Hope for the Hopeless
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Saint Walker has reflected upon the various locales in the War of the Light. Can he and the Blue Lantern Corps bring hope to the people of Metropolis in their time of need?

RANX – assault & battery RANX’S COMMAND CENTER
i_hopeforthehopeless_map1_h i_hopeforthehopeless_map1_v
Ranx the Sentient City 1
mogo’S COMMAND CENTER mogo – assault & battery
i_hopeforthehopeless_map2_h i_hopeforthehopeless_map2_v
 Mogo the Sentient Planet 2
Metropolis 3
Downtown Metropolis 4

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4 comments on “Hope for the Hopeless
  1. hello, I had difficulty locating this research: Downtown metropolis. I found the site but there was nothing

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Errante, you wont finde this at the Downtown Metropolis because briefings are in DOWNTOWN METROPOLIS BATTLEZONE which is a zone that requires War of the Light: Part 1 to enter

  2. Marcelo
    | Reply

    Can you get this piece as a villain? Because you cant do assault and battery as a villain.

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      In fact, i got this pice with my villain and i did A&B as a villain to get it. You should just focus on the villain maps and you will get it

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