Batman v Superman Swag Bags!
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Two new swag bags are now available in the in-game Marketplace, and they are both packed full of Batman versus Superman goodness inspired by the upcoming film.

First, in the BvS Logo Swag Bag, you will find six new emblems based on the costumes for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and a black t-shirt featuring the logo from the movie. Then, in the BvS Poster Swag Bag, take home 20 official movie posters for your in-game base. Get ready for the film today!


Items in the Logo Swag Bag are redeemable on all characters on your account. Items in the Poster Swag Bag are redeemable once.

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2 comments on “Batman v Superman Swag Bags!
  1. Have the swag bags gone away?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Unfortunately, it was for time limited only 🙁

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