Celestial Healer Guide

Celestial players command dark powers to restrain and overwhelm their enemies. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Celestial DPS guide updated to GU45

Statistics Priority

  • Restoration: Restoration increases healing
  • Power: Power is required to use powers in your loadout, and is drained as they are performed
  • Critical Healing Chance: Increases the chance to perform a critical healing
  • Critical Healing Magnitude: Increases the amount of health restored with a critical heal

Power Points Build


Celestial Healer Loadout


  1. Renew: Instantly restore Health to you and the most injured group member. Celestial Combo [Tap Melee, Tap Range] Curse (Cleansed): When the enemy is knocked out, you and the most injured group member are healed over time.
  2. Admonish: Heals you and up to 3 nearby group members. Celestial Combo [Tap Melee, Hold Range] Blight (Cleansed): Increases your critical healing chance by 5% for a short time and heals you and up to 7 group members over time.
  3. Consume Soul: Soul consumption or freeing souls restores health over time to you and nearby allies.
  4. Divine Light: Create glyphs of virtuous light that heal allies. Purifies your target causing their attacks to heal a small amount.
  5. Blessing: Envelop yourself and the 3 most injured group members in a protective shield that prevents damage. (usable while controlled)
  6. Consecrated Ground (50% Supercharge Cost): Create a glyph that prevents most incoming damage to you and your allies while standing within the area of effect.

Celestial Healer Tips

  • Keep using Renew to heal yourself and the most injured group member instantly.
  • Use Admonish Celestial Combo to increase your critical healing chance by 5% for a short time.
  • Use Divine Light everytime you can

Celestial Healer Alternate Builds and Loadouts

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Restorative Adapter
  • Neck: Focused Restoration
  • Back: Breakout Regeneration
  • Feet: Explosive Block
  • Chest: Quick Healing
  • Hands: Regenerative Shielding

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Precision & Restoration
  • Yellow Socket
    • Restoration
    • Precision & Restoration
  • Blue Socket
    • Restoration & Health (improve survival)
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150 thoughts on “Celestial Healer Guide

  1. TerrifyingTitania

    When playing as a battle healer are you in Dps or Healer role and how many SP minimum are recommended?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello TerrifyingTitania, it is recommended that your Skill points always be higher than your Combat Rating.

    2. Tilz

      As a battleheal you’ll play in healer role. Otherwise your healing moves are just too bad.
      The Malediction combo for example just converts 8% of the daamage into healing (if i remember correctly)… Nvm… use the healer role, because you’re healer first (even as battleheal).

      As for the skillpoints I would go with the rule of the current combat rating (like stated above).
      1. Weapon Mastery Combo (Ranged!)
      2. All healing crits
      3. All Damage crits
      4. All Restoration T3 iniates (the bottom ones) you can grab
      5. Precision
      6. Power

      That is the priority you should focus on.
      I know player that focus on Resto/Power or Prec/Power since the gear gives you a lot of restoration and you can focus on other stats.

  2. Soulcatcher

    Been gone for over a Year and just came back.

    Is Battlehealing still a Thing with Celestial and have the basics changed at all?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Soulcatcher, i think celestial battle healing basics hasnt changed much. You can read more about it in comment sections. Tilz makes some great contributions on using Celestial DPS and Healer

    2. Tilz

      still more or less the same;

      New thing: You have now 3seconds between the combos to maintain the AM.
      That means you can maintain higher damage easier.
      Like: Combo – WM combo (to regen power) – Combo.
      All depends on the group and the content ofc.

  3. Cionh

    Actually Sorc is a beginner healer, Nat is as well because its so easy with AM, Cele & Elec is the advanced healers. I been all healing powers. Im Elec 155cr healer & can solo all content! So yall must not know how to heal lol

  4. Alex33016

    I LOVE my Celestial Healer and started him since the power first came out. However, I really dislike that as a healer if a person is on a freakin’ step up from you, you cannot heal them YET a Sorcery or Nature one can. If they are too far ahead of you, you can’t heal them either. I have had Sorcery people be on a different floor like in Arkham Alert and heal but my Celestial cannot do that. I am a CR 104/ 135 SP healer with 11K+ Resto, it has nothing to do with strength but with the limits of what Celestial is allowed to do, IMO. I did Arkham yesterday and had a pillar in front of me separating me and a team mate and I couldn’t heal him with Admonish combo Blight nor Renew…I was like WTF!?!? I can only assume that it was the column/pillar in the way. I moved and it worked, same thing happened with a STEP, yes a step up like a stair. They need to do something about this cause anyone who would know, would prefer a Sorcery or Nature Healer because of lack of limitations. There is no reason that if I am flying (hovering) between floors that I cannot heal everyone in my area, up or down.

    Am I the only that has noticed this?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Alex, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the guide. It is true, celestial healing is harder than sorcery or nature. Maybe with future game updates, DCUO Devs may improve celestial healing but at the moment there is no announce on it 🙁

    2. Tilz

      11k+ base resto with 104 cr? i doubt it, but nevermind. 🙂

      That problem with “line in sight” counts for every powerset. So even for sorcery and nature those columns are bad. It’s not a problem of the powerset it’s more a problem of positioning.

      Actually celestial has the best healing range. So you can even heal ppl outside (far outside) your red target cross.

      Imo Celestial beats sorcery healing and nature just because of the range (ok the ugly bug has the powerback mechanic).
      Celestial healing is fine as it is and very very strong and powerefficient

    3. ALEX33016

      @Tilz…Uh yeah it is 11K…full heals and modded not with the Synthetic Resto, I grind and built all my mods, thanks…Yellow are full Resto, Resto/ Prec in Red mods and Resto/ Health in Blues….Everything Resto, bud. So I don’t know wth you are talking about. As for the “outside” comment, that is IMPOSSIBLE. Like I said, I have been next to someone and they are on a step up…A STEP up, not a stage, not a higher floor but on 1 step up and they did NOT receive ANY healing…I had to go up the step to heal them. I don’t know what is worse, aggressive people or passive aggressive people but thanks for the comment.

    4. Tilz

      ok if you mod with real mods (no synths) it’s possible to get them.

      I’m just confused, because i never had any problems with like “1 step under the person”.
      SP into resto is nice, but get all your healing crits before getting the resto (idk if you already did it).

      But again… Those problems with “line of sight” or steps should count for every other healing power. There are really no differences between the powers. Only in the general healing range

  5. Mrs Honest

    what do you think about using Life Drain as a supercharge? I mained sorcery healing and decided to try out celestial healing and I was a little disappointed when I didn’t find a supercharge like sorcery’s Transcendence for celestial. Life Drain seems to be most like it.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mrs Honest, thanks for your question. I think Life Drain can be really good for healing supercharge but it wont heal as much as sorcery because it also has a damage effect on enemies 🙁

    2. Tilz

      Try out sacrifice.
      It shields up to 7 ppl (not you!) gives healing and power. There is somethign about aggro in the description, but in alerts or raids with a Tank it’s actually really no problem. You can also clip it with blessing.

      Life Drain can be ok, but there are better.
      Consecrated Ground is the best supercharge imo! 🙂

  6. SouthernCharm

    This loadout is absolutely amazing. I do love the clipping for the extra 5% it helps a lot. I do however want to express that I personally use cursed Idol in place of concentrated ground for larger raids. I do however have a question for you. The celestial healing I’ve noticed that when using our Purification heal it does a small attack on all surrounding enemy’s and it has been problematic because it focuses the attention on me. Is there a way to keep them from getting attracted to me due to the power divine light. I keep getting targeted and attacked by several enemy’s. I currently have this exact loadout, currently at 130cr. With all gear moded with restoration if applicable in yellow slots.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello SouthernCharm thanks for your question and support. It is nice to know that you use your experience to replace cursed idol instead of concecrated ground. However, cursed idol should be used wisely to prevent the situation you are mentioning. You should place the cursed idol far from enemies while your allies should pay attention to know where to stand while DPS.

      You can also save this supercharge power for bosses where adds wont spawn so much. However, using cursed idol should be carefully planted to avoid adds attacking you

  7. Wallachia

    onder if Tilz is still around.

    However, a question: What’s the difference, in healing, from McB to BcM? I wanted to have a full blessed loadout, but McB then DLcP make a powerful way to keep your entire party active, specially when you use Dual Pìstols. Even solo healing raids like this works wonders.

    Here’s my current loadout:

    1 – Divine Light comboed into Plague
    2 – Blessing comboed into Death Mark
    3 – Admonish comboed into Blight
    4 – Malediction Comboed into Benediction
    5 – Renew comboed into Curse
    6 – Consecrated Ground.

    (Speaking the abbreviations with a C between them feels odd to me, sorry).

    I wish I could replace number 4 for Benediction into Malediction, but I fear my healing efficiency would drop drastically, since McB + DLcP are my emergency mode and allow me to counter any pressure from adds and bosses.

    Waht do you think?

    1. Tilz

      yep i am. (not as often as i used)

      Your loadout works definetly.

      BcM: The heals are based on the precision DoT you get from the cleansed Malediction.

  8. Phats182

    I have been playing Celestial for a while and My healing Loadout is always AdmonishcBlight, Divine Light, Blessing, Renew, Consecrated Ground.

    I start off by casting Blessing then go into AdmonishcBlight and clip that with consume soul. It serves to get the crit buff from AcB and sets up two HoT at the beginning of the fight. Just make sure to repeat that combo every few seconds to keep the buff up and the HoT.

    Renew and Divine light are used as needed to keep the group and especially the tank healthy. I don’t spam Divine Light simply because there are times when you need that big burst heal and I would use Divine light -> Admonish (no combo) -> Renew. Admonish is a 4 person heal (healer and 3 others) renew is the basic heal and divine light is the big group heal.

    I like to use Consecrated Ground on the group in hectic situations so that I can focus my heals mainly on the tank and the group is not so worried about getting KO’d and I use less power so it places less of a strain on the Controller as well. I solo heal PB and PZ with no issues and Lower content is basically on auto pilot with the HoT and Blessing.

    The combos are interruptible but if you stay far enough away it’s not an issue because you won’t be getting hit by anything. Celestial has the advantage of having unlimited range with the heals and no matter how far away you are from your group members, they get the heals as long as there are no obstacles in the way, which makes positioning so much easier.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Phats182 for sharing this amazing comment. We are currently updating all needed guides including power guides and it is nice to have insight from experienced players 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello James, this is the order of the best healing powers:
      * Nature / Sorcery (They are both considered great healing powers)
      * Celestial
      * Electricity

    2. PrinceGwaihir

      So not true… i can and have outhealed both in newest content there is no such thing as best healing power it all depends on the player behind it

  9. Troni

    Hi! I have a few question for the celestial battle healer loadout. Is the loadout up to date? What mods would you use for your gear? How would you go about placing your skillpoints?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Troni, we will be checking this guide and provide more information about Celestial Healing soon. However, as a battle healer you should focus on precision + restoration so your attacks heal allies and for tactical mods you should get: BLAST ADAPTER, FOCUSED RESTORATION, Berserker, Penetrating Strikes, and Max Damage

  10. Tilz

    Just experimented with some modding and sp speccing.

    First off some data about me
    cr 152
    Mods: yellow&red -> resto&prec ; blue -> resto&Health

    Now I have to specs
    1. Modding sp straight to the crits for healing and then getting all restoration
    –> ~15,7k resto
    –> ~2,3k prec
    Loadout: (see the guide)

    1. Brawling tap hold (range) WM
    2. Movementmode
    3. Crits for healing & damage
    4. Into all precision trees I got 6 precision + 5 restoration –> resto and prec from the T3 bonuses (at the end of the trees)

    This leads me to:
    15,5k resto
    3,2k prec
    Renew, Admonish, Consume Soul, Blessing, Malediction, Consecrated Ground
    –> All powers can be used with their combos for more damage

    Malediction is a nice background HoT when I use my weapon (from range) to build up my power… the Malediction Combo keeps the group up without problems.
    In melee/midrange I use alot of combos to use the AM buff (good troll needed)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Tilz for your always welcome comment. We are glad that you keep our celestial guides updated with your experience 🙂

  11. Ente Isla

    I have a question regarding skill points. First off why power? Does that help with healing or does it just keepyou from running out of power too quickly. Would domination be better? I use handblasters and I was having trouble deciding where to place skill points. Thanks.

    1. Ente Isla

      Also if you could give details on why the chosen ones are important and what they do I would be most grateful.

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Restoration: Increases all healing done by your superpowers
      Power: prevent from running out of power too fast
      Critical Healing Magnitude & Chance: improve the chance to do critical with your healing powers

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ente, thanks for your question. For healers, going out of power is very common even with having controllers in their group and without mentioning while they are knocked out. Domination is great for tanks or to improve your crowd control effect which none of them are useful for healers.

      As a healer sometimes you have to spam really fast your superpowers to save your allies. That is why we recommend power because it will keep you from running out of power too quickly. Here is the guide of how can you spend your skill points in Hand Blaster tree hope this help you http://dcuobloguide.com/traits/weapons/hand-blaster-weapon-mastery/

    4. Tilz

      Dominance is adding to the healing, but the amount is soo small that you are better with power than dominance. Also the restoration for healers in T5+ content is soo high that you can spec fully into power (not into resto) (–>talking about so here).

      This is my chart on how to spend sp as heal
      1. Movement (1sp)
      2. Ranged WM (77sp)
      3. Other crits for healing (chance + magnitude)
      4. Resto
      5. Power

      Always go for crits first after unlocking WM

  12. ThePurestEvil

    is celestial better as DPs or healer ? I enjoy my nature healer , but me and my friend started alts , I chose celestial he choose rage which would style would go better with rage?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello ThePurestEvil, thanks for your question. Celestial and Rage will get some changes with GU51 in their power regeneration mechanics. Celestial and Rage Advanced Mechanics are quite the same but Celestial combo needs more time for each combo to be completed.

      In my experience, Celestial can be great when you master it. However, it is very rare to see celestial healing or DPS ingame 🙁

    2. ThePurestEvil

      yeah I don’t tend to see much of it which is why I wanted to use it , combos take a lot longer to learn but hey no pain no gain right ? thanks again.

    3. Buisness Rock

      as a villian earth is NEVER seen, i only saw like 2 not including me earth villians after playing for 2 years or more

  13. Confused Person

    i have a question about the celestial battle healer loadout. Some of the powers say that healing is based on a portion of the damage dealt so dose that mean i should be using dps gear enstead of healer gear?

    1. Confused Person

      Also in the battle healer loadout when ever i use malediction to heal it heals insanely low like 200 hot even with dps gear.

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Confused Person, Tilz who is one of the most experienced celestial players that have commented and constantly helped celestial guides to improve wrote this comment about Battle Healing:

      Celestial battle healing can be very effective. But it’s not that easy to learn
      I like to run:
      Admonish cBlight, ConsumeSoul, Blessing, Malediction cBenediction, Benediction cMalediction, Divine Light cPlague.
      You set your HoTs with AcB and CS. Then McB + Weapon Mastery Spam for the healing with McB. You can cast BcM before McB on high health bosses (nice extra precision DOT). Blessing and DLcP are nice rescue heals.

      Weapon: Dual Wield or Hand BLASTER (each into explosive Shot).

      Mods: Mix your gear for your precision : restoration ratio (the prec damage heals with McB).
      Then use prec&resto mods, prec mods, whatever you want (it’s more about the gear you use). I run with about 5k resto adn 2k prec.

    3. Tilz

      Thanks for the compliment^^

      Yeah Malediction does not heal very good… 5 or 6 ticks healing… BUT
      you need to combo Maledcition into Benediction to get healing based on your precision based damage.
      You can either use healer gear with resto&rpec mods or mix your gear. As a battleheal i run a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio for resto:prec. Keep in mind that battlehealing is not the best thing to soloheal raids. But for alerts or 2nd heal it’s perfect.

      Currently I would run something like:
      Malediction cBenediction, Blessing, Admonish cBlight, Consume Soul (cWrath of the Presence), Divine Light, Wrath of the Presence cConsume Soul.
      1) Gives you healing based on you prec damage. The limit per tick is your restoration.
      2) 4man group shield
      3) 4ppl Burst heal + 8ppl HoT on the combo
      4) HoT (combo is for optional prec damage in midrange
      5) Large burst heal for the “oh sh*t moments” + HoT on the glyphs
      6) Burst damage + HoT on the combopart

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Abanob, celestial advanced mechanics is dealing great damage. For raising your combat rating, we recommend to do it in DPS role because it is easier and fast that way

  14. ihavecoolpowers

    The combo admonish into blight here states the combo is tap melee hold melee. The game states it’s tap melee hold range. think it’s backwards . Sorry if I’m just reading wrong lol

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Ihavecoolpowers, thanks for letting us know this mistake, We just fixed the error 🙂

  15. Soulcatcher

    OK here’s my problem.

    I went with 11 powers from Celestial so I can use my next 4 power points for the Attack and Heal Iconics.
    Went down to RcM and WotPcCS. Everything is working Great.
    As we all know McB starts it all off and BcM isn’t bad.
    ScH and RcW hit so well at range that I find them to be indispensable.
    AcB, WotOcCS and CScWotP hit like a hammer and anvil in melee range.

    As for the 11th point I am testing out Blessing, Anoint, CI and LD.
    I find each can have a spot in my rotation depending on the situation but I just can’t seem to make up my mind.

    Now Here’s the real problem.
    I like about 9 of the powers but only have 6 slots.

    I am only lvl 22 atm so further testing is needed but I just can’t see any way to slot all the powers I like to use and must find 6 powers and stick with them.

    I like ranged better but melee attacks hit better and tick off HoTs better

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      You have pointed one problem all DCUO Players suffer the need of having more than 6 superpowers in loadout. However, you must find the best superpowers for your loadout, according to your experience and once you reach high combat rating content you will need to change your loadout until you find the best for your current role.

  16. Soulcatcher

    I am hitting my McB combo and I am getting the Crosshair icon up below my powerbar. However… in the combat log it keeps saying Maladiction damages instead of Corrupted benediction.

    Am I getting the combo right or is my timing off?
    The reason I’m asking is that my BcM comes over the combat log as Cleansed Maladiction.

    1. Soulcatcher

      NM It turns out I am doing it correctly as long as the Black Globes are on my hands at the end of the combo.

  17. Soulcatcher

    Have been working on the Battlehealer and so far, so good.
    The combos are a tad difficult to get the timing down at first but it completely doable.

    My question is that I would Really like to have the two Attack and the two Heal Iconic powers. Is this possible at all?

    1. Soulcatcher

      Here is my thinking on this.

      Take powers down to RcM and WotPcCS. This will use 10 Power points so I can get the 4 Iconics and LD. No Blessing is a gamble but…

      That gives me the HoTs I am looking for with the precision buff.
      Is this worth trying?

    2. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Soulcatcher, i think it will worth trying. Your approach seems to be beneficial for your battle healing. We will deeply update Celestial Guides when GU45 arrives.

      I recommend you to check Tilz comments below this guide, he provides a really great info about Battle Healer that you might be interested

    3. Tilz

      haha thanks^^

      Yeah you can go with the 4 iconics. I prefer Blessing, but it’s up to you.
      You can heal quit good with HoTs + McB + WM. Abit risky, but it’s a matter of training 😉

  18. Ergotth

    Personaly, I did the hard way and actualy have a FULL BLESSED loadout ^^ And yes, I can solo heal Labyrinth so far with this very loadout =)
    it is:
    Blessed + mark of Death
    Admo + Blight
    Wrath + Consume soul
    Retribution + Wither
    Renew + Curse
    Divine Light (no points left to get plague)

    First of all, start the fight with Admo+Blight so you already have the HoT running when you start it, use Renew and Divine Light to keep the party healed, Retribution+Wither are useful on Adds and Boss to turn part of their damage into healing, small, but still useful. If you have adds around, use renew+curse on then when they are going to die in around 20 seconds, and use Blessing+Mark of death to mark the enemies to release a large healing once they die. Cleansed Curse wears off after a minute, but mark of death stays FOREVER. The fight can drag for hours, it will still work in the end. Retribution+Wither is AoE in the wither combo, so its best otuse when adds and bosses are close to each other. Use Wrath + Consume soul whenever you think its convenient, I don’t recomend using it if everyone’s health is dropping too fast.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Ergoth for sharing your experience with us im sure your comment will help other celestial players to manage their power better 🙂

    2. Circulo Loco

      The loadout suggested looks good, can that be done and still have room for the 2 healing iconics (Chance and Magnitude)? If he is using both wrath of presence/ consume soul, and blessing/mark of death, as well as divine light, just based on where they are on the power trees, looks like 14 Power Points minimum are used. Am I missing something? I don’t see any way around it, even w/o using a SC. The two healer iconics are essential in my view.

  19. Keith

    Is there a way to build a Celestial healer that uses the Curse powers within the loadout. I know some of them will require comboing but I’m focusing on RPG element and curse power tree is where it matches up to my toon…

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Keith, it is really hard to only use Cursed powers for healing because the Blessed tree provide great superpowers to heal your allies and those blessed superpowers in the corrupted way doesnt provide enough healing to mantain your group alive 🙁

    2. Tilz

      its not the most efficient healing, but i know ppl who solohealed endgamecontent with cursed healing.
      Curse cRenew, Blight cAdmonish, Consume Soul, Life Drain, Plague cDivine Light, Malediction cBenediction

      How to use:
      Use Malediction cBenediction to convert your damage into heals. BcA, CScWotP are your standart heals (all backloaded on the combo). Plague cDivine Light is a strong burst + heal over time on the combopart. Life Drain can be a life saver(melee range). Curse cRenew should be placed on lowest health target to get a heal for you and most injured teammate. You’ll receive a HoT aswell.

      This is not a pure healer loadout.. it works best if you have a ratio of 4:1 (4 resto : 1 prec).
      Also it requires alot of skill and Weapon Mastery should be unlocked.

      For modding
      White mods: Penetrating strkes and Max Damage should be used (rest is up to you)
      Yellow slots: prec/resto
      red slots: prec/resto
      blue: resto/health

      1. WM (one ranged combo)
      2. all crits for healing
      3. all crits for damage

  20. Tilz

    Here are 2 loadout ideas (something different and refreshing ;))
    3 HoT pure Healbuild
    Wrath of the Presence, Admonish, Consume Soul, Blessing, Divine Light, Sacrifice or Consecrated Ground.
    Idea: Cycle Admonish cBlight, WotP cConsume Soul and Consume Soul and you have 3 HoTs up. ALWAYS. Blessing, DL and the SC are just a safety net. You can use Malediction cBenediction for DL or the SC and have a 4 HoT build

    Melee 4HoT battleheal
    About 5:2 or 4:1 resto:prec
    Wrath of the Presence, Admonish, Consume Soul, Blessing, Malediction, Super Charge
    Simelar to the 3HoT loadout but you can battleheal in melee stance. You use McB to activate your battlehealing and can get the heals through WotPcCS, AcB, CScWoTp (all strong melee attacks). Blessing and the SC (Life Drain or CG both are great for melee) are just some safety stuff 😉

    1. Leo

      I recently tried sacrifice and it’s sorta dangerous when it comes to final bosses haha.. I use Admonish cBlight, Renew or Consumed Soul c(Something I forgot), guardians light, Divine Light, Blessing and Life Drain.

  21. Jeremy

    How much restoration would be a good amount ? I currently have 900 on resto . Also, which weapons would you recommend for a celestial healer

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jeremy, a good amount of resto will depend on your combat rating. For 111 cr, it is recommended to have more than 5000 so it is hard for me to tell you how many resto you should have.

      Hand Blaster is a great weapon for healer because it has fast range combos that would let you increase hit counter fast to restore power

  22. SkyGiven2332

    I use malediction/benediction, renew, divine light, admonish/blight, blessing, and life drain supercharge. I have 8200 restoration and 100 precision. I’ve solo healed all the war of the light part 2 missions and halls of power. I think this is the perfect loadout for battle healing. I also use two handed Wm into bow.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Skygiven2332 for your comment, we appreciate that players share their experience in our guides

    2. Tilz

      Nah its not really battlehealing if you use full heal gear.. 8,2k resto and 100 prec is not battlehealing.
      My stats are about 8k rsto and 900 prec (normal full heal build) and my battlehealer is 5,5k resto and 2k prec.

      But whatever the loadout is good and you can heal everything with it. I would drop Life Drain (strong heal, but short range) for another SC or Consume Soul as HoT. (just my opinion). 😉

  23. Bresreker

    I need help with the battle healing where would I put my skill points I have 129 but I don’t know where to put them I don’t want to waste them I dont know if I should put them all in damage, healing or a mix of the two and where thank you for your help

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Bresreker, for battle healing it is recommended to boost your precision stats which will grant healing to your allies. The highest you hit the highest you will heal. If you can mix precision & restoration mods will be great for you also

    2. Tilz

      At first set one WM (DW into Bow for example).
      The tier 3 bonus: resto and prec (both)
      Then get all the crits for healing and damage. If you have some SP left use them for resto or prec (the bonus is quit low then).
      For mods:
      mix your mods up (damage and healer mods). Your aim is a ratio of prec and resto. If you know how the ratio should be (it’s your descission, find your way).
      White mods:
      Important is Core Strength, Max Damgage, and the resto neck mod. (maybe a shield weapon mod)

      I ran 2000prec and 5000 resto.

    3. Tilz

      Well not just on precision… precision and restoration

      I can’t agree with the author. 😉
      Sure you can use your full heal gear, but there is no need.
      I mix my gear (dps gear and healer gear) to have the ratio of prec and resto, that i want to have.
      You can battleheal in full dps gear (funny in lower tier content) or in full heal gear (but then it’s more pure healing than battlehealing). I would choose the way between both options. So mix it up and find out what suits you. 😉

      I know ppl battlehealing necro with 4,2k resto and 2,4k prec.

      The combo Malediction into corruptet Benediction is your “mainheal” for battlehealing. You can save the group with HoTs (AcB, CS for example) (use blessing and DL for “oh shit moments). Then cast McB and continue WM combos (this is the way i would go).
      If you have high prec but low resto the biggest heals would be the amount of resto (so if you have 3k resto and do 11k damage, the heal would be 3k (the crit would be higher..)).
      If you have a high resto and low prec the damage is not enough to heal the group…
      I hope you see where it goes 😉

  24. Healer

    I’ve heard about celestial battle healers .
    would you recommend it ?
    If so, which load out would work best ?
    Which weapon?
    Focus on precision and might?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Healer, battler healers can be great if you know how to play it. For this you will need fast weapon which increases your hit counter fast. Such as Staff: Mortar Mastery. Battle healers heal their allies according to their weapon damage and celestial combos so you need to focus on precision.

    2. Nat.

      so which LOADOUT would you recommend?

      which would be your best choice for celestial


    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Both of them are great. However, most celestial healer uses Normal Healer loadout instead of Battle Healer maybe because they are more use to it

    4. Tilz

      Celestial battlehealing can be very effectiv. But it’s not that easy to learn 😉
      I like to run:
      Admonish cBlight, ConsumeSoul, Blessing, Malediction cBenediction, Benediction cMalediction, Divine Light cPlague.
      You set your HoTs with AcB and CS. Then McB + Weapon Mastery Spam for the healing with McB. You can cast BcM befroe McB on high health bosses (nice extra prec dot). Blessing and DLcP are nice rescue heals.

      Weapon: DW or HB (each into explosive Shot).

      Mods: Mix your gear for your prec : restoration ratio (the prec damage heals with McB).
      Then use prec&resto mods, prec mods, whatever you want (it’s more about the gear you use). I run with about 5k resto adn 2k prec.

    5. Chiquita

      I’m a complete noob when it comes to these sort of things , what does all this mean ?

      HoTs and acb and cs mean ??

      And I also see a “c” in the load out
      How’does that work ? It’s confusing

      Just started playing the game and got celestial as a power
      Don’t wanna start off with mistakes so tips would help

    6. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Chiquita,
      * HoT = Healer over time
      * acb = Admonish combo into Blight
      * CS = Consume Soul
      * cBenediction = corrupted Benediction

      In most cases “c” means “Combo into” or “corrupted” It is hard to explain but with practice you will know more about super powers and understand what they are saying. You can check our Celestial Power tree online here http://dcuobloguide.com/traits/powers/celestial/

  25. Phoenix Vi

    I know healers are supposed to use range weapons, but is it okay to use dual wield since the weapon mastery gives you explosive shot?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of course Phoenix, it is great that you use range weapon and Dual Wield: Explosive SHot is great at it

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Stealth, you can have dominance and restoration. However, for healers having health and staying alive is the best way to go. Boosting your dominance will increase your health a little but you will also get aggro from enemies and they will try to kill you and not letting heal your allies. That is why boosting your dominance for healers can be real good but dangerous at the same time

  26. Tilz

    Nice update for the healerpart.
    The battleheal loadout is good. I used it a short time but I found another way that worked better for me (already wrote it in the comments) 😉
    The pure healer loadout is a classic celestial loadout. I prefer Sacrifice (strongest Healpower of the powerset, 7ppl shield, restores 5ticks of power). -> With a tank you can use it safely. CG is also very good!! (if you run alerts without tank… best SC)

    To the Healer Tips:
    Don’t use DL whenever you can.. to powerhungry and a long cooldown. Just use it if it’s really necessary. AcB + CS gives a nice Burstheal + HoTs. DL is more a rescue thing (i use it this way).

  27. Adam

    So if I want a battle healer, as only celestial can be one, what would be my stats focus: precision, resto, crit attack, crit healing ?
    And my gear / role?
    Should I go full dps or full healer?
    I’m still just a dips, but I’m farming sp to be a battle healer and any comments on that would be great.

    (If you also have any of your loadout…)

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Adam, we are currently updating our guides to GU41. Probably this guide will need an update too hehe I will try to find a loadout for what you need when we start updating this one 🙂

    2. Tilz

      Hehe yeah the guide for celestial needs an update… but the healing part is still fine (running this loadout, but another SC -> Sacrifice). If some1 needs help with updating the healingpart, let me know 😉

      Celestial is the original battleheal.
      How to battleheal:
      Gear: Mixed DPS and Heal gear (i run about 5000 resto and 1600 prec)
      SP: At first WM (i prefer DW into Explosiv shot -> FAST!), then the healing crits and attack crits).
      –> Healing Crits, Attakc Crits, Resto,prec depends on gear and how your ratio of resto:prec should be)
      White Mods: Max Damage is not wrong, Core Strenght, Resto neck mod, rest is up to you
      Role: Battlehealing is in healerrole
      –> You have to find your way how to set up gear and mods… most ppl say 1:4 (prec:resto) is a good start to begin and then test around with gear
      My current battleheal loadout: Blessing, Admonish(cBlight), Consume Soul, Malediction(cBene), Bene(cMaledichtion), Cursed Idol
      “Rotation”: Admonish cBlight clipped Consume Sould (HoTs are up), Benediction cMalediction clipped Malediction cBenediction -> WM spam (maybe shields here and there). With BcM you have small ticks (good for bosses) and with McB you heal with the damage you deal (every 2 secs ticks.. 2000 damage – > 2000 heal (for example)).

      Battleheal as soloheal is hard in raids (doable in alerts). Battleheal in a raid with another heal is fun. I play battleheal just sometimes for fun or more burn (if the group is still good and knows how to survive)
      I also have a dps build and a full heal build (3 armories for PVE :D)

  28. Tilz

    This is the best loadout for celestial healing (i think)
    some nice combos for this loadout:
    Admonish (with Combo) and Consume Soul: Together these powers are a powerfull HoT (Heal over Time)
    You can Clip: CS -> Blessing -> Renew –> Very Strong HoT + Strong Instant + Shield (great to rescue tanks with low hp, etc.)

    If you want some advices to the Battleheal (damage to heal) just say it and i can give you some loadout advices, tips, etc. 😉

    1. Tilz

      Also i would use Prec & Resto for the red Slots (you will do more weapon damage and if you use McB it’s incredible)
      Also you can use Resto & Prec for the yellow slots (if you want higher damage ;))

    2. Tilz

      Ok i always see more things to “improve”/add
      You wrote at “Tips” use DL everytime you can.. well.. i wouldn’t. It’s a nice rescue heal and as a long cooldown and high powercosts.
      It’s easier to use:
      Admonish clipp Renew (without Admonish Combo) to have a fast burst heal.
      Admonish cBlight clipped CS (+ Renew)

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Tilz, for your comments, we are happy that you improve this guide info 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mike, you need to have fast weapon mastery combos to get benefit from power bonus. For these i recommend you:
      * Staff: Mortar Mastery (increase the hit counter fast)
      * One Handed: Solar Flame Mastery
      * Dual Wield: Explosive Shot Mastery

  29. Roel

    we can not use celestial combo with Admonish in this power setup cause you don’t have blight…
    So I prefer to replace the Iconic Power Powerful Resistance for Blight..

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Roel, you are totally right this is an error we will fix soon 🙂 thanks for letting us know

  30. Halceon

    Ok after months of tinkering here is a loadout that works well for me. I use McB to start . When life cracks it is a simple clipping mechanism. Start with admonish cleansed blight use consume soul to clip the blight animation, divine light to clip the consume soul animation, renew to clip the divine light animation. Use blessing for large groups of adds. McB with HB pulse beam is a great way to save power and act like a HoT for a group of 7.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you Halceon, this will be very helpful for Celestial Healers. It is nice to have additional rotations in the guide 🙂

  31. Dee

    Hey there,

    I’m pretty new to the game and just picked up celestial. Figured I’d look for a little guide, stumbled over yours, here I am.

    However, you got me confused here. On the one side you recommend using Admonish and and Benediction Celestial Combos – which totally makes sense. But -how- am I supposed to do either of them, if their counterpart isn’t specced into in the Cursed tree (Blight and Malediciton)?
    Am I missing something here?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dee, thanks for letting us know this error. You are right, you should unlock Blight instead of Powerful Resistance in the iconic tree. We will correct this issue soon 🙂

  32. Shuu

    I had a question about the healer role in general. What’s the “best” overall healing power (Including the dlc powers) something that heals really good and is dominate over other healing choices.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Shuu, Nature and Sorcery are considered the best healer power in game. However, it doesnt mean you can be an excellent healer with Electricity or Celestial. But if i would have to choose, i would pick Sorcery 🙂

    2. Shuu

      I picked that and I’m currently level 22,I followed your build on that,and I was wondering,do I really need to use that supercharge?,is it useful? or is there some other ability I can use instead of it.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      It know what you mean. Most people likes using Supercharge power and it is the most recommended from other supercharge power. If you want to pick another ability i will unlock the Robot Sidekick, it is dealing great damage for now 🙂

  33. Tklau

    Sorry, I have a question about Malediction. Malediction can let your group members to heal themselves by dealing damage, so will the healing (healing out) count on the healer or the member himself?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tklau, here are all situations about using Malediction and Benediction
      1. If you use Malediction and combo to Benediction (Corrupted) you and up to 7 group members receive healing equal to a portion of the damage dealt to enemies from your weapon attacks or Celestial combos.
      2. If you use Benediction and combo to Malediction (Cleansed) you and up to 7 group members receive healing over time equal to a portion of the damage dealt by that Malediction (Cleansed).

      In no cases your group members heal themselves, the healing comes from: your weapon attacks, Celestial combos, or damage dealt by that Malediction

    2. Tklau

      Thank you very much, so… should I go armor for healer (more Restoration) or armor for damage(more Might) for celestial healer? Because dealing more damage can increase the healing also..

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I would recommend you to continue with your Restoration statistics because it is easier to heal with your super-powers than basing your heals in damage dealt.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Madara thanks for asking, guardian’s light its a cast spell that can be interrupt by mobs. Most of the time, your group is full of health becsuse it is supposed that tank should receive all damage so using renew and admonish to heal your groupmates will do the job perfectly with low power consumption

    1. Kane

      I feel Celestial lets you play the off-heal effectively compared to Sorcery. You can heal relatively well for duos and some alerts even while running as DPS. Those small HOTs and the Benediction>Malediction combo life steals will add up. And for raids they help reduce the stress on healers.

      Sorcery heals are most effective in healer role. Soul well in healer role is quite the god send imo.

  34. X625

    When I combo renewing it does not give healing over time but when I combo corrupted I get healing over time. What’s up with that

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello X625, thanks for your comment. Renew doest not give healing over time but it instantly restore Health to you and the most injured group member. Curse (Cleansed), which is Renew Celestial combo is the one that heal over time to you and the most injured group member

  35. Libran

    Why don’t celestial healers use the beautiful mechanic of “damage to heal” healing? My stat priority would consist of Crit healing chance, crit healing magnitude, crit damage chance, crit damage magnitude, precision, restoration then power. I don’t have to spam powers, I just do the Malediction to benediction combo and then spam my weapon ranged attack (hand blasters– hold range, tap range), if I use anoint before it, my precision peaks at 1,200 and the blasts heal for about 1,200 non crit…

    *(it could crit damage wise and reach 2,300, then crit as a heal and heal for near 5,000, the odds of this are slim(11% chance), but critical healing and critical damage statistics say that they’ll heal for 2,300 approximately 66% of the time. Keep in mind, this is just a weapon combo and requires no power whatsoever.

    My emergency heals suffer for this decision, and if I am ever crowd controlled (stunned or knocked down), getting up and dealing damage to heal leaves a more significant gap before members can be healed, but overall, the healing is more consistent (healing from my damage goes into a pool that lasts for maybe 1-2 seconds, if a teammate loses any health before then, they receive the healing in the pool), whether there are trollers or not.

    I figure the capacity for a character to deal damage is far greater than it is to heal (if you look at some of the numbers DPS do in raids compared to the numbers healers do, there is a significant difference), and even though healers get a damage debuff of about 40%, the capacity to deal damage is still greater.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hello Libran, thanks for your comment, this is another way to heal that i will be glad to try. In fact, celestial healers were created to heal by doing damage. Thanks again for your incredible advice 🙂

  36. Mike

    So I see you have the Cursed build all the way to plague. Is that really necessary or can that point be used somewhere else?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi mike, i dont consider Divine light / Plage really necessary. It might help you to heal but it is not considered an indispensable power for your rotation

  37. ProfSushi

    And the Blessing shield does’nt protect you an 3 other members. It only protect you and 1 most injured member..

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi ProfSushi

      Blessing shield protects you and 3 most injured group members and it appears as a Yellow protective bubble. Blessing (Corrupted), activated as a combo after Death Mark, is the one that envelops yourself and the most injured group member in a protective bubble and it looks like a Dark bubble.

  38. ProfSushi

    Is this guide for range heal or am i supposed to be near my enemys? And which Combos should i use in which situation?

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi ProfSushi

      As Celestial Healer, you will almost spam Renew (heals you and the most injured group member), Admonish (Heals you and up to 3 nearby group members), and its combo Blight (Cleansed) (Increases your critical healing chance by 5% for a short time and heals you and up to 3 group members over time).

      Use Admonish and its combo to increase your critical healing, after that keep spamming Renew. When you see most of your group is injured spam Admonish until they are ok and get back to Renew. For emergencys use Blessing which envelop yourself and the 3 most injured group members in a protective shield that prevents damage.

      Benediction and its combo Malediction (Cleansed) needs to be active all the time to secure your allies receive healing over time equal to a portion of the damage dealt.

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