Azarathian Sin Gems
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Azarathian Sin Gems are prized by spellcasters for their ability to tap into ancient ley lines. With Trigon making his presence known in Metropolis, you have a chance to gather a full set!

Jagged Crimson Wrath Gem 1
Curved Amaranth Lust Gem 2
Misshapen Gluttony Gem 3
Gold-Flecked Greed Gem 4
Flattened Aqua Sloth Gem 5
Emerald Green Envy Gem 6
Royal Purple Pride Gem 7


Seven-Gem Ring

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2 comments on “Azarathian Sin Gems
  1. Svetlana Sonday
    | Reply

    I need one of theses, badly!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Svetlana, you can find these investigations with your location map 🙂

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