Twisting the Titans

Raven’s Trigonic eruption has released the sins of the Titans from their mortal shells. These soul manisfestations are powerful… and valuable. Retrieve them to aid, or hinder, the Titans for your allies.

Beast Boy’s Feral Soul 1
Starfire’s Power Unhinged 2
Nightwing’s Unbound Sorrow 3
Cyborg’s Shattered Humanity 4
Donna Troy’s Unleashed Isolation 5
Raven’s Darkness Unchained 6

Demonic: Feet 

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2 thoughts on “Twisting the Titans

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Tun for letting us know this issue. We just updated this guide with new locations of Cyborg’s Shattered Humanity and Donna Troy’s Unleashed Isolation 🙂

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