Celestial DPS Guide
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Celestial players command dark powers to restrain and overwhelm their enemies. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Celestial DPS guide is updated to GU73. You can check videos from DCUO Youtubers below to learn more about other loadouts and rotations.


This Loadout is focused on Superpowered Playstyle allowing your character to deal heavy damage with Superpowers only. Players must unlock these stat points after unlocking required Weapon Combos (8 Skill Points) and Movement Innates (7 Skill Points)

  • Focus: Superpowered – Use 1 Skill Point
    • Unlock Main Weapon Mastery and Movement Abilities before unlocking this Stat
  • Critical Attack Chance – Use 20 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 15 Skill Points – Recommended: 20 Skill Points
  • Critical Attack Damage – Use 40 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 30 Skill Points – Recommended: 40 Skill Points
  • Might and Power – Use 175 Skill Points
    • Low Skill Points (less than 60): Spend Required skill points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Mid Skill Points (between 75 and 90): Spend Suggested Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Proper Skill Points (more than 100): Spend Recommended Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
  • Health – Improve your survival once all Might and Power is unlocked


Click Power Icons to display their Tooltip






  • Solo Rotation
    • Sacred Light [1] > Plague [2] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee) > Weapon Attacks
    • Sacred Light [1] > Plague [2] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee)Blight [3] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Hold Range)
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation
    • Sacred Light [1] > Plague [2] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee) Divine Light [4]Blight [3] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Hold Range)
    • Sacred Light [1] > Plague [2] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee) Divine Light [4] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee) Sacred Light [1] > Plague [2] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee) Blight [3] + Celestial Combo (Tap Melee, Hold Range)

Rotation Tips

  • This loadout is great for melee and mid-range situations. Blight [3] requires to have enemies nearby to apply Damage over Time
  • Solo Rotation allows player to spend measured power to kill enemies fast.
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation has high-power consumption making it only viable when a controller is in the group.
  • These Rotations focus on dealing heavy damage with Purify (Sacred Light [1] or Divine Light [4]) effects.
    • Plague [2] and Blight [3] required Purify effect for dealing additional damage to enemies
  • Missing one of the Celestial Combo will heavily impact your damage output which is why players need to master their Taps and Holds to always do the Combos perfectly

Tactical MODS

    • Blast Adapter: Weapons attacks blast your target and five other nearby enemies for additional damage
    • Absorption Adapter: Weapon attacks have a chance to activate a shield, reducing damage by 75% until damage equal to 30% of your Health is prevented
  • NECK
    • Escalating Might: Increases your Might by 2% for 8 seconds when you hit an enemy with a harmful super power. Does not work with Supercharge powers
  • BACK
    • Breakout Regeneration: Gain Health regeneration for 4 seconds after using the Breakout ability
    • Berserker: Your damage output increases by an additional 10% when you Health drops below 35%
  • FEET
    • Deadly Block: Your Block Counter causes additional damage equal to 5% of your Precision
    • Explosive Block: Your Block Counter knocks enemies much further away and increases their helpless duration by up to 1 second
    • Core Strength: Gain an additional 2% damage
    • Max Damage: Using super powers increases damage by 2% for a short time

Equipmend MODS

    • Might
    • Might & Power
    • Might & Health (improve survival)


Celestial Dps Loadout | Real Logic
Celestial Hybrid | CoDextraPerformance

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304 comments on “Celestial DPS Guide
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  1. Thanks. That’s what I needed to know. The weapon I’m using is bow rightnow what kind of power rothhations should I be trying?

  2. Why smite and retribution? They only give a 35% damage buff. Why not Benediction for better damage? Maybe I’m missing somthing as this power is new to me. Can you give me some details?

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Superpanda91

      Smite, Retribution, and Defile are used for range DPS, although Retribution‘s damage increasing is 35%, it does heavy damage to your enemies. Personally in melee, I use Retribution, Admonish, and Death Mark.

      Benediction is a damage buff that increase your damage for a short time, but it doesn’t make instant damage or damage over time and has long cooldown, thats why it is not considered on this loadout.

      Celestial DPS makes a lot of damage with the most basics powers on the trees and their combos. There is no need to use difficult combos just make fast and heavy damage.

    • If you combo Benediction into Malediction you get a 12 tick DoT. I have been running Celest for a few months now and I can keep up or exceed any DPS in the game with only using a 1/4 of the power they do. I use Anoint then straight into male/bale combo everytime it cools down. Now of course I only do that in RAIDS where I have trollers. I am a little more reserved in Alerts and Duos

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi EvL Raiden, thanks for your comment. Im sure this tip will be helpful. In fact, we will consider it when we make updates for this Guide 🙂

  3. Very interesting loadout, do you suggest a melee-based or ranged-based weapon choice for this?

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Arzon, choosing your weapon is not about what powers you have but how comfortable you feel about using it and its combos.

      As DPS, i prefer to use melee-based weapons such as Dual Wield, One Handed or Brawling. However, if you prefer ranged-based weapon you can try rifle which is the most powerful ranged weapon and has fast combos.

  4. TolerantX

    awesome webpage, please add more to this page and keep up the good word. visually very appealing page. 🙂 (my eyes actually smiled when i seen this page)

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks very much for your support TolerantX. We are glad to make you happy with our content 🙂

  5. Very nice article. I absolutely love this website. Thanks!

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      thanks for your support, we work to be useful to our community 🙂

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