Combat Rating is a statistic possessed by player characters representing the overall power of their equipment. Combat rating is calculated by averaging the item levels of all of a player's equipped items.

This calculator will let know what equipment item level you should buy to reach your desire CR.

Combat Rating is equal to 115% of your gear’s weighted Item Level. In the table below, players can notice how each slot is weighted and contributes to your Combat Rating. The combined total below is 115%.

How to Raise your Combat Rating

  • Start running your relevant content to get "Equipment Loot" from them
  • Missions, Challenges, and Duos should be easy and achievable by yourself or by queuing them at the journal
  • Alerts and Raids will be harder so players should find a nice group to run them
  • Buy "Vendor Equipment" relevant to your Combat Rating that have the higher weight
  • If you already have "Equipment Loot" with high Combat Rating, then buy the next "Vendor Equipment" with higher weight
  • Check more about How to Raise your CR here http://dcuobloguide.com/increasing-combat-rating/

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Only Level 30 characters will be displayed in the results.

Slot Item Level Slot Item Level
12% CR
11% 6%
6% 9%
8% 7%
12% 7%
12% 7%
6% 6%
6% TOTAL 0
Challenges (0)
Duos (0)
Alerts (0)
Raids (0)
Vendors (0)
Mission (0)
No Challenges are relevant for your current Combat Rating
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