Work In Progress: Making Stats Matter, Removing CR Differential
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Today DCUO would like to share with you a project they are working on, the removal of Combat Rating Differential and the re-adjusting of player and NPC stats. We are undertaking this project with two main goals:

  • to provide consistent, meaningful progression Episode to Episode
  • to make stats, and all the activities in the game that impact stats, matter

Combat Rating Differential (How We Got Here)


Last year, as part of our efforts to provide consistent progression, player and NPC stats were adjusted and “flattened.” This had the side effect of removing some of that feeling of gaining power, that growth you feel as you progress to higher CR. As a result (based on our internal playtests), we implemented Combat Rating Differential, which most simply made you perform better against enemies below your level and worse against enemies above.

Together, these changes introduced a few unintended results. Instead of chasing gear and skill points and mods across the breadth of the game, the focus for progression became more limited, primarily on gear that increased your Combat Rating. The increase of a few more points of Restoration here or there was little compared to the increase of moving just one Combat Rating closer to (or further away from) the enemy you were facing. The addition of CR differential also introduced a few irregularities, where gaining Combat Rating made you less powerful towards certain enemies far beneath you.

We want stats to matter. We want you to want and need skill points and mods. We want your stat-related decisions to be strategic. We want you to chase down every advantage and then we want you to utilize it to the best of your ability, not rely solely on one number.

Stats Matter (What’s Next)

Moving forward, we will remove Combat Rating differential. Simple enough, right? But doing only that would still leave us with stats that are too flat, without that crucial feeling of becoming stronger as you grow. That needs to matter and feel right, too, so we will also adjust player and NPC stats so that both increase at a greater rate as you progress.

After these changes, we expect and intend for progression in the game to feel much like it did during Episodes 12-13 (Amazon Fury Part II). We will have more details on exactly how that will work when the changes make their way to test, where they will definitely need significant testing for feel from the community.

Combat Rating (What It Means)


What does this mean for Combat Rating? Currently, right now, Combat Rating directly impacts how you perform. Your Combat Rating is compared with your enemies’ level, and your effectiveness and theirs is increased or decreased depending on which is higher.

After this change, Combat Rating will no longer have any impact on how you perform in combat. We will not be comparing your Combat Rating to your enemies’ level. Your results will not be increased or decreased based on that comparison. Your potential to perform in combat will be entirely a result of your stats, not the result of your Combat Rating.

Combat Rating will remain a useful tool for checking in on where you are in the game, like a mile marker on the side of the road. It will note your general whereabouts, how far you have come, how far you have to go, your progress along your road to badassery, and that will be all.

Of course, we are looking to hear your feedback and address any concerns you have, so please use this thread to ask questions and discuss. Thank you!

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18 comments on “Work In Progress: Making Stats Matter, Removing CR Differential
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  1. DeadlySinZ

    What is the time frame of when the stats matter update is supposed to happen?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello DeadlySinz, Stats Revamp is currently on the work. However, there is no release date yet

    • they announced this back in feb 6th. pretty damn sad nothing has happened in over 9 months. same with the water power which was announced before this. really waiting on this to even step foot back into DCUO. as the CR differential just feels extremely wonky compared to all the other MMOs i’ve played

  2. Tsavorentless

    Skill points definitley need to matter Period. People complaining they’re hard just stink or are lazy nuff said. I quit the game when halls of power 1 came out n came back and in 33days finshed all my episode feats . That 12 to 13 episodes I was gone for almost 3 yrs. I’m at 251 and when legends makes the next 4 rotations I’ll be at 160. In the next 4 weeks I’ll have nothing to do but seasonal I can’t get and lpve which I’ll be working on.

    If you can’t get them I’m in shock.

    Stat flattening shouldn’t happen. If people can’t get stuff simple fix.

    1 make pvp matter by adding new maps n not putting lvl 5’s with 100 cr pvper and the lvl 5 has no weapon n is swinging at the air wit one arm. Group low people wit low people like before. If you can’t they can have all the old pvp maps and we get new ones but you can only do them with gotham knight.
    I don’t like segregation but if people wnna be good go get it! If not they plat with all the other low lvls and have fun.

    Make sp matter

    Were almost out of tree with wuts out now and yes doing it like you did before but hopefully by doin for just stats and not cr will make it even better.

    I’m honestly not a dev but I used to have everything when I used to play and I quit cuz wmastery when you spammed one power n used your weapon. It was horrible and you forced a dedicated player to quit.

    Wutever you do when you do it can’t be lenthed so long that people leave like when wm came.

    Overall my experience with daybreak compared to sony is unbelievable. Daybreak is better hands down.

    Sony drug out everything way too much and you sat around with your thumb up sonewhere im not gnna say.

    This game would be great adding pvp like I said above fixing stats and seperated low lvls from high lvls in everything. You could make pvp where everything that’s out now is valor and new maps are conquest and you can only play them once a day like before to get boxes or marks and get a new set.

    This handing everyone a staples easy button is horrible. Get to work and enjoy the game cuz by far it’s not hard you just gotta get with the rite people.


  3. r u removing synthetic mods from the game because there gonna be useless. since the crafted mods are gonna be better for your toon .

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dev, thanks for your question. I dont think Synthetic or Prefab MODS will be removed because these MODS allow players to actually use some MODS for their equipment. However, crafted MODS are always better than Synthetic MODS or PRefab MODS in fact Crafted MODS are always 1 step ahead from Synthetic and 2 steps from Prefab

  4. For a lot of players getting skill points beyond level 30 can be difficult and really boring.those players who just want to play the game and dlc they bought won’t be able to get into raids and stuff because the other players will judge them on there sp and kick them why not create something else than skill points to make players happy instead of re tracing there steps in older missions to get sp just because players will kick them if that’s the point why would you buy dlc or new episodes people already have to bust there Butts just to get marks of victory and marks of Valor why not make them game enjoyable like it was in 2013 and 2012

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks for sharing Chris 🙂


      Chris, I can appreciate your feedback. But the primary purpose of an MMO or any game architecture for that matter is to advance based on the parameters of the game play. When DCUO started in 2011 (and earlier when the game was in Beta) players had to advance their characters based on the Feats achieved which led to gaining skill points. That was a beautiful dynamic because it kept players challenged where you, to your point, needed to bust your butt to advance and ultimately level up. Yes, it’s a game, but all games, back when Atari had the market in hand, and later when Sony, Nintendo, and XBox began to develop games… developers were coding games so that players were required to think strategically and analytically in order to beat the game. Any player who wants to simply play a game should stick to app based games you can purchase on a mobile device. But, gamers… and I do mean real gamers… they want the frustrations that come with in-game challenges. They want the struggle, they want to feel their hands in pain as they pummel their controllers to win the challenges that game developers work hard to create, while also enjoying the game play. There is something beautiful in being beaten down, over and over, whilst learning from the struggle and building from the experience so as you level up in CR, and most important, achieving feats and gaining skill points to make your character powerful… therein lies the purpose for gaming. Imagine if game simulators made you always win, or in-game challenges where none exist… or real-world game such as sports, football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, and so forth… then ask your self where is the fun in always winning???? Sure, you want to win, we all do, but man their is something to be said, when you lose, and then to later win because you obtained the experience necessary, and the skill set requirement… to tear it up and win based on the hard work demonstrated. That is the true measure of success, in anything you do in life, and that, my friend, includes gaming. ????

    • Colonel Twerkins

      Chris, I am YouTuber. [My CR is 139] The main thing I do on DCUO is Building Toons to look like their movie, comic, or TV counterpart. In the last few months that I haven’t done content, I am really far behind now. So I’m in game for the last few days trying to get gear, and raise my cr. Now as much as some people will hate this, I could get nothing but PUGs, that were filled with console players. Believe me, I verified. These guys were cr116-169, and they did not know what they were doing AT ALL. They were talking about the “over complicated” PC players, and when you try to explain what they need to do, they just keep running in head first. I dueled cr169 player 5 times, and beat him 3 times. How? I have 113sp and he has 129. Now for an instance, he can still make it through based on his CR, but head to head he loses because he only has the sp from feats he just happened to earn. More content means less chance of going back, so less need for sp. But I have been playing for 3 years, and I am so glad I’m staring up again, when it’s going back to the proper way again. Like the other guy said, there are alternatives.

    • Players with low SP and no mods are already being kicked what’s new. Who wants to run with lazy players, if you were doing a job hard at work would you want a lazy co worker or someone who would work just as hard as you on your side.

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