Investigations are DCUO collectibles similar to Collections and Briefings. Investigations' tokens are marked with a green exclamation mark (!). When players complete a Briefing, they receive a piece of armor or an accessory.

DCUO Bloguide currently has 46 investigations, which are listed below:

Investigation # Zone Location
Against the HIVE 6/6 Metropolis
Little Bohemia
Amulets of Memory 6/6 Metropolis Downtown
Azarathian Sin Gems 7/7 Metropolis Midtown
Barry Allen’s Case Notes 4/4 Duos Flashback
Behind the Wall 8/8 Alerts Stryker's Island
Cadmus Research Findings 5/5 Alerts Area 51
Chronicles of Death 6/6 Alerts League of Assassins
Concentrated Chemical Samples 5/5 Alerts Bludhaven
Confiscated Arcanum 6/6 Metropolis Chinatown
Crystalline Soul Fragments 6/6 Metropolis Chinatown
Dr. Arkham’s Observation Journal 8/8 Alerts Arkham Asylum
Enigmatic Puzzles 6/6 Gotham Otisburg
Eternal Solitude 6/6 Raids Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm
Falcone’s Finest 6/6 Gotham Burnley
Ferris Reels 5/5 Alerts Coast City
Frozen Heart 6/6 Gotham Burnley
Ghost in the Machine 6/6 Gotham
Gorilla Bomb Components 6/6 Metropolis Little Bohemia
Gorillatech Schematics 6/6 Metropolis Downtown
Gotham Gone to Hell 6/6 Gotham Wastelands Gotham Wastelands
Hope for the Hopeless 4/4 Raid
Hero Command Center
Villain Command Center
Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Assault & Battery
Mogo's Command Center
Ranx's Command Center
Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
LexCorp Genome Database 7/7 Metropolis Little Bohemia
Lunar Exobyte Clusters 6/6 Alerts Hive Moon Base
Lunar Silver 6/6 Metropolis Midtown
No Man Escapes 6/6 Metropolis
Historic District
Metropolis City Hall
Oaths of Light 8/8 Metropolis Downtown
Pernicious Pictures 6/6 Gotham
East End
The Joker's Funhouse
Ritual Canopic Jars 6/6 Gotham
University Warehouse
Gotham University
Rose By Any Other Name 6/6 Gotham Burnley
S.T.A.R. Labs Mist Project 5/5 Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Downtown Metropolis Battlezone
Mist Recovery
Signs of the Beast 6/6 Metropolis
Tomorrow District
Metro Station Building
Simalien Technology 5/5 Alerts Gorilla Island
The Atlantis Chronicles 6/6 Metropolis Suicide Slums
The Battle for the Armory 8/8 Alert Hall of Doom Armory
The Color of Danger 7/7 Alerts Star Labs
The Doctor Is In 5/5 Metropolis
Little Bohemia
Meta Research Wing
The Files of T.O. Morrow 8/8 Alerts Ace Chemicals
The Flame of Change Codex 4/4 Raids Gates of Tartarus
The Island of Dr. Morrow 5/5 Alerts Oolong Island
The Precipice of Fear 6/6 Gotham East End
The Voice of Doom 5/5 Alerts Smallville
Tools of the Trade 9/9 Raids
Raids / Alert
The Outer Cavern
The Inner Sanctum
Brainiac Sub-Construct
Trigon Tainted Artifacts 5/5 Metropolis
Tomorrow District
8th Precinct
Twisting the Titans 6/6 Gotham Robinson Park
Viva la Lucha Libre 6/6 Gotham
East End
Distribution Center
Cape Carmine Lighthouse
World War III Remnants 5/5 Raids Kahndaq