Valor
Feet $2000 – 1000 Marks of Valor Back $1972 – 1000 Marks of Valor
Face $563 – 500 Marks of Valor Neck $1409 – 500 Marks of Valor
Trinkets $1409 – 500 Marks of Valor Ring $563 – 500 Marks of Valor
Weapons $2000 – 1500 Marks of Valor
PVP CR 100, 101 Cost
Chest $2000 – 5000 Marks of Valor Legs $2000 – 5000 Marks of Valor
Head $2000 – 5000 Marks of Valor Shoulders $2000 – 4000 Marks of Valor
Hand $2000 – 3000 Marks of Valor Waist $2000 – 3000 Marks of Valor
fEET $2000 – 3000 Marks of Valor Back $2000 – 3500 Marks of Valor
Face $710 – 1000 Marks of Valor Neck $1774 – 2000 Marks of Valor
Trinkets $1774 – 2000 Marks of Valor Ring $710 – 1500 Marks of Valor
Weapons $2000 – 5000 Marks of Valor

What are Prefab MODS?


Prefab MODs are similar to Equipment MODs. For now, at PVP CR 100, vendors are selling Prefab MODs VI Expert which offers the same statistics as Equipment MODs VI Experts.

Every PVP Tier Vendor sell Prefab MODs VI once players reach at least 96 PVP Combat Rating. According to Player’s PVP Combat Rating, Prefab MODs will be unlocked while PVP CR raises.

UNLOCKED WITH PVP CR 96 – 1 Stats MODS VI ( 500 Marks of Valor )
Red Socket Blue Socket Yellow Socket
  • Precision VI
  • Might VI
  • Dominance VI
  • Health VI
  • Vitalization VI
  • Power VI
  • Restoration VI
UNLOCKED WITH PVP CR 97 – 1 Stats MODS VI Expert ( 2000 Marks of Valor )
Red Socket Blue Socket Yellow Socket
  • Precision VI Expert
  • Might VI Expert
  • Dominance VI Expert.
  • Health VI Expert
  • Vitalization VI Expert
  • Power VI Expert
  • Restoration VI Expert
UNLOCKED WITH PVP CR 100 – 2 Stats Color MODS VI ( 1000 Marks of Valor )
Red Socket Blue Socket Yellow Socket
  • Precision & Might VI
  • Dominance & Health VI
  • Vitalization & Power VI
  • Restoration & Power VI
Purple Socket Green Socket Orange Socket
  • Dominance & Might VI
  • Dominance & Precision VI
  • Might & Health VI
  • Precision & Health VI
  • Dominance & Power VI
  • Health & Power VI
  • Restoration & Health VI
  • Vitalization & Dominance VI
  • Vitalization & Health VI
  • Vitalization & Precision VI
  • Vitalization & Might VI
  • Might & Power VI
  • Precision & Power VI
  • Restoration & Might VI
  • Restoration & Precision VI
UNLOCKED WITH PVP CR 100 – 2 Stats Color MODS VI Expert ( 5000 Marks of Valor )
Red Socket Blue Socket Yellow Socket
  • Precision & Might VI Exp.
  • Dominance & Health VI Exp.
  • Vitalization & Power VI Exp.
  • Restoration & Power VI Exp.
Purple Socket Green Socket Orange Socket
  • Dominance & Might VI Exp.
  • Dominance & Precision VI Exp.
  • Might & Health VI Exp.
  • Precision & Health VI Exp.
  • Dominance & Power VI Exp.
  • Health & Power VI Exp.
  • Restoration & Health VI Exp.
  • Vitalization & Dominance VI Exp.
  • Vitalization & Health VI Exp.
  • Vitalization & Precision VI Exp.
  • Vitalization & Might VI Exp.
  • Might & Power VI Exp.
  • Precision & Power VI Exp.
  • Restoration & Might VI Exp.
  • Restoration & Precision VI Exp.

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  1. Well, I just noticed I can’t use 2 trinkets even though I had a pouch for them, so I wasted 500 marks on that. Can I equip 2 rings, or will the same happen?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nenln, yes you can equip 2 rings with no problem. In the trinkets, only can equip one and the other slot is for your soder cola unlimited. This is a way DCUO find of balancing PVP

  2. a question, one day i was playing and i got 400 mark of valor and 4 mark of legend, that happen? i am cr 99 in pvp and cr 101 in pve, I isually get 200 mark of valor and 2 matk of legend when i win. I was playing Legends.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Nemis, that is wierd. All arenas and legends gives you 200 MOV and 2 MOL if you win and 100 MOV and 2 MOL if you lose. That situation you mentioned could be a one time bug

  3. Veritasum

    As usual, you guys do a great job with this site, thank you. In case it’s been overlooked, the guide should be updated to include that there are 5v5 maps available in both arenas and legends. Also, Lairs matches only award 70 MoV for a win. I am not sure the rest of the details, but I’m sure you can get that info and round out your info here. As been suggested above, this guide can only get better with some basic info about maps and the different types of objectives like nodes, death match, etc. Thanks again.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion Veritasum, we will include the information you pointed us. About basic info of PVP maps, we are getting that guide done, but we will need some time to grab some pictures from them 🙂

  4. Model Fx

    So let me get this straight, you can earn 200 MoV for a win regardless of your PvP CR?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of course Model, that is the new changes in PVP Season 3. But of course, each piece of equipment has it Marks of Valor cost increased

    • What is ur toons name? (Dcuo. Blog guide ) and is it on pc side if so which server

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mass Terror, we play only in PC side EU and US. However, we are always trying different factions, servers, and powers that we are not always on with the same character

  5. VioletEdge

    Would be great if u make a Safehouse (rescue/graviton etc.) PVP tutorial for all these morons who que up there not knowing what to do / what this is about. For them all pvp is deathmatch, so sad. I think community would appreciate that.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thats a great idea VioletEdge, we can make a guide for each one of the PVP Instances to explain how to play it, as soon as we can the guides will be posted 🙂 Glad to have a valuable feedback from you

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