The Files of T.O. Morrow

T.O. Morrow’s unhinged intelligence has been inspired by Joker’s mutagenic toxin to create a carnival of terrors. Insights into his beautiful mind would be priceless.

Experiment 505 File Notes 1
Experiment 037 File Notes 2
Metal Mimes File Notes 3
Clownsanity File Notes 4
Baby-face File Notes 5
Robo-Jester File Notes 6
Sludge Thing File Notes 7
Chemo File Notes 8
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4 thoughts on “The Files of T.O. Morrow

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello 00Scorpion00, these investigation is the hardest one of Alerts. You must go several times to Ace Chemicals to open both wings and be able to get all investigations 🙂

  1. Avatar of Khonshu

    Please note that if you wait until the end of your mission in the Ace Chemicals instance, you will not be able to obtain the “Baby Face File Notes” (Investigation Item #5). Upon doubling back to gather what clues I missed, I discovered that the chamber which houses the Baby Face File was blocked off by a gate. With this in mind, it may be a common occurrence for players to repeat the instance at least once, strictly for to complete this investigation.


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