Celestial DPS Guide


Celestial damagers focus on dealing damage to enemies with high levels of might and precision, and commanding dark powers to restrain and overwhelm their enemies. Celestial is the game’s 11th power set.

Celestial is a power set that is available through the download of the ”Sons of Trigon” DLC

Stat Priority
As a damage dealer, your main statistics will be, in order of importance:

  • Precision: Precision adds damage to all weapon attacks (white damage).
  • Might: Might increases damage from super powers (yellow damage).
  • Critical Weapon Attack Chance: The chance to perform a critical attack with a weapon
  • Critical Weapon Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with a weapon does
  • Critical Ability Attack Chance: Increases the chance to perform a critical attack with an ability.
  • Critical Ability Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with an ability does

Power Points Build
Use this guide to view the selected talents to include in your build.


This build only use 12 power points, so you can use the last 3 power points in the Iconic tree:

  • Weapons Expert: Permanently gain +3% Critical Attack Chance
  • Tactical Genius: Permanently gain +10% Critical Attack Damage
  • Wisdom of Solomon:  Permanently Gain +50 Vitalization +100 Power

Celestial DPS Loadout


  1. Smite: Damages and knocks your enemy. Celestial Combo [Tap Melee] Haunt (Cleansed): Deals damage over time and stuns enemies.
  2. Retribution: Damages and stuns your target. Celestial Combo [Tap Melee, Tap Range] Wither (Cleansed): Deals damage over time and stuns enemies. Purifies enemies causing their attacks to heal a small amount
  3. Defile: Damages and knocks your target. Enemies at 35% health or below will take additional damage [Vulnerable to Interrupt]
  4. Admonish: Damages and knocks your enemies down. When a diseased enemy is knocked out, the disease spreads to nearby enemies.  Celestial Combo [Tap Melee, Hold Range]  Blight (Cleansed): Create a divine energy explosion at your feet, dealing damage over time and knocking down nearby enemies. Increases your critical healing chance by 5% for a short time and heals you and up to 3 group members over time
  5. Death Mark: Deals damage and stuns your target. Marked enemies explode when knocked out, dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies,  Celestial Combo [Tap Melee, Hold Melee]  Blessing (Corrupted): Envelop yourself and the most injured group member in a protective shield that prevents damage. When the shields are depleted they explode, damaging nearby enemies. Increases all damage by 45%.
  6. Cursed Idol: damages all nearby enemies and heals you and nearby allies over time. Enemies that are knocked out while in the idol’s influence explode and deal damage to other nearby enemies.
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38 thoughts on “Celestial DPS Guide

  1. Thatguy

    Hi im just curious why you use admonish in the later raids I’ve never been able to be close enough to use it especially against bosses?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Thatguy, Admonish is an awesome melee power. Using Admonish + Blight (Cleansed) -> Retribution + Wither (Cleansed) is a powerful rotation but it is only used in melee range. This loadout let players be prepared for melee and range combat because you never know when you will needed. :)

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Matt, Thanks for your comment.

      Dual Wield is an excellent DPS melee weapon, in fact, i use it with my Rage character. About movements, I am more fan of flight than others movements, i prefer to let my character in automatic pilot than climbing walls or run over them.

      Talking about skill point distribution:
      1- Unlock your main weapon combos you want to use. For dual Wield i recommend you to unlock Whirlwind Overstrike, Stunning Swipe, and Dual Flurry
      2- Unlock needed Acrobatic points. It is important to unlock the skills that help you be faster and recover power when you are controlled. In the Acrobatic Tree unlock: Rocket-assisted Glide, Knockback Resistant, Knockback Recovery, Stun Resistant, Stun Recovery, Breakout Mastery.
      3- Unlock weapon trees that helps you getting your required Role Stats. As Celestial DPS your damage is based on precision and you must focus on the following stats: Precision, Might, Critical Weapon Attack Chance, Critical Weapon Attack Damage, Critical Ability Attack Chance, Critical Ability Attack Damage.

  2. Marlon

    Great info of celestial! I’m new and I tried different load outs other players were telling me to try but this one surpassed the dps of the others. Thanks for this website keep up the good work and you have a fan in me haha.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks Marlon, this comment and you being fan keeps this website growing everyday. :)

  3. ceinture hermes

    Hi! Someone in my Facebook group ѕhared this sіte with us so I came to look it oveг.

    I’m definіtely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Excellent blog and excellent design and style.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi mlh721, We recommend you to dont use Annoint on your loadout. Celestial Combos work like mirror so you need to have both power in the same position from both trees to access combo potential. Unlocking Annoint push you to expend Power Points in unnecesary powers affecting your damage and your DPS perfomance.

  4. nike sb

    I’ll immeɗiately snatch your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail
    subscription hyρerlink or e-newsletter service.

    Do you have any? Kindly permit me know in
    order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  5. mace

    I think you should up a video to every loadout so we can see what it can do on a sparring target or something

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Superpanda91
      Nice to heard from you. For range rotation you can use: Retribution + Combo -> Smite + Combo -> Defile. Retribution combo and Smite Combo can be clipped by each other so get use to the timing on those powers.
      For melee rotation you can use: Admonish + Combo -> Retribution + Combo -> Death Mark + Combo.

      Hope this answer your question :)

  6. Cathleen

    Howdy! This blog post could not be written any better! Looking at this article
    reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this.
    I’ll forward this article to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a great read.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jeremy Elliott

    Ok I’m just a little confused what’s the key difference between blessed powers like smite and admonish compared to its counter cursed power (haunt and blight). Also when doing the celestial combos does it do the effect shown on the bottom of that power or of its connected power (smite uses haunts cleansed power or smites corrupted power)

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Jeremy, Celestial powers trees especialization are like mirrors, for example Smite (Blessed tree) connects with Haunt (Cursed tree). If you want to activate celestial power combos you need to have unlocked its mirror power (using Retribution you can access Wither Cleansed only if you have it unlocked).

      Some powers are more effective if you activate it from its Blessed tree than the Cursed tree and viceversa. Thats why in this loadout we put only the best powers to use.

      Hope this answer resolve your confusion :)

    2. Jeremy Elliott

      I’m making a dps reaper and was thinking of using its mirror build for the crupted look but I am afraid I’ll be sacrificing dps power just for appearance.

    3. Jeremy Elliott

      I’ve been using this exact build but with only the crupted and cursed powers and I am lvl 26 with 13pp and only 20sp and unless its 6+ vs 1 I am doing great. Great build and thanks for the tip but pure cursed layout works just as well.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Well i havent heard about deseases power interactions for Celestials. But Celestial can purify targets causing their attacks to heal a small amount

  8. Superpanda91

    Why smite and retribution? They only give a 35% damage buff. Why not Benediction for better damage? Maybe I’m missing somthing as this power is new to me. Can you give me some details?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Superpanda91

      Smite, Retribution, and Defile are used for range DPS, although Retribution‘s damage increasing is 35%, it does heavy damage to your enemies. Personally in melee, I use Retribution, Admonish, and Death Mark.

      Benediction is a damage buff that increase your damage for a short time, but it doesn’t make instant damage or damage over time and has long cooldown, thats why it is not considered on this loadout.

      Celestial DPS makes a lot of damage with the most basics powers on the trees and their combos. There is no need to use difficult combos just make fast and heavy damage.

    2. EvL Raiden

      If you combo Benediction into Malediction you get a 12 tick DoT. I have been running Celest for a few months now and I can keep up or exceed any DPS in the game with only using a 1/4 of the power they do. I use Anoint then straight into male/bale combo everytime it cools down. Now of course I only do that in RAIDS where I have trollers. I am a little more reserved in Alerts and Duos

    3. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi EvL Raiden, thanks for your comment. Im sure this tip will be helpful. In fact, we will consider it when we make updates for this Guide :)

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Arzon, choosing your weapon is not about what powers you have but how comfortable you feel about using it and its combos.

      As DPS, i prefer to use melee-based weapons such as Dual Wield, One Handed or Brawling. However, if you prefer ranged-based weapon you can try rifle which is the most powerful ranged weapon and has fast combos.

  9. TolerantX

    awesome webpage, please add more to this page and keep up the good word. visually very appealing page. :) (my eyes actually smiled when i seen this page)

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks very much for your support TolerantX. We are glad to make you happy with our content :)

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