LexCorp Genome Database

Metagenetic research data is extremely valuable to ongoing LexCorp clone research. They – and others – would be very interested in that data.

UCATA3 Metagene 1
GDSC1 Metagene 2
LTI7 Metagene 3
CCS2 Metagene 4
HACT1 Metagene 5
SRMF6 Metagene 6
HSFP Metagene 7
Post Gallery
  • i_lexcorpgenome_1
  • i_lexcorpgenome_2
  • i_lexcorpgenome_3
  • i_lexcorpgenome_4
  • i_lexcorpgenome_5
  • i_lexcorpgenome_6
  • i_lexcorpgenome_7

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