Fire Tank Guide
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Fire calls forth fires from within yourself to affect the world around you. This power is available for all players for FREE during Character Creation.

Fire Tank guide updated to GU49

Statistics Priority

  • Dominance: Dominance makes your effects, like stuns, knocks, and pulls, work on enemies.
  • Restoration: Restoration increases healing
  • Health: Health measures ability to withstand knockout
  • Power: Required to use super-powers in your loadout
  • Defense: Defense reduces damage from non-player enemies. (71 defense=1% damage reduction).
  • Toughness: Toughness reduces damage from players enemies. (71 Toughness =1% damage reduction).
  • Critical Healing Chance: Increases the chance to perform a critical healing
  • Critical Healing Magnitude: Increases the amount of health restored with a critical heal

Power Points Build


Fire Tank Loadout


  1. Mesmerizing Lasso: Lasso an enemy and pull them toward you, grounding, stunning, and causing damage over time. Taunts a single target to attack you instead of others. The effect is more powerful and will not be broken by a standard Tank Role Taunt.
  2. Enflame: Engulfs yourself in flames, damaging and knocking down nearby enemies. Inflicts Burning to enemies you touch causing damage over time. Gives you +10% Control Resistance.
  3. Backdraft: Ignite an explosive backdraft, damaging and pulling enemies toward you. Heals you when used against Burning enemies. (Usable While Controlled)
  4. Stroke Flames: Conjure up restorative flames, healing yourself over time. Inflicts Burning to cause damage over time. (Usable While Controlled)
  5. Burnout: Explodes with thermal energy, knocking enemies away from you. The intense heat heals your for a small amount and bestows resistance to control effects for a short time. Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates
  6. Burning Determination: Engulf yourself in focused flames, removing harmful effects and healing yourself instantly. Incoming attacks trigger healing up to ten times, and you will become resistant to debuff and control effects for a short time. Inflicts Burning to cause damage over time. Provides immunity to control effects and removes control debuffs to you and up to 7 teammates. (Usable While Controlled)

Fire Tank Tips

  • Using super powers increases your total Health by 60% plus 2.2 health per point of Dominance. Your healing received is increased by 80% and increases your Restoration when wearing item level 81 or higher gear
  • Fire tanks heal themselves to suply their lack of defense buffs. So restoration stats will be helpful.
  • “Backdraft [3]” and “Mesmerizing Lasso [1]” pulls enemies toward you, you should use it to keep your aggro increasing
  • “Burning Determination [6]”, “Stroke Flames [4]” and “Enflame [2]” to Inclict Burning to your enemies which is used for “Backdraft [3]” to heal you
  • Keep “Enflame [2]” effect active to inflict Burning to enemies you touch or that are near you.
  • “Burning Determination [6]” and “Backdraft [3]” can be used to clipped other powers, they also heal yourself. Use them wisely.
  • Keep “Burning Determination [6]” active for incoming attacks to trigger healing up to ten times

Tactical MODS (Lair System Required)

  • Weapon: Absorption Adapter
  • Neck: Fortified Blocking
  • Back: Breakout Regeneration
  • Feet: Deadly Block or Explosive Block
  • Chest: Reserve Tank
  • Hands: Max Damage

Equipmend MODS

  • Red Socket
    • Dominance & Might
  • Yellow Socket
    • Restoration (empowers your healing received)
  • Blue Socket
    • Dominance

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173 comments on “Fire Tank Guide
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  1. natsu420
    | Reply

    I was loving fire tank all the way up to T6. I felt OP with this load out. Only I use eternal flame instead of burning determination. I had great aggro, some crowd control with knock ups, knock downs, pulls, was constantly healing so healers had little trouble keeping me alive. Now I’ve been playing tanks in MMOs for years, since Ever Quest ( which predates world of Warcraft by many years). I understand the mechanics of a tank better than most.

    Then I hit T7. And suddenly I feel useless. Oh I can hold aggro no problem. For the whole 5 second I’m alive. The moment I stop blocking to use a super power I’m dead. There is too much delay between releasing block, the super power actually being able to start casting, then get block up again. It’s not my speed, but the game mechanics itself. I’m very fast at pushing the buttons. Even still, with 80% damage reduction from white mod I take heavy damage while blocking. If I get knocked down, game over.

    Now perhaps it’s because I’m still low on skill points. 78 ATM. What would be the appropriate skill points to have at 137 CR? Also, how exactly do I allocate them? Dom, def/up, restore stats? Do I need to be modded at this point? And what’s. Cheap way to do so as I still seem to upgrade quickly. Also does modding increase CR? I’ve only been playing this game for under two months. So I have a lot of questions. One last question, what are the current stat soft caps?

    • DCUO Bloguide Post author

      Hello Natsu thanks for your comment and support. It is recommended that your Skill Points always be higher than your CR. For T7 and more it is recommended that you own at least 150 while maximun Skill Points own by veteran players are over 230. You can check our weapon mastery guides where we show how to spend skill points according to your role

      MODing doesnt increase CR but it will help your survival with Dominance and Restoration Statistics. About stat soft caps it is hard to tell but if you have low skill points you must know you are also low on statistics

    • Matthew good

      NO WONDER Y U KEEP GETTING KNOCKED OUT, your CR137, your DEFENCE WILL INCREASE AT CR168 (eg from -200 to -20 based on T7 duo wastland)

    • Matthew good

      Wich by the way sorcery or earth is almost a requirement for T8 since u will die extreamly quickly when not blocking

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