Electricity DPS Guide

Electricity base electrifies their enemies and resuscitate your allies with electrostatic forces. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Electricity DPS guide updated to GU50

Statistics Priority

  • Might: Might increases damage from super powers (yellow damage).
  • Precision: Precision adds damage to all weapon attacks (white damage).
  • Power: Required to use powers in your loadout
  • Critical Weapon Attack Chance: The chance to perform a critical attack with a weapon
  • Critical Weapon Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with a weapon does
  • Critical Ability Attack Chance: Increases the chance to perform a critical attack with an ability.
  • Critical Ability Attack Damage: Increases the damage a critical attack with an ability does

Power Points Build


Electricity DPS Loadout


  1. Electrogenesis: Depending on your role, create an damaging aura on 2 closest enemies, or a healing aura on yourself and your closest group member. The auras will extend a portion of their effect to those nearby. Adds an Electro-Charge to cause damage over time. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while Electrocute is active. Increases all damage by 45% (Weapon Mastery Crit Excluded)
  2. Wired: Charge up your team, and imbue yours and up to 3 group members’ weapon attacks with the power of electricity, increasing your Might and critical attack chance. Each hit on an enemy has the chance to Electrify enemies, making them vulnerable to Electrified Power Interactions. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while Electrocute is active. Increases all damage by 35%
  3. Electrocute: Summon an acute electrical event to damage enemies within its area of effect. Electrified and Polarized enemies take additional damageRegenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge. Increases all damage by 45% (Weapon Mastery Crit Excluded)
  4. Arc Lightning: Strike your target with a bold of electricity that can then jump to and damage more enemies, or jump to and heal allies. Electrifies enemies, making them vulnerable to Electrified Power interactions. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while Electrocute is active. Increases all damage by 35%
  5. Voltaic Bolt: Call down bolts of electricity to strike your target and enemies near it, damaging and possibly rooting or stunning them. Electrified enemies will be Electrified again and will add an Electro-Charge to themselves and to other enemies around them to cause damage over time. Increase the potency of Electro-Charge effects on Electrified enemies. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while Electrocute is active. Increases all damage by 50% (Weapon Mastery Crit Excluded)
  6. Shockwave: Perform an electrically charged handclap that sends a shockwave forward, damaging your enemies. Electrified enemies take more damage and may become rooted or forcefully explode. increases all damage by 40%
    1. Circuit Breaker (35% Supercharge): Creates a localized burst of electricity to damage and knockback nearby enemies, increase critical attack chance and critical attack damage, protect yourself against control effects, and regenerate Health over time

Electricity DPS Rotation

    • “Electrocute [1]” (damage enemies within its area of effect. Electrified enemies take additional damage. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge)
      • Clipped with “Wired [2]” (increase Might and critical attack chance for you and 3 group members. Each hit on an enemy has the chance to Electrify enemies. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while “Electrocute [1]” is active)
    • “Electrogenesis [3]” (create an damaging aura on 2 closest enemies, Adds an Electro-Charge to cause damage over time. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while “Electrocute [1]” is active)
    • “Arc Lightning [4]” (Strike your target with a bold of electricity that can then jump to and damage more enemies, or jump to and heal allies. Electrifies enemies. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while “Electrocute [1]” is active)
    • “Voltaic Bolt [5]” (strike your target and enemies near it, damaging and possibly rooting or stunning them. Electrified enemies will be Electrified again and will add an Electro-Charge to themselves and to other enemies. Increase the potency of Electro-Charge effects on Electrified enemies. Regenerates Power when activated after adding an Electro-Charge or while “Electrocute [1]” is active )
    • Players may choose between these burst ways until “Electrogenesis [1]”, “Wired [2]”, and “Electrocute [4]” are available:
      • Weapon Mastery Combo or “Arc Lightning [4]” – “Voltaic Bolt [5]” (Recommended for missions, challenges, or duos)
      • “Shockwave [6]” – “Voltaic Bolt [5]” (Recommended for Alerts and Raids when powered over time)
    • Until “Electrocute [1]”, “Wired [2]”, and “Electrogenesis [3]” are enable, repeat Main Rotation without them
    • If you are not powered over time, after using the full “Electrocute [1]” clipped with  “Wired [2]” and use only weapon mastery combos until those powers are enable again
    • “Arc Lightning [4]” is only needed to Electrify your enemies. Once enemies are electrified you can use  “Voltaic Bolt [5]” to refresh Electrify interaction. In other words, there is no need to use “Arc Lightning [4]” on electrified enemies

Electricity DPS Tips

  • Avoiding “Electrocute [1]”, “Electrogenesis [3]”, or “Voltaic Bolt [5]” will let your weapon mastery crit bonus with “Arc Lightning [4]” and “Shockwave [6]”
  • While “Electrogenesis [3]”, “Electrocute [1]” , or “Voltaic Bolt [5]” DOT’s are active, all weapon mastery crit bonus are disabled.
  • Having “Electrocute [1]” active all the time will let “Electrogenesis [3]”, “Wired [2]”, “Arc Lightning [4]”, and  “Voltaic Bolt [5]” regenerate Power
  • “Electrocute [1]” will only regenerate power after adding an Electro-Charge on enemies. So while doing your rotation try to finish with “Voltaic Bolt [5]” and then restart main rotation with “Electrocute [1]” clipped with “Wired [2]” – “Electrogenesis [3]” 
  • This loadout lets players use both mechanics: Weapon Mastery (for missions, solo, or duos) and Might Advanced Mechanics (for alerts and raids)
  • For DPS, “Max Damage” Tactical MOD is required for all superpowers to increase all damage by 60%.
  • When using Might Based advanced mechanics players will gain an additional 5% chance to crit and 25% crit damage for all super powers

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Blast Adapter
  • Neck: Escalating might
  • Back: Breakout Regeneration
  • Feet: Deadly Block
  • Chest: Core Strenght
  • Hands: Max Damage

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Might
  • Yellow Socket
    • Might & Power
  • Blue Socket
    • Might & Health (improve survival)

Electricity DPS Video Explained

Special Thanks to A Touch of Heaven Project for developing and contributing this video to the guide. Subscribe if you are interested in more of their videos 🙂

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178 thoughts on “Electricity DPS Guide

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dave, there havent been updates to any power due to stats revamp on test server. I dont think DCUO will make changes on current powers and we will have to wait for Stats Revamp to be online

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      It doesnt matter for the moment. Maybe with stats revamp this may change. I recommend One Handed because it is great weapon for Melee and Range situations

  1. kaneki 93

    Hi I wanted to know the date of the update when it will improve the electricity power I intend to change power and this one interests me

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kaneki, it is said that Stats Revamp will probable be online before next Episode come up so we will soon be able to play Stats revamp on Real Server

  2. Daryl

    I do not know if anyone who’s good with the builds and is helping people on here (dcuobloguide, or whoever) is still checking these pages for people posting. (last post was in 2014), but…here goes…

    I’m running A Speedster Villian with Electricity as a power. I’d like help creating a Sith build using it. I know it has two abilites to push and pull your enemies and plenty of “force lightning” type moves. But I’d like some help figuring out the right combination of moves to not run out of power so much, maybe..that can hit or stun good…and use a staff as my main weapon for damage…plus other stuff like what to put in what slots. Thanks in advance if anyone ever sees this and can help. 🙂 (currently running the dps build for now till I can get Sith build help. 😛

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Daryl, for the moment you wont be able to create a build with that specification because the only way to restore power is by increasing hit counter with weapon attacks or using Advanced Mechanics.

      However, DCUO is currently developing an update that will change the whole combat system. When this Update gets online you will be able to play whatever you want and restore power easily. I suggest you to follow this guide and raise your combat rating and skill points until the Update arrives so your character will be powerful enough to be a great Sith in the future 🙂

  3. Tremor

    After few months this power is still horrible and a disgrace to all powers. Costs too much power to use your abilities and power refund is such a myth, I struggle to do duos and even solos. That’s all I have to say.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Tremor, electricity is currently being tested with its new features of 2017 Revamp. Soon all powers will be updated to a more balanced way to play them 🙂


    I use the five powers electrocute electrogenesis wired arc lightning voltaic bolt bioelectric surge . Works very well for me.

  5. Thought Shatterer

    Can Tesla Ball be used in the load out instead of Shockwave? I know Tesla Ball does not mention giving power back in the description but it does at least apply electrocute. Or does it mess up the AM?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Thought, you can use Tesla Ball to inflict an additional DOT. However, you wont receive any power back from it 🙁

  6. Ion

    What is wrong with electricity dps I am level 47 and I lost to a celestial healer that is level 19 twice why is electricity damage so low you guys going to finally fix it or do I have to delete my embarrassing character for as long as I remember electricity has always been bad at both dps and healing instead of making new dlc and crap why don’t you guys try and to improve the stuff you guys already made cause right now it’s in the crapper just like nature it’s just so bad same with hardlight the damage is so low

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ion, unfortunately Electricity still requires an improvements in its Advanced Mechanics. However, at PVP no matter what level, cr, or equipment you are using, your PVP skills in Blocking, Interrupting, and using weapon attacks will make you win or lose the match

  7. Chris

    Following this guide just missing one spell. Electrocute but damn I was doing the hive instance only level 17 my overall damage was around 815k while my other teammates all dps as well were all under 300k.
    Just for pvp maybe I don’t know to use it well enough I get wrecked in duels even lost to a level 9 lol.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hell Chris for PVP knowing how to use weapon attacks, interrupting and blocking is the best way to win matches. It is hard to use ADVANCED MECHANICS in PVP so i recommend you to keep practicing until you improve your PVP Skills.

      Sometimes you will need to change your loadout and even your build for PVP. Our guides are focused on PVE. However, some players also use them for PVP because it is more about how you use weapon rather than ROTATION

  8. Spectrus_0

    Hi, I’ve been using a lot of your builds lately and they seem really nice. I want to try electricity but i have been hearing many complaints about it’s performance in both dps and healing. What state is electricity at with its performance in both roles?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Spectrus, it is true Electricity needs an urgent REVAMP maybe with upcoming Game Updates these amazing power will be improved 🙁

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Crstian, electricity hasnt get any changes with latest updates. Maybe with future updates electricity will be improved. However, we will check all guides soon for knowing if they need update

  9. Electric Mann

    Hello awesome loadout I’ve been using it for awhile and I wanted to know if there’s anything new to this electricity dos loadout or if there will be anything new since Episode 20 will come out in a day from now and also I was wondering if the weapon mastery rotation will high hard then the might AM rotation? and keep up the great work your guides are the best

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Electric Mann, thanks for your question. We are resuming updates on our website and Power guides are in the list of our next updates. If Electricity needs to change, it will be 🙂 We will update our changes in our facebook page 🙂

  10. eion

    Everyone says eletric dps is weak and or bad i have an electric dps and im getting kicked out of instances because of the bad damage is their going to be an update for electricity t make it stronger?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Eion there is no news about electric getting improvements yet. Electric deals great AOE Damage to multiple enemies. However, it is true that other powers deals more damage but its because their Advanced mechanics that activates faster than electric’s AM

  11. DaCapacitor

    There’s no such thing as a rotation when using the AM for electricity. Once the electrocharge DOTs are placed, EB and EG do no damage. You’re just keeping electrocute active anf refreshing with VB. Any other power besides AL and wired isn’t regenerating power. this power is completely hosed for dps.

  12. GameMazter1

    Hey! So my loadout goes like this:
    Arc Lightning
    Voltic Bolt

    So basically i deal the most amount of damage, putting my buff on first (Wired) to increase might & criticals. Its all well & good but i lose a lot of power if i use my spells too quickly. You said in the guide to have electrocute on first, will this help regain power quicker? As well as using Arc Lightning & Voltic Bolt on to keep that max damage over time in check, that takes so much power! Also side note i have electroburst on to give max damage over time very quickly because it takes two electrogensis to give max damage over time. Any constructive criticism you can point me out on? I really want to show that electric DPS is not one to mess with & can DPS as well as any other class! Please reply & thank you!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello GameMazter1 thanks for your question. Using Electroburst to add an Electro-Charge instead of Shockwave to deal instant damage is a great variant. However, both superpowers dont refund power back so using them will depend on the situation you are facing.

      Electricity AM has 2 ways to refund power after using a superpowers. First, when activating after adding an Electro-Charge and second activating while Electrocute is active

      Using Electrocute first will start Refund mechanic, it will cost mana but following superpowers will have their mana refund (except electroburst or shockwave). If you use Wired first, it will cost mana and wont start refund mechanic so the next superpower will also cost mana and you will have 2 superpowers that wont refund their mana cost. This is why using Electrocute is the best way to start the rotation.

      Electricity AM is not like other powers such us Quantum or Atomic where you can follow the rotation and have power back easily. Electricity is all about setting up your DOTS and while they are on cooldown using Weapon Mastery combos is a great choice (when you dont have a controller by your side).

      Hope this answer your question and help you with power refund

  13. Zer0 Strike

    I have 2 questions: is Electric one of those powers that does more damage when your closer? and when your trying to set up your Big Dot on adds do you have to reapply all of your dots if new adds join the group of adds? or will electrifying them then hitting Voltaic Bolt spread the dot to the new adds? I find that reapplying the Dots is what makes Electric difficult to use. because once your dots and power interactions are set up all you have to do is keep Votaic Bolt active to keep the big dot going right?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Zer0Strike thanks for your question. Electricity power is all about applying DOTS on enemies and refreshing the DOTS or spreading Electrified effect when needed. While you already have DOTS apply you can use weapon mastery combo and then Voltaic Bolt you should repeat this until you need to refresh Electrocute superpower. Electricity AM is not the great advanced mechanics comparing to other powers such as Ice, Nature, or Atomic. However, i deals great damage when fighting again multiple enemies at the same time.

  14. vertheros

    Thank you for the advice and sorry for the double post, I thought it didn’t work to post by the first time, I kinda said the same thing.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      No problem vertheros. we are able to manage those double posting hehe We are glad to be helpful

  15. vertheros

    Hello, I don’t understand why am I losing power so fast, after one rotation I’m done,I don’t want to abandon my character but this loadout kills the power too quick.I’m cr 45 but still…I’ve heard about electricity being power hunger when going as HEALER but I went as dps and still lose lot of power.What should I do?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Vertheros, Electricity is one of the most power hunger dps ingame. You should have Electrocute active all the time so your other superpowers can refund power. However, to refresh Electrocute you need to apply Electrocharge with another superpower just before the Electrocute cooldown end so you can refund power from both superpowers.

      However, you may need to use some weapon attacks and dont depend on your superpowers because even using the way im telling you, your character will still be low powered 🙁

  16. vertheros

    Is this build still good?I mean I’m cr 44 and I lose all my power after I try this rotation once.I don’t want to abandon my character but it’s kinda power hunger.From what I heard, it is power hunger when you try being a healer but I went as dps and I still lose lot of power, just one rotation and that’s all.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Vertheros, this guide is still recommended but you still need to watch your power usage because Electricity is considered one of the most power hunger ingame. The best way to use Electricity AM is to always have Electrocute active so most of your superpowers will refund a portion of its power cost

  17. mdharlem

    Is there a substitute for Electrocute? The animation produces a giant storm cloud which makes the power seem elemental. I’d like to think that my character’s electrical powers draw from within and isn’t elemental, so basically I’m looking for a sub which animation fits my character’s backstory. Thanks.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mdharlem, electrocute is the most important piece in Electricity Advanced Mechanic. You can replace it with electroburst but it is not recommended to take off Electrocute from the loadout

    2. Charlie

      If you aren’t as concerned about the advanced mechanic or just want a fun loadout for lower content you could use Tesla Ball instead of electrocute for aesthetic purposes. Tesla ball gets more damage from electrified enemies but you will one the power return from Electrocute.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Charlie for your suggestion. Tesla ball is great for a weapon mastery loadout. However, as you said Tesla Ball does greater damage to electrocute enemies 🙂

  18. Sean Blum

    I have a problem getting my power set I recently got the electricity powers for free online Idownloaded it and waited but it wont let me use it

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Sean, i havent heard any possibility of downloading Electricity powers for free. To get any power you must buy it from the marketplace inside the game. Some players use Steam or other ways to buy it but i always recommend to buy any content directly from DCUO Website or Marketplace. You should contact DCUO Devs for more info

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Zaeg, this build can be used as only Might AM. We just posted a WM variant because Electricity Power Regeneration is not enough for missions, challenges, or duos where you cant count on a controller to power you over time

  19. kay

    how about debit card that did’nt have a mastercard or visa is it okay?. they were not borrowing me their credit card

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I have tried that and only Credit Cards can be used at least in my Country. You should try though maybe in your country this is possible 🙂

  20. Electrovolta

    I’m curious as to why this loadout ever included shockwave. While I know it was risky to use eburst prior….it just simply has never been more viable…. No matter what rotation I’ve ever used since 2011 any loadout not using eburst resulted in a loss of 20-35% in damage. And I’ll bet it’s even closer to the 30% area now with the 3x DoT stacking… What people don’t realize is that you don’t need to keep recasting egenesis or eburst once the DoTs are stacked… So using hard hitting weapon attacks will be much more useful than constantly hitting shockwave behind the 2 DoT stack. With AL and VB to keep it set up.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank you so much Electrovolta for sharing your experience with the guide. We will try your way and improved our guide. However, as you said Electroburst is a little risky move because you must be near your enemies to apply it plus it doesnt regenerate power from AM.

      On the other hand, Shockwave has a great burst damage when your enemies are already electrified and Damage Over Time with Electro-Charge. This is the reason why we recommended this rotation and then with players experience they can change their loadout to the way more suit them

  21. kay

    hi can i ask some question where can i buy prepaid card here in the philippines because i dont have a pay pal and the other i want to buy in a marketplace it’s my only chance can you help me?. thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kay, our team have never buy any prepaid card because they are not sold in our country 🙁 we buy items from the marketplace with credit card maybe you could ask someone in your family to help you out and you pay them what you spent

    2. Jay

      Try and ask in any Data Blitz. Make sure to know for what region you’re buying the card for though.

  22. Jessuviyus

    Hey guys, how’s it going?

    Now that GU50 is out I have no clue what rotation to use or if I should even change it. Is the update to Electroburst worth swapping with Arc Lightning or Shockwave?

    So far what I’ve seen is that Shockwave is still a heavy hitter… I’m debating on swapping Arc lightning with Electroburst, but I’m not sure yet. What do you suggest?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jessu, we are currently working on updating our section and guides to GU50. We will post it in our fanpage and twitter as soon as they are updated

  23. pat

    hi again i had a hard time what weapon should i use for might base only because i want to focus on damage of my power what do you suggest?..thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      I personally use One Handed because as Electricity DPS. However, if you want a weapon that increase hit counter fast Brawling: Shurinken Storm Mastery is great for that task

  24. pat

    hi can i ask some question what is the iconic power weapons expert does is it affect only the weapon or the power loadout that you are using?and also the tactical genius..thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Pat, Weapon Expert and Tactical Genius affect weapon attacks and superpowers that is why DPS should unlock them 🙂

      Abilities Critical Damage will only benefit your superpowers. Weapon Critical Damage will only benefit your weapon attacks. This can be seen when modding Chest, Legs, Head, and Shoulders


    I currently have multiple toons in T7 covering all roles but healer. I will be making a Healer as my next project. It is important to me that every toon I play has atleast 2 armories for PVE, Support Role and DPS. With the improvements coming for Eletricity DPS I am leaning toward it as my powerset choice for my Healer toon so that it has a balanced Damage/Support effectiveness. I will be using the test server to test the DPS side of this power because GU50 improvements are currently on the Test Server. I know that you have your guides updated to be current with live gameplay updates. My question is, with GU50’s ugrades to this powerset’s DPS on Test, is this current guide the optimal loadout and rotation I need to use on test now? Or is there any differences that I need to use to test this power with the current updates it has now on Test? Because if i use this guide on test now, and then once GU50 goes live this guide has changes then. It means I will not be using the correct loadout rotation and AM and that would not help myself or the game with testing for the GU50 Electric DPS, and will be pointless to even attempt. So, do I use this guide for Testing right now? Or can you give the ooptimal guide current to what should be used on test with the current GU50 scenario. . I just need to confirm this as soon as possible for enough time to get testing done before its too late..

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Reflekt, thanks for your comment. We havent been able to check GU50 in PC Test so i couldnt say this loadout will be great for the task but im sure electricity loadout may change with GU50. I recommend you to check powers description and create your own build and loadout while you are in test. When GU50 is online we will update our guides with the best build and loadout 🙂

  26. Dex Tyke

    Hello guys, I recently just changed my power from light to electricity. I find myself getting wrecked in pvp duels now. When I was light or even when I was quantum there weren’t a lot of people who could beat me. Now I just get wrecked, any suggestions?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dex Tyke, Electricity AM at the moment is not quite usable in PVP. You need to use your Electrogenesis and Voltaic Bolt to inflict heavy damage over time and then just use your weapon attacks until those powers are up again. With GU50, Electricity will get a Power Over time buff while using AM so maybe this will be different then 🙂

    2. Dex Tyke

      Also, do you have any advice for duos so I can get some damage off faster? I’m 120 and it seems that I can only get some nice damage in when there are more than 3 adds at a time. In solos, 4 players, and 8 players i’m fine because there are a lot of adds. Or should I just deal with it in duos?

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Dex, as you said Electricity deals greater damage when multiple enemies are in your Area of Effects. In Challenges, Missions, and Duos, just use the full rotation and then hit your enemies with your weapon until electrogenesis is active again, that is how Electricity has to do for the momento 🙂

  27. Ali Firat

    As a Electricity DPS what weapon would ypu recommend? I currently use Martial Arts, should I change it?

    BTW love your work and sorry for my bad english

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ali Firat, as a DPS you should focus on Weapons that have short range weapon mastery combos like One Handed: Solar Flame Mastery or Brawling: Shuriken Storm Mastery

  28. beastmartian

    hey im having trouble with electricity can you give me a good loadout please and keep what you doing ur amazing at it

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Beastmartian, thanks for your support. Electricity AM doesnt provide enough power for you to only use superpowers so you must complement it with weapon attacks.

      * You should start using: Electrogenesis (cost power) – Arc Lightning (refund power) – Electrocute (refund power) – Voltaic Bolt (refund power)
      * Then while Electrogenesis is in cooldown you should use: Weapon Mastery Combo – Arc Lightning (cost power) – Electrocute (refund power) – Voltaic Bolt (refund power)

      Hope this helps you with Electricity DPS. It is known that Electricity AM is not as powerful as Quantum, Munitions, or others but in the future all AM will be rebalanced by DCUO Devs. They are starting with Fire, Gadgets, and Ice in GU49 🙂

  29. Kobra18

    I find my self running out of power often? I used all three ways but I’m USSUALY out of power even with a troll, im i going something wrong?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kobra18, Electricty Advanced Mechanics deals great damage but i doesnt fully provide a power restoration like Rage, Quantum, Munitions, or others. You need to use some superpowers in the exact order to get power refund but the first superpower used in that sequence will always cost power. You will need to mix your Advanced mechanics sequences with some weapon mastery combos to increase the hit counter and get some power back (instance, solo, duos, missions). In Raids and Alerts, you can follow the rotation explained in this guide and the troll should be able to restore your power. However, with most powers AM having refund power, they dont realized that some controllers gives low power over time and then some powers like electricity, earth, or sorcery feel that they are low powered.

  30. Damien

    There are two different might based rotations and I’m unsure on which one to use. The one on this page is described in better detail and other one isn’t. However, the other one looks good too. I’m a bit confused.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Damien, this build allows you to have both Weapon Mastery and Might Advanced Mechanics rotation. This is pretty good for all kind of situation, you should try it out and then with your experience change it for what you need 🙂

  31. KidVex

    This Loadout Is Completely Disgusting. Pardon My Manners, But This Is Just Completely Irrational.
    Here’s My DoT Loadout
    3)Circuit Breaker
    4)Static Push
    6)Arc Lightning

    Disclaimer: I Appreciate This Website In Its Entirety, I Just Wanted To Share My Opinion with This Amazing DCUO Community.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks KidVex for your sharing. We appreciate your DOT loadout. With GU43, we will update all our power guides and we are thinking on changing weapon mastery loadout with DoT loadout which is most players consider a better build. However, weapon mastery loadout is also good at single target so we will share it in our Alternate Builds and Loadouts section.

      We also provide a Electricity DPS Might DOT Loadout, you can find it here http://dcuobloguide.com/apps/planning/electricity/?powerset=1412938485

    2. Sovereignty68

      I agree with KidVex, this loadout isn’t good at all, at least IMO. However, Your Might DOT loadout is great. In fact, it’s the best I’ve tried. Power usage is minimal, yet output great deal of damage. My rotation: Wired > Electrogenisis > Arc Lightning > Electrocute > Voltage Bolt, then Weapon Mastery > Shockwave (while Electrocute being cool down) I repeat rotation except this time Electrocute was skipped, then WM > Shockwave > rotation.

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Sovere, we will update this guide soon and now that might mechanics have been improved DOT loadout is the most recommended for the game now 🙂

  32. Count Dread

    Hello DCUO Bloggers. I’m pretty new here but not really new to DC. I have come to really enjoy electricity but after messing around with it I am here to ask for help. Can Electricity do great aoe damage or is it best dealt with single target damage? I’m not worried about the stragglers. What I’m worried about are bosses.

    I want to hit really hard. Another question I had is what weapon is best with electricity? I’ll use any as I like most all of them except the rifle. Also I don’t understand the weapon mastery combos and how to get them set up. I’ve been gone awhile >< and when I come back they have new powers ect. Any advice would help and thanks in advance.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Count, Electricity is considered one of the best powers in AOE damage but with weapon mastery there are 2 ways of dealing damage. I personally like Weapon Mastery build because it centers on doing great damage at a single target, One Handed or Dual Wield are great weapons that will help you doing strong damage.

      You can check our Weapon Mastery Explained guide here http://dcuobloguide.com/guides/weapon-mastery-explained/.

      We also have weapon mastery guides for each weapon so you can see how to spend your skill points to unlock weapon mastery. Check those guides here http://dcuobloguide.com/traits/weapons/

  33. eliran

    first of all i use your guide all the time.
    today i deside to try a new loadout. its:
    1. tessla ball 2. wierd 3. elctrocute 4. static pulse 5. flux (dont use it often) 6. robot sidekick
    all of that because of the extra dmg that elctrocute is give (50% and aoi insted of the 35% and singal target)

    i wanted to know if its better then the one above?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Eliran, if you dont have access to Home Turf Tactical MOD called Max Damage then you should choose Electricty Might DPS loadout.

  34. IR0NDUDE

    few thoughts on this loadout,

    when i started electricity dps, i used this guide so far, but after a while i changed my loadout to:

    Static Push- Weird -Circuit Breaker -Robot Sidekick -Tesla ball -Electrostatic Bomb

    after testing Megavolt for a while i found out for myself that it isnt that great in this loadout and Circuit Breaker gives HUGE amount of bonus dmg to u crits from WM.

    The rotation is :

    Static Push clipped with Weird -> WM -> Tesla Ball -> WM -> Electrostatic Bomb -> WM -> repeat

    the reason for this is, if u start your rotation with Static Push into Weird u will have ur enemys both polarized and electrified and the following Tesla Ball (extra dmg to electrified targets) and especially Electrostatic Bomb (extra dmg to polarized targets) will do huge dmg after each WM rotation.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thank IRONDUDE for your thoughts, it is great to have your feedback in this guide. We are glad our guides helped you and now you create your own loadout with your expertise 🙂

  35. kevin

    first of all i played dc for 4 months and i got most of the information from u guys really helpful!! ty!!
    i’m a dot build user,my layout :wired arc light electrocute voltaic bolt megavolt and flux,i was happy about this build,until i see everyone seems to have electrogenesis in their build, i means electrogensis has a long cool down and only dot 2 targets,what so great about it and why everyone use it in their build?am i missing something? and last if u have to choose between electrogenesis and arc lightning which one will u pick and why? ty for your time and your helpful suit!!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kevin, thanks for your support we are glad that our guides help you and more happy that you make your own loadout according to the experience you have earned in game and comparing it with our guides 🙂

      DOT build is a great might loadout that electrogenesis will fit great. Electrogenesis creates an damaging aura on 2 closest enemies and will extend a portion of their effect to those nearby, so practically hits more than 2 targets. You can check http://dcuobloguide.com/apps/planning/electricity/?powerset=1412938485 to know the best build and loadout for Electricity Awesome Mechanics (also called DOTS or MIGHT),

      Arc Lightning is required for electryfing your enemies so electrocute and voltaic bolt will deal heavy damage so you must have them both in your loadout to deal great damage.

  36. Black Adam

    Soooo why do you feel and choose this load out over the advance mechanic and might base build? Just trying to understand what the reason is?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Black Adam, i really like using my weapon mastery combos and dealing great single target damage with my precision boosted, that is why i choose this loadout. However, Advanced mechanics are great also especially when you hit multiple targets, you can choose any of them to deal damage to your enemies. It is just what and how you like to DPS more with your electricity

  37. Karl

    Ok so I am back with some more questions. I changed my load out to the one described here and so far I honestly love it. Tesla ball is a life saver with that stun. A lot of people have been saying that sidekick is useless though. I am curious how you guys came to the conclusion that it is a solid choice(so I can have a response when people say something about it) and perhaps a possible suggestion if I were to replace it? I also have some questions about the mods you chose. For red you say precision or might. Being that this is a “precision” build I was surprised you would suggest pure might at all but more so surprised that for reds you would not say precision & might? for reds I have always done precision & might and thought htat was the standard. The other mod question was about the blues, I would have thought precision and health be the best choice but people have been suggestion precision and dom? To me the boost in health and dom are both so minute it would make no difference though so I am guessing it really isn’t a big deal either way? Final question is about this build vs might build. I would have assumed this was the better damage output build or that the two builds were vary close but I just listed to an experienced player tell me that a might build will do drastically more damage. Upwards of double when comparing equally geared/skilled electric players. He ever said that the devs said they designed it to be this way? Any truth to the claim? I know this is a lot of questions but try not to hate me I am a detail oriented person lol. Thanks!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Karl, it is nice to have good questions as yours.
      * Robot Sidekick is considered as an additional damage over time that hits good damage to your enemies. It can be useful when you are solo duos or when your sidekick does not died to much. For example, in T6 Raids bosses keep killing the sidekick so in this case i found more necessary to have Flux as a protective shield
      * Electricity Weapon Mastery build focus on dealing great damage with your weapon mastery combos and using superpowers with weapon mastery crit bonus. I personally boost my precision statistic to keep my weapon attacks strong and deal good damage even if i dont have a controller by my side. However, boosting precision and might is up to you and i cant really tell you what is the best way only a recommended tip 🙂 Precision and Might is a great choice also but it is hard to say what is more powerful if full precision or precision & might
      * Most players consider that boosting dominance is a bad idea because it will increase your enemies aggro on you. However, i consider it is great to have some dominance for crowd control but it is also good to have a lot of health to increase your survival. It is like 50-50 good choice
      * Weapon Mastery build is 10/10 at single target and 8/10 at multiple targets while Might Based is 8/10 at single target and 10/10 at multiple targets. I personally use Weapon Mastery Build because i like to deal heavy damage on a single target such as solo, duos, alerts, pvp, raid boss, and more. However, weapon mastery will required tons of skill points to unlock statistics.
      * Electricity was designed to be a might based but thats the beauty of playing DCUO. There are unlimited ways of using your powers and be good at it

      I hope that i answer all your questions, thanks again for supporting us

  38. Karl

    Hey guys, I have been a way for a while and trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s only been a couple of months but I am thinking the guide changed. Currently I am using Electrogenesis and electrocute instead of overcharge and tesla ball. Can I ask why you are running this way? Also has it actually been verified that penetrating strikes is better than core strength? This has been one of those debates where some say core is better others penetrating but never anything definitive. Finally, have weakening field and deadly block proven themselves worthy? Currently I use breakout regen for that boost in health and intertial flywheel for the boost in power. Thanks!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Karl, electricity can run in multiple ways. The build and loadout explained in this guide is based on Weapon Mastery Rotation. Electrogenesis and Electrocute disable weapon mastery crit bonus, thats why we post in this guide the Electricity DPS Might Loadout for you to know the alternate way of doing damage with electricity.

      For what i saw in one of Kayser videos Penetrating strikes is better than core strength, he has a video where this difference is explained. For feet Tactical MODS is hardly to recommend and is more about what the player wants to have.

    2. Karl

      When you say disable do you mean while those powers are activated it is disabled? I thought only that power could not be “chinked” as I called it from WM?

    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Pitifully, while the dots of Electrocute or Electrogenesis are active, all that time Weapon Mastery Crit will be disable. Thats why 2 rotation can be used in electricity

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      For Electricity DPS Burst Loadout (Explained in this guide) it is recommended to boost your precision stats because most of your damage will come from your weapon mastery. Also your armor will give you the Might you need 🙂

      If you dont have enough skill points to unlock your weapon mastery combos then is recommended you use “Electricity DPS Might Loadout” which is might base. Both DPS are great and fun, choose the best which suit you

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Kid Ivy, Electrostatic Bomb is a great superpower that hits multiple enemies at the same time and also knocked them in the air (great for PVP). However, Overcharge is more recommended in PVE because it is the superpower burst that only hit one enemy so the damage wont split and only focus on one target (great for bosses)

  39. rdogg

    Let’s talk PvP is there a beast PvP loadout for electricity or not need little help and what weapon’s are good with electricity just trying to find a beast loadout and rotation thanks

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Rdogg, for PVP Electricity DPS Might Loadout will be great in 4vs4, 5vs5, and 8vs8. However, this build and loadout has high power consumption that you might need a Controller by your side. For 1vs1 and 2vs2, Electricity Weapon mastery is great because focus your damage in weapon mastery combos and weapon mastery crit bonus

  40. shutem52

    For the 2 electric dps me and my friend just started 2 dps characters together if one of us did controller role instead would it still break my combos?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Shutem52, electricity doesnt have controller role so for you to be controller you will need to change your power to Gadgets, Quantum, Light, or Mental. You can use a respect token for that or you can level up a new character. If you use the respect token only your superpowers will be affected and you will still have the same weapon combos and skill points

  41. Jaden

    Why is it that most other powers can use dots and still get the wm crit on their burst but when us electric players apply a dot it takes away the wm crit

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jaden, thats because Electricity DOTS are more powerful than others powers and the power interaction make them stronger.

  42. Jake

    I kinda disagree on this. I’ve been electric for over a year now and know all the mechanics and clips, first off dot load outs for electric are much better than burst. I’ve tested them. Ok so I used to run genesis,wired,electrocute,static push,circuit breaker, flux (useful at times). I used that loadout for nearly 6 months and was rarely beat in dps. Although I found another loadout that does killer damage but still testing to see if it is better. New gu41 electric loadout genesis, wired (clipped), electrocute followed by voltaic bolt. WM followed by static barrage. Hits 5 times and all will crit =5k plus. Circuit breaker of course is just amazing. That’s it. Throw ur dots then wm it up. Never beat, not by rage, nature, nothin

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Jake for your suggestion, rotation, and loadout. DOT Loadout is another way to dps with electricity power. We also recommended in our “Electricity DPS Alternate Builds and Loadouts” section. So players can choose between burst or DOTS 🙂

  43. Jordan

    Why not use attract instead of overcharge? Overcharge only hits a single target where attract hits multiple. It makes more sense to me to damage a polarize multiple targets at the beginning of the rotation or is there something that I’m missing?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Jordan, thanks for your question. We already have Static Push in the loadout which has the same power interaction that Attract and hits multiple enemies so having Attract and Static Push is a little redundant. Furthermore, overcharge hitting a single enemy is more powerful than static push hitting a single enemy. So Overcharge is a great power when you need to attack bosses

    2. Jordan

      I didn’t know overcharge hit harder than push on a single target. Ty for the reply. Time to hit the war room lol.

  44. Buckaroo Banzai

    First of all thanks for providing great info! Here is my loadout for my cr108 dps

    Static Push, Wired, Hard-Light Shield, Tesla Ball, Overcharge and Circuit Breaker.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Thanks Buckaroo for sharing your loadout. And we are so glad that you help us and support our work 🙂

    2. Buckaroo Banzai

      Quick question..I am full might in my mods, do you think having precision/power and precision/health would increase damage output from hand blast? Using the burst loadout is fast and does quite the damage. I’m always looking to improve so any info would be great..


    3. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Buckaroo, boosting your precision will increase your weapons damage that includes weapon mastery combos damage also. I personally boost precision over might because i deal more damage with my weapons than superpowers and the tiers already give you enough might. Of course, boosting Precision only work for Burst loadout

  45. This guy here

    I found this loud out to be very useful.
    Arc Lighting clipped with Wired
    WM >Shockwave WM >Static Push
    WM >Shockwave WM >Static Push
    Enemies being electrified and polarized causes more damage.
    Using a fast WM is best. If you use Duel Wield Explosive Arrow Wired will finish as soon as Static Push is…Starting it over.
    I also use Robot Sidekick and Circuit Breaker.

  46. EnuffSaid

    Do you guys have the new power mechanic load out that came out a little while ago to counter the WM, so ppl could still be might based and rely on powers?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Enuffsaid, we dont have might base loadout but we will update our guides soon and we will add a new section with alternate loadouts for some powers. In Electricity, might base loadout will be one of the addition 🙂

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Enrique, Electrocute and Tesla Ball are used in different loadouts. Electrocute is used in DOT Loadouts while Tesla Ball is great for Burst Loadout. This loadout promotes weapon mastery combos and weapon mastery crit bonus, that is why Electrocute is not in here because it disables weapon mastery crit bonus

  47. ricky

    Which weapon do u recommend? I currently use hand blaster but I feel it’s too slow for the burst to hit. One handed is also good but too close range.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Ricky you should try Dual Wield: Explosive Shot Mastery or Staff: Mortar Mastery. I personally use One handed but i need to step back when i use to much One Handed: Solar Beam Mastery

  48. Astral Silver

    Are you sure this is better than the electrogenesis and electrocute load out you had before? I gave this load out a try and I just feel weaker.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Astral, electricity can be used in two ways: Burst or DOTS loadouts. We recommend the Burst loadout because it is powered with the weapon mastery combos and weapon mastery crit bonus and for this boosting precision is the right choice. However, DOTs LOADOUT is also a powerful way to DPS with electricity and you will need to boost might statistic.

      With DOTs loadout is easier to make AOE damage to multiple enemies. On the other hand, Burst loadout is powerful at 1 target and almost good as DOTS loadout when you need to hit multiple enemies.

  49. Mambuh

    Is electric more better suited as dots or burst because a league member of our with a cr 108 uses dots and i used my custom burst loadout with a 103 Cr and only lost by 20k

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Mambush, we are currently working on a Electricity powerset that doesnt disable weapon mastery crit bonus but i certain believe that burst is better than dots but you need to have enough skill points to power up that burst

  50. Foolia

    So while there will be (mostly) no WM crit bonus when using this loadout, it still is recommended at the moment. Right? Or will there be any update to this loadout?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Foolia, this build and loadout is recommendable but it needs to be might based because when Electrogenesis and Electrocute are active, you wont be benefict from Weapon mastery critical bonus. We will update this guide for a complete Weapon Mastery Loadout that doesnt include any superpower that disable WM Crit bonus

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello StaticHeals, being top on the damage board will depend on your stats, trinkets, sodas, rotation, and expertise. There are players that use sodas to boost their damage and you wont be able to win no matter what you do. However, we will update this guide for a Full Weapon mastery loadout that doesnt disable Weapon Mastery Crit Bonus

  51. Inelectricity

    Is this loadout better then using Electrogenesis Clipped with wired ac lightning electrocute then voltaic bolt and wm back into arc lightning and voltaic bolt?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Inelectricity, it is a great strategy and rotation what you wrote in this comment and it can deal pretty good damage. However, same as this build and loadout it wont be benefit from Weapon Mastery Crit bonus. Try to boost your Might with this loadout to inflict more damage with your superpowers

  52. Brandon

    Hello, I was checking out your rotation and I was wondering. Wouldn’t it be smarter to use Voltaic Bolt instead of Static Push because Voltaic Bolt increases the potency of the electro charge put on by Electrogenisis? Or does static push just cast faster so that’s why you use it?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Brandon, we recommend static push because Static Push is faster than Voltaic Bolt and it is a range super-power that deals damage to far enemies (Voltaic Bolt only affect to nearby enemies)

  53. Lorin

    Hi, I have a question, in this built which one is more important ? Might or Precision if you had to choose one?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Lorin, this is a difficult choice. Personally, i boost my precision stats to improve my weapon mastery damage. But for this build and loadout it is recommended to boost the might over precision or boost them both equally with Might & Precision MODS

  54. Karl

    Typically I am a fire dps but have been playing with mental for the last few days(switched for style feats but wanted to stick with it to get a feel for it). I am thinking of switching to electricity next so was checking out the guide. I am surprised to see that your loadouts for both mental and electricity lack the 60% damage boost power but fire has it. I am curious as to the logic behind this?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Being DPS means that you need to deal heavy damage in the less time posible. Fire 60% super-powers have been improved with GU39 and they deal real heavy damage more than other 60% super-powers. That is why for fire loadouts is recommended and for others powers not

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Moss, both powers are currently balanced. However, i believe fire is dealing a little more damage than Electricity. Personally, i preffer electricity 🙂

  55. Webswinger

    I just started playing again 1 week ago so I have some questions.
    Is there a reason you aren’t using the power back combos? I.E. Electrogenesis-Arc lighting-Electrocute- Voltaic Bolt- weapon mastery-Electrostatic Bomb
    Is the WM and static push such a good combo that it outweighs the power back combos?
    I’ve been messing around with some different weapons and it seems staff, one handed, brawling and two handed have the easiest WM hold triangle 2 times. Of these which deals the most damage and is the best for DPS?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Webswinger, we are trying to promote Weapon Mastery DPS loadout. So using the power back combos try to focus all damage by using super-powers over using Weapon Mastery combos. Using Static Push increases all damage by 50%, Polarizes enemies, and also deal more damage to Polarized enemies. While Electrostatic Bomb increases all damage by 45% and just deal more damage when enemies are Polarized.

      I personally recommend One handed weapon for its Solar Flame Mastery, it deals heavy and fast damage.

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Of course Rok, Electricty is might based but with weapon mastery it is recommended to improve your Precision stats or Precision and Might stats equally

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hi Rok, i think every power has a chance to be great in dps. dCUO is trying to balance every power in game to avoid players choosing one power for being opverpowered. That would mean nerfing other powers and improving others. In this case, electricity has been improved, but rage still has good dps and rage crash mechanics which make him a survival character

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Corvus, you can use this build for PVP. However, depending on your needs you can edit your loadout by adding Flux (protective barrier) or Electrostatic Bomb (crowd control)

  56. Krakatoa

    Judging by your last comment I will assume you are working on this as well as the Light changes. Thank you!

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Krakatoa we will update our guides to GU38 soon, we will keep you posted in our facebook fanpage

  57. Razor Volt

    I use a heavy mix of prec & might, with hand blasters. My CR IS 103 SP 95 and tinkering with WM my precision caps at 1950 or so and might caps at 3550+. Yet I still linger behind. Any tips?

    1. DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Razor Volt, thanks for your comment. Using Weapon Mastery combos to improve your Damage can be tricky but I will recommend you to use One Handed Solar Flame Mastery which is the most used in dps. Faster weapon mastery combos represent more damage dealed; also, keep your Damage over Time powers active all the time.

      DCUO have announced that they will soon revamp some powers Earth, and Light in the next GU, I certainly believe Electricity needs a revamp too.

  58. Travis cox

    First and foremost, I alongside my brother in crime Cecil, would like to take a moment and thank you for all the hard work and dedication. I have an electricity DPS character and catch hell left and right about it’s damage output. I love electricity and hope a revamp is coming soon. Thanks again guys for this site and keep up the great work!!!!

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks Travis for your thoughts,we really appreciate your comment and you visiting our guides 🙂

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Lord Exo,

      The most used weapons are One Handed, Dual Wield, Rifle, Brawling, Martial Arts. For choosing a weapon, you must focus on learn and unlock the best combos weapon, once you get used to their combos then choose the one you like most.

    1. dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Rashaun, thanks for your thoughts. Most of electricity powers listed in this loadout has long cooldowns so using them will depend on when they are activate again. Here im going to list you some tips for electricity dps:

      * Increase your MIGHT stats to increase your damage.
      * Electrocute (16 seconds Cooldown) or Electrogenesis (23 seconds Cooldown) you should clip it with Wired (13 seconds cooldown).
      * If you have a nice controller who provides you with tons of power, use Static Push (6 seconds cooldown) and Electrostatic Bomb (3 seconds cooldown) x2
      * Voltaic Bolt can be use when you are surrounded by enemies.

      Hope this answer help you to find a way to rotate your powers 🙂

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