Dresden 7
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This set will complete “Under the Spotlight” feat.

This feat will grant you 25 Feat Points

Dresden 7
Head DPS Beginning of the End: Episode 2 Briefing
Shoulders DPS Dying of the Light: Episode 2 Briefing
Back DPS Big Belly BurgerTime Collection
Chest DPS Brainiac Incursion Briefing
Hands DPS Gotham’s Gang War: Episode 2 Briefing
Waist DPS The Flow of Commerce Collection
Legs DPS Alien Technology Collection
Feet DPS No Man’s Land Collection

8 comments on “Dresden 7
  1. living Energy

    do you all have the spec ops style locations

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Spec Ops style can be found on Shady Nightclub / Police Station Duo. We are currently working on a new app that points items location so players can find styles easier

  2. hi, in game my gamer tag in game is OpP GOKU(hero) and i wanted to know if someone that own this web can send me an aura, usp3 player

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Chris, we are sorry to tell you that we dont have auras to give. If you want one you should find a helpful league and trade with them items that worth the same cash value as the aura. That is the best way to get an aura if you are not legendary 🙂

  3. Filankemboo

    Bonjour en effet vous avez raison jai bien recu les elements du set merci bien

  4. Filankemboo

    Pourquoi quand jai fait le premier c est a dire celui pur debloquer la tete jai eu tout les briefing mais jai pas eu la tete?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Filankemboo, styles from Collectibles take some time to get into your mail. However, if you still dont see it maybe it got bugged 🙁

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