Trigon Tainted Artifacts
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The very presence of the demon Trigon is enough to twist and distort magical power. Blood cultists have gathered and corrupted several powerful magical artifacts to aide in their dark works. Obtain them to deny them their tools, or use them to your own ends.

Trigonic Scroll of Perversion 1
Trigonic Gem of Corrosion 2
Trigonic Staff of Putrescence 3
Trigonic Wand of Decay 4
Trigonic Orb of Impurity 5

Small Demonic Wings: Back

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2 comments on “Trigon Tainted Artifacts
  1. Erisson
    | Reply

    \o Am villain and get no door for me to enter the 8TH PRECINCT help

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Erisson, you have to find the required chain quests in order to enter 8TH PRecinct because it is able for heroess and villains. Check Chinatown nightclub or the area nearby to find quests needed

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