The Color of Danger

The depth of the emotional spectrum is complex and challenging. Each color relic connects to the core emotional batteries of these spectrums – potentially priceless relics in the right hands.

investigation LOCATION
Love Lantern Shard 1
Compassion Lantern Shard 2
Hope Lantern Shard 3
Will Lantern Shard 4
Fear Lantern Shard 5
Avarice Lantern Shard 6
Rage Lantern Shard 7
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4 thoughts on “The Color of Danger

  1. Ultra Shieldy

    Where is this place location on the map i have been unable to find this star labs i need to get one investigation out of it and i can’t locate it.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ultra you need to have Fight for the Light DLC Pack to access “STAR Labs Research Facility” T2 Alert

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