Electricity DPS Guide
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Electricity electrifies their enemies and resuscitate your allies with electrostatic forces. This power is available by buying it from Marketplace with 600 Station Cash.

Electricity DPS guide is updated to GU73. You can check videos from DCUO Youtubers below to learn more about other loadouts and rotations.


This Loadout is focused on Superpowered Playstyle allowing your character to deal heavy damage with Superpowers only. Players must unlock these stat points after unlocking required Weapon Combos (8 Skill Points) and Movement Innates (7 Skill Points)

  • Focus: Superpowered – Use 1 Skill Point
    • Unlock Main Weapon Mastery and Movement Abilities before unlocking this Stat
  • Critical Attack Chance – Use 20 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 15 Skill Points – Recommended: 20 Skill Points
  • Critical Attack Damage – Use 40 Skill Points
    • Required: 10 Skill Points – Suggested: 30 Skill Points – Recommended: 40 Skill Points
  • Might and Power – Use 175 Skill Points
    • Low Skill Points (less than 60): Spend Required skill points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Mid Skill Points (between 75 and 90): Spend Suggested Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
    • Proper Skill Points (more than 100): Spend Recommended Skill Points in Criticals before unlocking these Stats
  • Health – Improve your survival once all Might and Power is unlocked

electricity DPS LOADOUT

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  • Solo Rotation
    • Arc Lightning [1] (needs reload to Electrify) > Tesla Ball [3] (needs reload) > Electrocute [4] (needs reload) > Electrogenesis [5A] (needs reload) > Weapon Attacks or Voltaic Blast [2]
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation
    • Arc Lightning [1] (needs reload to Electrify) > Tesla Ball [3] (needs reload) > Electrocute [4] (needs reload) > Voltaic Blast [2]Overcharge [5B] (while Voltaic Blast [2] is on cooldown)


  • Solo Rotation is based on activating multiple DOTs like Tesla Ball [3], Electrocute [4], and Electrogenesis [5A] while using Weapon Attacks
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation is based on doing burst Damage with (Voltaic Blast [2]Overcharge [5B]) while your DOTs (Tesla Ball [3] and Electrocute [4]) are active


  • Circuit Breaker [6A] is recommended for Alerts and Raids Rotation to improve your damage output
  • Megavolt [6B] is great for Solo Rotation to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies in emergency situations

Rotation Tips

  • Solo Rotation allows player to be powered all the time by spending low power in battle
  • Alerts and Raids Rotation has high-power consumption making it only viable when a controller is in the group.
  • These Rotations focus on dealing heavy damage with Electrify effects. It is vital to have your enemies Electrified all the time (Arc Lightning [1] ) in order to deal great damage with Voltaic Blast [2], Tesla Ball [3], Electrocute [4], and Overcharge [5B]
  • Use your Superpowers wisely to avoid being low powered. If your character is near to be low powered, try to have your DOTs applied and use Weapon Attacks while recharging

Tactical MODS

    • Blast Adapter: Weapons attacks blast your target and five other nearby enemies for additional damage
    • Absorption Adapter: Weapon attacks have a chance to activate a shield, reducing damage by 75% until damage equal to 30% of your Health is prevented
  • NECK
    • Escalating Might: Increases your Might by 2% for 8 seconds when you hit an enemy with a harmful super power. Does not work with Supercharge powers
  • BACK
    • Breakout Regeneration: Gain Health regeneration for 4 seconds after using the Breakout ability
    • Berserker: Your damage output increases by an additional 10% when you Health drops below 35%
  • FEET
    • Deadly Block: Your Block Counter causes additional damage equal to 5% of your Precision
    • Explosive Block: Your Block Counter knocks enemies much further away and increases their helpless duration by up to 1 second
    • Core Strength: Gain an additional 2% damage
    • Max Damage: Using super powers increases damage by 2% for a short time

Equipmend MODS

    • Might
    • Might & Power
    • Might & Health (improve survival)


Electricity SuperPowered | Og Mentor
Electricity SuperPowered | CoDextraPerformance
Electricity SuperPowered | Jona Black

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189 comments on “Electricity DPS Guide
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  1. Krakatoa

    Judging by your last comment I will assume you are working on this as well as the Light changes. Thank you!

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Krakatoa we will update our guides to GU38 soon, we will keep you posted in our facebook fanpage

  2. Razor Volt

    I use a heavy mix of prec & might, with hand blasters. My CR IS 103 SP 95 and tinkering with WM my precision caps at 1950 or so and might caps at 3550+. Yet I still linger behind. Any tips?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Razor Volt, thanks for your comment. Using Weapon Mastery combos to improve your Damage can be tricky but I will recommend you to use One Handed Solar Flame Mastery which is the most used in dps. Faster weapon mastery combos represent more damage dealed; also, keep your Damage over Time powers active all the time.

      DCUO have announced that they will soon revamp some powers Earth, and Light in the next GU, I certainly believe Electricity needs a revamp too.

  3. Travis cox

    First and foremost, I alongside my brother in crime Cecil, would like to take a moment and thank you for all the hard work and dedication. I have an electricity DPS character and catch hell left and right about it’s damage output. I love electricity and hope a revamp is coming soon. Thanks again guys for this site and keep up the great work!!!!

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Thanks Travis for your thoughts,we really appreciate your comment and you visiting our guides 🙂

  4. What weapon is best with with power set?

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Lord Exo,

      The most used weapons are One Handed, Dual Wield, Rifle, Brawling, Martial Arts. For choosing a weapon, you must focus on learn and unlock the best combos weapon, once you get used to their combos then choose the one you like most.

  5. Rashaun

    Are their any clips and rotations to this?

    • dcuobloguide Post author

      Hi Rashaun, thanks for your thoughts. Most of electricity powers listed in this loadout has long cooldowns so using them will depend on when they are activate again. Here im going to list you some tips for electricity dps:

      * Increase your MIGHT stats to increase your damage.
      * Electrocute (16 seconds Cooldown) or Electrogenesis (23 seconds Cooldown) you should clip it with Wired (13 seconds cooldown).
      * If you have a nice controller who provides you with tons of power, use Static Push (6 seconds cooldown) and Electrostatic Bomb (3 seconds cooldown) x2
      * Voltaic Bolt can be use when you are surrounded by enemies.

      Hope this answer help you to find a way to rotate your powers 🙂

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