Dr. Arkham’s Observation Journal

Gotham City has long since come to terms with the grim spectre of Arkham Island. Perched on the water like a contemplative gargoyle, this aging structure is the city’s only barrier against pure insanity. The only person to truly understand the misanthropes and mad men that inhabit Arkham Asylum is its head clinician: Dr Jeremiah Arkham. Arkham’s observation journal would be priceless in the right hands

Observations on Harvey Dent 1
Observations on Edward Nigma 2
Observations on Jervis Tetch 3
Observations on Dr. Jonathan Crane 4
Observations on Dr. Harleen Quinzel 5
Observations on Victor Fries 6
Observations on Pamela Isley 7
Observations on “The Joker” 8

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Arkham’s Observation Journal

  1. Tindivall

    #6 is down below in an area that can be found during the Mr. Freeze section not during Poison Ivy.


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