Stats Revamp Explained
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The DCUO Stats Revamp is a total revamp of all numbers in the game and a major update to gameplay balance, combat, and progression. This effort included reviewing all content, power sets, the UI, and more, reworking them so that we have a strong and expandable foundation for the future. A full list of this effort in detail can be found below.

The revamp will make your stats and your skill determine your effectiveness in-game, not your combat rating. We have put the power back in your hands to choose how you want to play by building the type of hero or villain that fits you and your playstyle. Go save or destroy the world as you see fit!


New Player Stats

Adjusted all character stats and smoothed out how they increase across levels and tiers for greater consistency. Redistributed where character stats are obtained for better variety and choice in progression. Removed Combat Rating Differential so that your stats directly determine your effectiveness in combat.

New Skill Tree
  • Added new focuses to differentiate builds between Weapons Expert, Superpowered, and Hybrid playstyles.
  • Reconfigured the Stats Skill Tree with escalating stat returns appropriate for all playstyles. Be sure to read the descriptions if you need some guidance.
  • Streamlined Skill Point options by stat so every choice has impact.
New Power Tree
  • Removed Power Points so that ALL abilities are unlocked and available as you level.
  • Removed Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery bonus damage so that all abilities are viable options.
  • Buffed iconic and movement mode powers, like Batman’s Batarang Multi-Shot or Superman’s Heat Vision. These are now purchased with skill points.
New NPC Stats
  • Adjusted all NPC stats and how they increase across levels and tiers for greater consistency.
  • Removed Combat Rating Differential so that NPC stats directly determine their effectiveness in combat.
  • Rebalanced content across the game for a more consistent experience. This is a continued effort as we gain additional feedback from the community.
Ability Balance

Standardized ability costs, cooldowns, durations, and strength across all power sets. Rebalanced power sets and playstyles based on new Stats Revamp standards. Implemented new and improved functionality and abilities based on community feedback.


  • Defense: Reduces damage taken. There is no longer a Defense cap, so more Defense is always better.
  • Dominance: Allows your CC effects to affect Group NPCs. Primary stat for Shields. Secondary stat for Heals.
  • Might: Increases damage dealt by all Superpowers, now including combos.
  • Power: Increases your power pool and regeneration. This stat is important for using higher cost abilities.
  • Precision: Increases damage dealt by Weapon attacks. No longer affects any Superpowers.
  • Restoration: Primary stat for Heals. Secondary stat for Shields.
  • Vitalization: Increases Power Healing effects for Controllers. Does not affect passive power regeneration or power regeneration from weapon attacks (with Hybrid or Weapon’s Expert Focus).

NPCs have had their health significantly increased across the game to provide greater challenge in content. Boss mechanics and special attacks have increased importance. It is now more difficult to blindly heal through heavy attacks or burn through adds, so pay attention to mechanics and help your team.

New Playstyle Focuses!
  • Hybrid: This focus emphasizes a balanced approach in mixing weapon and superpower attacks for DPS, and contributes extra stats for Support Roles. This is how the game was originally designed and is considered the “classic” playstyle.
  • Weapons ExpertThis focus emphasizes a weapons-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with weapons and supplementing damage and survivability with superpowers.
  • Superpowered: This focus emphasizes a superpowers-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with superpowers and using weapons for counters or during periods of low power.

Utility Belts no longer cost Marks of Victory to unlock the 3rd and 4th slots if you have them. In addition, most Utility Belt slots are now Wildcards. Lowered the cash cost of Equipment Interfaces. They now cap at a maximum of $2,000.


Most normal stat vectors (such as Skill Points, Mods, etc.) will now work in PvP, but will be scaled to PvP item levels in PvP instances.



All combo abilities now cost Power and use Might. Changing combos to use Might and Power gives us a much better way to compare and balance a combo power set to a non-combo power set since all the abilities run under the same rules.

It is also easier to understand what stats you need to purchase or mod into for your character based on your play style as opposed to what power set you are using. This also means combos are no longer vulnerable to counters, unless they are channeled abilities, and also no longer cause counter attacks.

  • Superpowers now increase the Combo Counter (like weapons)
  • Streamlined Power Interactions across all power sets.
  • Streamlined crowd control abilities across all power sets.
  • Many channeled abilities now allow retargeting while casting.
Supercharge Generators

We have added a new category for abilities that interact with Supercharge gain. They are labeled in their tooltips as a ‘[Supercharge Generator]’. These abilities deal less damage than other abilities at their power cost but grant a larger chunk of Supercharge in return.

controller ROLE
  • Removed power healing from non-Controller abilities
  • Controllers’ Power over Time is now triggered by any superpower. This effectively lets a Controller choose any ability for their tray instead of one of the 2-3 abilities that could trigger the effect.
  • Controllers’ Group Power Heal abilities now prioritize allies with the lowest percent power, and grant weapon buffs to allies with the highest percent power.
  • Simplified ability tool tips by adding new ability tags to clarify the intent of the ability as well as the power cost and cooldown.


  • Marks of Victory are now capped at 200.
  • Created a new Purify Power Interaction consumable for all tiers called a Holy Light Vial.
  • Tactical Mods
    • Updated Supercharged Tactical Mods to grant supercharge as a percentage of the cost for the associated ability and to grant it after one second instead of five seconds.
    • Accelerated Shielding is now Accelerated Light Weight and will reduce the cooldown of Light Weight by 10% when socketed into equipment.
    • Added Fortified Assault as the mirror option to Fortified Block.
    • Fortified Assault: Increases Defense while not blocking.
  • Synthetic Mods are no longer available to purchase from vendors.

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2 comments on “Stats Revamp Explained
  1. After playing around with the revamp, it would be nice if we had alternative methods of gaining skill points, such as open world pve events that gain bonus exp, and priority bountys that do the same. My idea is that we still gain exp after level 30 just not as much except for what I mentioned above, this idea will need fine tuning but will give exp boosters a purpose to those who are above lvl 30, of course we can’t do as metioned above until we are lvl 30. The reason I think we need other methods of gaining skill points is that we now have stats that are 175 points to max out, I only have 118 after the update and my character is cr 150, I realize cr is not as important anymore but the rule of thumb is as far as I’m aware to have more skill points than cr, before the revamp I don’t think my idea is needed, but with the revamp yes it’s needed

    • Should mention one thing that I forgot to mention, higher cr and/or teir acsess the more “lvl ups” and exp needed to gain skill points, example just got to lvl 30 player would get a skill point every “lvl up”, while someone who is at teir 5 would need 2 or 3 “lvl ups”( for lack of better term) to gain a skill point.

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